The real man with the sword
I saw that video again of the black guy with the samurai sword in from of the building who they tried to take down with bean bag fire and mace etc and eventually had to fire hose down to ta...

Girl power US high school girls pummel man who exposed himself PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 31 -- A man described b...

STEVE GARTIN & propaganda
Where's Chas, the propaganda stewart? Is he giving up? .mpeg chas, the .mpeg. Why doesn't none of your Dethours guys try to demonstrate their knowledge by telling...

Looking in Toronto
I'm going to be in the North York (near Toronto, Canada) area and I would like to join a martial arts program : 1. I am a beginner and would like to be better able to defend myself;

Reminder to libby
So tonight is open sparring night, six o clock, yoga dojo. I'm expecting to be spinning head kicked tonight,so don't dissapoint me.

Happy Halloween humor
My favorite Halloween joke, There's this kid with a hairlip trick or treating dressed up as a pirate. He knocks on this guys door and the man comes to the door, and the ki...

WTF?! Limits on belt-promotions in BJJ...
You jiu-jitsu players should say whether or not you think the following rules for the Florida State Jiu-jitsu Federation (Marcio Simas's group) are a total perversion: http://www.flori...

Martial Arts Organisation
Check out the United Matial Arts Alliance UK...

Aikido Katas (1-15) (1-17)
Hi all, I am looking mainly for a web page that diagrams mainly the first 15 Katas in Tomiki. Could anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks, Phil

Nine-year-old arrested at gunpoint after waving toy gun
What the?!?! Nine-year-old arrested at gunpoint after waving toy gun Reported by Todd Wilson POSTED: Tuesday, Octob...

I hope people start to realize...
TMA has it's place as a form of fitness but not in anyway a reliable form of self defense as they say they are. Don't spend big money on the BS they dish out! Go and get hurt a little w...

Randy! Yer goin' DOWN!
That's it dawg, yer takin' a dirt nap! DougieŽ

The Strengths
There are several strengths we know of in martial arts. There may be more, so please advise of any I may have missed: Young 'un strength - The unique strength gifted to the youth. Like...

Shaolin Kung Fu - Somerville, NJ?
Doing research and looking in an old yellow pages I found the following lisitng: Shaolin Kung Fu School 17 Division St Somerville, NJ 08876 Tel: Phone: (908) 526-...

Iraqi's condemn suicide attacks, blame foreigners
Hal, you're an asshole. Kisses, Pierre (IH)

Lift the Veil from JeffCo Police
For those of you who have wondered about my rants on this Sheriff's department, here's the stated position of the foremost paper in Denver about just one of the major cases. It wo...

kenpo kai in france
visit this

The body count rises
An independent research group now estimates the Iraqi death toll since the invasion of their country at over 13,000, including over 4,300 noncombatants (mostly women and children).

Dubya dies and his soul arrives in heaven
Dubya dies and his soul arrives in heaven While walking down the street one day, George "Dubya" Bush dies. His soul arrives in heaven and he is met by St.Peter at the Pearly Gate...

Making a Monster...
or "...stop griping and get those electrodes fastened!" Take one part of some RMA posters and create your own, just in time for Halloween. Starring Chas, as. . . . . ....

MMA school in Orange County, CA?
I'm looking for a good MMA school in the Orange County, California area. What are some good ones? What are some of the least expensive? Thanks.

Filipino or Indonesian?
Hi there: I'm thinking of learning some knife techniques but not sure if I should take filipino or indonesian. Both are available where I live but, which one to choose? What's t...

CHOS TKD - re: Fake Schools
Chom Son Cho personally explained what fakes schools look like. By his description I can safely say 98% of all martial-arts schools in the U.S. are fake. By his description...

Next degree
hey i have a question in kung fu how long does it take to reach the next degree or belt?

TYSON vs SAPP in K-1 ?
Tyson signed to fight in the K-1 - kicking and punching? Amazing, I know if he punches Sapp Sapp is dead. When is this to happen?

From a guy on alt.ufc
Here is a quote from a post from a guy on alt.ufc. I hope you find it as amusing as I did:- Last Friday night I was in a bar in Sacramento when Tito Ortiz walks in, After about a...

My awesome VICTORY!
This happened the other day and I just now have time to post it here. I would like to take this moment and congratulate myself on becoming "King Of The Keg" last night. <...

I´m tiny and weak and everybody can kick me ass without problems. Even the kids are much bigger and stronger than me. What can I learn to defend myself ?

Any Wing Chun instructors in Denver Area?
Any help would be appreciated. -TIA

New Martial Art Film : Eternal Garden
Check out a new Martial Arts Film : Eternal Garden watchable on-line for free.

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