Low cost/free martial art?
I got laid off about three months ago. I start college in two weeks. Is there a cheap way to be exposed to martial arts? Does YMCA or any other organization offer free or in...

School Project
Hello. I am just posting this message as a part of a college course that I am taking. I read some of the messages, and they are interesting. I may be back to post more at a later date.

Kinve laws
I am looking for a reliable source locally or online regarding knife laws and what are my rights in regards to carrying them. Is there some kind of NRA regarding knife laws and such? <...

DENVER SABAKI challenge instructor
Hey Chas, why do you avoid the Denver Sabaki Challenge held annually? Chas, do you really think you're in tune with me via psychic channeling? Chas, a head instructor from o...

Filipino Arts in Perth, W. Aust
Does anyone know of a good, reputable teacher of Filipino Arts (Kali/Arnis/Escrima) in Perth Western Australia? Any help would be appreciated Cheers

CHAS & GARTIN - in serious trouble
[email protected] (Bert Alfred) wrote in message news:<[email protected]>... > I for one am convinced that Chas *is* a tremendous craftsman, Y...

Hatmaker Tapes For Sale on E-bay
I am unloading Mark Hatmaker's Extreme Boxing, Hardcore Boxing for Self-Defense tapes on Ebay at http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewSellersOtherItems&userid=stacyb3 Thanks ...

Punching abs
This is proberly a silly question but im just starting out kickboxing and while in the gym i have noticed that while some people are doing there crunches they hit thereselfs in the abs. Does...

Do advanced Players decondition?
One of the things that's important to know in training is your current 'condition'. As you improve, getting closer to your best possible condition at any given age, it's eve...

Mountain Men
Feeling a little tired from that workout? Well check out the saga of Hugh Glass. (From todays' Hist. Channel): "In 1823, he joined the Major Andrew Henry expedition to the u...

TV Watch: HL-Duende
For those interested in the spanish school, the ep. of Duende is being broadcast on the Spike Channel (formerly TNN) at 4PM EDT on 9/4, and again at 0100 later that night. Since schedu...

upcoming Taiji seminar with Chung-jen Chang in Toronto
People, Chung-jen Chang of Bowie, MD will be doing a taiji seminar in Toronto, Ontario on Sept. 27-28. More details are here: <http://www.powerofbalance.com/chungj...

Help in Choosing A Discipline
It has been 10 years since I've had any practice in martial arts. I took TKD for several months, then I had to move abrutly. I am 27, average-height and slender build. I want something that ...

Musings on the Death of Alex Gong
The above new article can be read at: http://crane.50megs.com/index6y.htm Brought to you by: Crane Journal of Chinese Martial Science http://crane.50megs.com/ ...

That spaz (was: Re: BJJ, clock chokes, unconsciousness and traditional JJ student...)
He's at it again. Tonight, dickhead is in Buddy's guard. He picks up Buddy and smashes him on his head. Buddy performs a quick scissor sweep, stands up and walks away. Once a...

$ 100 for 3 hours WEEKEND ESKRIMA: 1 to 4 people
$ 100 for 3 hours WEEKEND ESKRIMA: 1 to 4 people Serrada Eskrima, detailed basics, sparring drills. Private at your location. contact: [email protected]

Paging Matthew Weigel
Hey Matthew, your CMU address keeps bouncing for me. Drop me a line with a good reply-to address - I've got some mail you'll get a kick out of. Dan -- Dan Winso...

STEVE GARTIN - (chas#2)
Steve Gartin is the other fakester that has no fighting history, no fullcontact experience. All blabber & bullshit. He knows where Tiger Kims is, yet he'll avoid it like it...

LSD as it relates to chi
Anyone have any idea? I think I've been able to feel chi both internally and externally (in physical terms...not martial arts terms) quite vividly while under the influence... Anything t...

CHAS runs & hides!!!
Chas tucked tail & ran & hid. Poor old drug addicted goat. Is he in the foothills grazing the fields to find another goat for mating? Oh wait, he's pretty damn old. ...

Enter The Black Man
Thought you guys would enjoy this. I know Trav will. It's from the [Exoticweapons] Yahoo list. Peace favor your sword (IH) -- "In these modern times, many men are wounded f...

Do you meditate? Maybe you should.
=============================================================================== Original article: http://my.webmd.com/content/Article/72/81790.htm Meditation Boosts Mood, I...

Tyson vs. Sapp
I have been hearing rumors that Bob Sapp has agreed to fight Mike Tyson. Is there any truth to this? I don't know much about Bob Sapp, other than some of the kickboxing fights I'...

OT: Biology 105 for Conservatives Was: Looking for liberals? Follow brains
http://www.as.wvu.edu/~bio105/pdf/overheads1.pdf -----= Posted via Newsfeeds.Com, Uncensored Usenet News =----- http://www.newsfeeds.com - The #1 Newsgroup Service in...

Review - synthetic wasters
OK, I promised a review of the polypropylene waster I was asking opinions on here before I bought it. Anyway, they're a new product of Black Wolf Blades - http://www.blackwolfblades.com and...

Totally OT: George bush.
http://www.clanuak.com/whatever/ Classic version of George Dubya doing Whatever. Fraser

Demagogue scores big with American Taliban
http://www.newhavenregister.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=10068775&BRD=1281&PAG=4 61&dept_id=7581&rfi=6 Demagogue scores big with fundamentalists James A. Haugh...

Qi Gong workshop
Not exactly martial art but related. What: GM Feng Zhiqiangs Hunyuan Qi Gong Where: Victoria, BC, Canada - 140 Oswego Ave in James Bay Community School Time...

Publicly Apology - dropping it and walking away
So, Queso has asked me to just drop it and walk away. Ok, I'll publicly drop any argument I have with El Queso and apologize to him. I am sorry. I'll just walk away from it, never to s...

Art of War Book Store
http://vikingphoenix.com/store/books/military/artofwar/artofwarbooks.htm Japanese Art of War - Miyamoto Musashi's Book of Five Rings, samurai, etc. Chinese Art of War - Sun...

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