Which purse?
Which of these purses should I get for concealed carry? http://fungunpurses.com/ :) -- Yours In Liberty, Melissa - Colorado, U.S.A. License plate frame - "Guns Defend...

What Does That Pain Mean?
Since I've been doing kung fu, I've learned that there are different kinds of pain. There's the pain that tells you to stop what you're doing before you really injure yourself. Then there's ...

more randi yb corrsspondence
Mr Randi- I have thought about your last two letters and here is my ideas/opinions. Let me say I will always tell you the whole truth as I know it and would always be ready and willing ...

attn CHAS CLEMENTS [no experience]
Chas, I saw you in another thread talking about hanging a heavy bag. Where have you actually hung a heavy bag yourself? What kind of routines do you practice on the heavy bag, dr...

PORN addicts in RMA?
Yep, most of the idiots that have been interacting with me are from the porn industry, and think they're the shit so much so they only feel courageous enough to say something when they can s...

STEVE GARTIN - zero fighting experience
The guy knows no fighting because he never fought a real fight. The only thing he knows - is his fancy routine of scripted moves. When it comes to broken rhythm, cadence, timing,...

FREE! Download film, animation, games, music, and more!
FREE! Download film, animation, games, music, and more! http://trepaning.com Did we mention it's FREE!!? http://trepaning.com

Don't you just feel safe now?
Just heard from one of my students - a friend of his had her kubotan confiscated by airport security in Toronto. What a narrow escape from airborne havoc: "Relinquish the cockpit to ...

Need some info about "Ketsu Ka"...
A local dojo offers "ketsuka" and I'm considering taking it ($60 month). I've never heard of it and can't find anything out about it online. The owner told me it was a combination of karate...

STEVE GARTIN no reply?
all he'd have to do is say "i never fought full contact fighting" and I'd leave him & Chas alone. But if they remain silent, that means they still think their KungFu dancing works...

Toddler Survives Almost Three Weeks Alone - WTF??!?!
Toddler Survives Almost Three Weeks Alone The Associated Press JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Sept. 30) - A 2-year-old left alone for nearly three weeks while her mother was behind bars sur...

George and Jenna discuss politics
JENNA: Daddy, why did we have to attack Iraq? BUSH: Because they had weapons of mass destruction, honey. JENNA: But the inspectors didn't find any weapo...

White Tiger Kempo?
Has anybody ever heard of this art? A gentleman named Tom Bryan has a school near me in Edison, NJ. Supposedly some of his training was with Al Farnsworth. Is this style related to either...

Greatest/wealthiest country on Earth, 43.6 million have no medical insurance
This is disgraceful. So Georgie Boy wants 87 billion to rebuild Iraq for Halliburton. Lets see, divide that by 43.6 million. . . that's, what, a whole bunch, right? How many Americans c...

re: A place to avoid, and one to patronize for great Bagua Zhang VCDs etc...
I have found that http://www.earthworks.com/china/martialart/cds_dvds/vidlist1.htm a follow-up: after letting them know their prices were way out of line I got an email:

Gym / Training partner in El Paso, Texas
I'm moving to El Paso, Texas later this year. I'm coming from the Seattle area and have done some training in pankration and kickboxing. I'm looking for a gym where I can do some MMA trainin...

yellow bamboo - want to really know if it works or not
I was thinking about this last night and dont ask me why i didnt get this idea before i was only focused on the randi challenge. But frasers sincerity impressed me and i think this would wor...

Looking for a tai chi school
Hi, I am looking for a Tai Chi school in or around Westlake Village/Thousand Oaks California. Any suggestions? Thanks

A place to avoid, and one to patronize for great Bagua Zhang VCDs etc...
I have found that http://www.earthworks.com/china/martialart/cds_dvds/vidlist1.htm is an absolute rip off. their vcds are priced way over the top in terms of affordabi...

What is your favorite sex scene in a movie?
Do not list scenes from hardcore or softcore pornography. We'll address those in another thread. -- Magnificent Bastard Productions 2003 http://www.magnifice...

OT: Ghost Story TV Trav Chan
In case you ghost story fans missed the listings, the Travel Channel is having a 'Haunted Hotels' marathon today. Mildly entertaining, background muzak, if you will. -B ...

Some interesting notes on "heroes"
My good buddy Leon likes to point out how all, yes, all police officers are heroes. It just so happens that a story broke this weekend involving an officer admitting to lying about police <...

I don't think you'd be stopping *this* guy with your hands...
http://www.lasvegassun.com/sunbin/stories/text/2003/sep/17/091710048.html He took 3 .357 rounds, a severe beating with a shotgun, and *still* died later - after the cops showed up.

Funny link.
Don't know if this has been posted before but these ninja pages are just so damned funny:- www.mallninja.com Enjoy. Fraser

A great workout!!!
Anybody else here play DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION for a good workout?? This game gives me a better workout than the treadmill or stationary bike, leaving me exhausted and drenched in sweat. I ha...

attn kevin lowe
Kevin you posted this on randis website and some things are totally *wrong* Why wasn't Joko even running at Serengen? He was running off to the side, and he still coul...

FA: Gracie t-shirt

FA: 5 Fingers of Death 1 sheet

Martialhub.com - For all your martial arts addresses
Over **1000** martial arts links - japanese, korean, chinese, indonesian, filipino, western martial arts and Capoeira. http://www.martialhub.com/ Alex -- For...

MUAY THAI slop fighters
Muay Thai is worse than Japanese Kenpo, Japanese Kenpo have more accuracy than the Muay Thai slop boys. Also, 90% of all fighters in Muay Thai kick with their hands down, and in a...

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