TKD Help
I've been practicing WTF TKD for about 20 years. I was wondering if a school was near by. I wouldn't even mind trying ITF. I'm in Northwest Indiana/Chicago.

I could kill every one of you old guys...
...even taking you three or four at a time. "" My last few fights, say over the last five years or so, have been over very quickly- I haven't even gotten touched during them, and ...

Threads starting with country names seemed the order of the day.

I destroy my opponents with PSI power
I force them to hit themselves into the face over and over.Then I force them to hit their own genitals over and over ! They will hit themselves until they are exhausted. I e...

silat lessons nearby Fremont, CA?
Hi, I'm interesting in taking Silat lessons. My web search has yielded a couple of options: 1) - in San Jose AND 2) - ...

Kendo + Shotokan combination training
I am 32-year old man interested in restarting my martial arts training. I used to learn Shotokan Karate in my teens for close to 5 years and then dropped out because of work and t...

Choices and Weapons
OK you have choices of any two weapons, except no firearms. What would you choose and why? Bow, sword ( by type), spear, axe, knife, etc. Any three. What would you choose and why? ...

Athletes and guns
Athletes and Guns Tuesday, January 27, 2004 By John Lott, Jr. Giant NFL players admitting they feel threatened by crime? This hardly fits their tough, macho image. Our concer...

Knife Training
A common r.m-a theme that seems to come up is, "A guy with a knife who has a few days/hours training with it versus a <insert any empty-hand style> stylist with three years training:- ...

Living Together And Training
I have the opportunity for the first time to live with two of my best friends who also like MA. I wonder what experiences people have had with such a great resource as two willing partners....

Wrestling Girls: Girls Please Respond
Yes, both of you. What do you girlies think? And what do you dislike or wish changed?

OT: Near miss This is part of the anti-Libby campaign of actual interesting off-topic bullshit. Queso

ninjas rock.
this thread is to contribute to the "Drowning Liberator" cause. - k i t z - i will take you to the oracle, but first i must aporogize. bite me at:

Silat Flash Game
Good for about a minute of shits and giggles: -- Karim Rashad <remove SPAMFREE: krashad at SPAMorbisFREEuk dot com> ...

OT: Alien Fish Sex
Just had to share this link. "The fish is extremely big and black and lives in depths of up to three m...

Blade versus openhand
Indulge my ramblings for a moment and note that the subject is not trying to convey a fight between knife and open hand. I was talking with one of my training partners who also has a somewh...

Debt Explosion Some excerpts: "It’s part of a giant global recycling of dollars that flow from U.S. consumers who buy Chinese-produced jean...

How do mma fighters "cut" their blood pressure?
I assume they take blood pressure and stuff before the fights. How bad does blood pressure have to be for them to be taken off the card? I wonder what would happen if Couture or Belfort fai...

Silat seminar with Tristan Sutrisno
To anyone interested silat instructor Tristan Sutrisno will be holding a one day seminar on Sunday, Feb 22nd in Orangeburg, NY. Material covered will be empty hands and weapons arts from hi...

Who's with me?
I intend to post at least one new thread everyday in order to drown out Liberator's ramblings. Who's with me?

Heartless Monkey Knife
Now I don't know what is going on with Chas and Steve. In fact, I have yet to read any of the million threads that have been up. What I do know is that I have lent the heartless monkey kni...

Gathering of RMA Posters: Los Angeles region - -
I want to know what happened to the great posters of the 70's that we had here at rec.martial-arts?? Oops, I mean the 90's. People like: Lauren Radner, Stephen No...

DEMO Eskrima in Public: Promote the art
Demo Eskrima in public, maybe Saturday or Sunday mornings with your main students. It just takes 15 min for demo. Distribute your school flyers there. We have to promote th...

Heavy Metal
As many of you know the History channel frequently has some good MA related topics, and today is playing 'History of the Gun' episodes. Intervening, before they repeat the morning line...

Oh yea, well what if...
OK, tough guys, so how would your MA help you out of *this*: (spawned by a Tuiller drill "what if" type ar...

BBC Apologizes to Blair over WMD's.
The BBC apologized to Blair for their story on WMDs in Iraq. Now what is this about?

LIBERATOR/Mark Zahn is prolly a cross dressing Gay dude who wants to suck Gartins manhood.
Thats why he/she is looking for all the attention from him.

Mark Zahn's Record (Terrifying!)...
Based on our favorite punching-bag's claims, he, at some point, lived in Wisconsin. He's also has had encounters with the law (Because he's such a bad-ass!), so I thought ...

Wrestling Girls
How do you do it? No birds and bees jokes, please.

LIBERATOR: (Cowardly little girl)
Good night Lispi, You have proven to be a complete fraud. I'm through responding to your foolishness. If you need insulting go pull Chas' tail - just don't show up or he will treat yo...

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