Minors joining MA schools
Would you let a minor (say 16 years old) join your school without getting written permission from (or at least meeting and speaking with) their parent(s)?

CHAS is my playtoy
Chas is my playtoy, because Chas has beliefs about himself that are not true whatsoever. Chas is my internet entertainment. I could not survive if it was not for Chas, the Sock Pu...

POLICE BATONs - Won Cho - Chos TKD
Are made of hard wood, yet Won Cho broke a police baton of an officer that was going to strike him. Won Cho has developed his energies to a point of invincibility. AS the police o...

Royce vs Yosida results
Yoshida was 220.Royce 189. First round is close. Second round all Royce, he goes from mopunt to back the whole round while dropping bombs. There is a "no decision" clasue.So it goe...

gracies in action
I am looking to buy Gracies in action but I am having trouble finding them. Any help please

FA Stars and Stripes GI from 70s
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3650419993 <http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3650419993>

Time Magazine's Person of the Year
The American Soldier. About time.

HapKiDo School in Downtown Calgary?
I'm looking for classes in Downtown Calgary. As far as I can tell, the better known schools are far outside of the core. Does anyone know of any smaller schools in the core? I woul...

Jerry altman
Sorry man, but I am tired of reading your bitchy crap. Had to killfile you. Slow connection. AC

God's score card
I couldn't help but think about this quote, this past week, as a bunch of Christian kids were killed in a mudslide during a xmas church outing and 25,000 Iranians were wiped out by an eart...

evidence that grappling (and wrestling) is gay...
last picture on the following page... http://www.cameltoe.org/mens04.html

"Yeah, Well If I Had My Gun..."
Don't you just love it when some clown finds out your a martial artist, then spouts off "YEAH, WELL IF I HAD MY GUN RIGHT NOW..." Exactly how many of those words does he get out before...

Amusing Quote
Recently got hold of a second-hand copy of "The Weapons & Fighting Arts of Indonesia". Good book; thought I'd share my favourite quote so far. The old boy Draeger doing some amusingly thinl...

current costs per month
I'm considering in opening a new martial arts studio in my area. What are the current costs per month for kids and adults in the schools in your areas? Thanks [email protected]

Heavy Bags??
Hello I'm looking for a thai style hanging heavy bag. Can some1 recommend a reasonable website? N8

Female Bas-Asses?
Are there any female martial arts bad-asses? Any real women other than man-hating Diesel-Dykes and the like. Diesel-Dyke defined: A woman who likes to work on cars, build houses...

Interesting clip. Not for the faint hearted.
http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article5365.htm US troops shoot a wounded Iraqi and cheer. Tiny clip so it is impossible to find out the context of the shoot. The guy could ...

Can STRETCHING keep you in shape?
Can you maintain the condition of your body simply by going through a real good stretching regemin every morning?

The Whip?
I've never faced anyone wielding one, but I'm told by a mate who is more than handy with most weapons, that while a gun is best, a whip is better than a knife for self defense. I'm not sayin...

yo CHAS/GARTIN/PERRY - Silat fakes
If you openly accept the challenge to fight me in a full contact sparring match, I will provide you the URL in RMA of me fighting full contact, and we can get it straight as to whether or no...

Zahn, leave Denver, Buffalo calls, it beckons you
go there, hinder and yon.

WILLEM DeTHOURS no actual fighting
Never once did the con artist Willem Dethours fight a full contact match in his fucking life. The dude is a fake, MAJOR FAKE. Gartin & Chas are pot smoking government emplo...

CHAS & GARTIN Scared of me
I got online footage of me now. Who wants to bet they'll avoid it so they don't have to admit they can't hang with me? They once seeing my footage know they'll get their asses kicked f...

I got fighting footage of me online. Do you want the URL of me fighting full contact of which we can discuss whether or not I can kick your ass? C'mon you little fake boys,...

CHAS & propaganda campaign
Chas is up to it again. Won't fight a real full contact match against anyone, but will continue to talk & talk & talk his style as legit. Chas, what did you buy me for Xmas? How come y...

OT:Fall of the Roman empire?
Well how will we know when our civilization has collapsed? One look at the TV schedule: Queer Eye Boy meets Boy (?) marathon (Bravo) 10 news channels w/ M. Jackson's fr...

Sigman abuse case number 5000 for the week
"Now, now. Don't let this little charade of yours go to your head because (surprise!!!) you've found out that you can post all sorts of neat shit without people knowing who you are. " ...

Sigman is a meanie
"The Spanish Gate in the San Juans, dipshit....that's really remote. You can approach easiest through Starvation Gulch or wherever you choose. You name the date and time. Ther...

Marc "Animal" MacYoung
What do you guys think of Marc "Animal" MacYoung? Legit or pseudo-warrior? I've gotta say, I just enjoy reading his books, even if it's all b.s. If the guy made all this stuff u...

Internal Kung Fu in Chicago area
Traditional Chinese Kung Fu Shaolin Kung Fu Hsing-I Ch'uan Pa Kua Ch'ang Tai Chi Ch'uan Taught by an ordained Buddhist priest. Check it out if you're in...

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