evaluation of the back fist strike
what are your feelings about the street practicality of this and the back hand strike? i remember somebody saying they didn't teach it because most people would probably break the...

Striking in TMA
Just some ponderings on the way Traditional Martial Arts tend to teaching striking with the hand. In my original styles of Korean Karate, the following was emphasized: ...

Second best martial art
Okay, just a wacko idea. Assume that the goal of practicing a ma is effective street defense, not self actualization, karma, nirvana, chi development, whatever. Assume further ...

Experiences with synthetic material staves?
OK, I realize my putting forth MA content on RMA is frowned upon but: Does anyone have any experience with staves (sticks, staff, etc.) made of synthetic plastics? I have an opportuni...

Kyokushinkai Tournament, Sydney 1988
Wanted film / video footage of 1st Commonwealth Kyokushinkai Knockdown Tournament 1988, Sydney, Australia Lenny (England)

'Taekwon-Do Times' magazine back issues
Taekwon-Do Times' magazines, back issues wanted from 1980-1984 Lenny (England)

[ANN] International Kung Fu Mailing List (periodic announcement)
Do you practice traditional chinese martial arts? Would you like a forum in which the discussion is centered on these arts? Well, you might want to join the Kung Fu mailing list. Any...

beginner looking for reccomendations
im a tall skinny 20 something interested in the martial arts. quite honestly, at this point i dont see myself studying for 40 years to become grand master or whatever... i am immediate...

Colorado, the School and the Police
An interesting case- filed about 40 mi. from me. http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/fword1.html Chas "It's Fighting, not Folkdancing!"

finally the randi challenge dates are set!
Okay here is the deal Fraser needed to do his joining and howling at the full moon on a weekend. The first full mon on a weekend is not til november so that is the earl...

JUDO Discussion
This newsgroup is great and all, but I want more discussion of Judo. Are there any other popular Judo discussion groups on the internet? Either email lists, or web message boards...

Karate eBook
Would anyone know how I can market my Karate eBook. It actually is a book with pages that flip and neat pictures, videos, charts, music, voice annotation and great instructional text. The ...

Is AllBlackBelt.com out of business?
Does anyone know if AllBlackBelt.com has gone under? I tried to call both of the ph#'s given at their site with no answer for two days. Before you flame me to a crisp I only bring it up beca...

Did Saddam use magic powers to elude the Coalition?
Saw this on another ng. Maybe one of Saddam's 'magician advisors' is Pak Seringen? :) --------- 7/29/03 James Hider http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,7374-760106,...

Exellent book
'A Rifleman Goes To War' H W McBride Originally published by Small-Arms Technical Publishing in 1935 and reprinted in 1987 by Lancer Militaria, PO Box 886, Mt. Ida, Arkansas 71957...

Hej Andrzej tu Marcin Filipowski. Chcialem sie spytac czy potrzebujesz tej plytki, ktora mi pozyczyles z materialami Cisco... Powiem szczerze, ze postanowilem sobie poodpoczywac bo ostatnio ...

Robin & Royce in French Bar Fight
There's a huge thread on the Underground about a fight/melee in France involving Royce and Robin Gracie. It's a long story which had its beginnings some time ago when Damien Riccio

I had a few days when I could log on but am now going back to my computer where I don't get rec.martial-arts. [I am Google illiterate]. So, sianara everyone... --...

Did you have a happy FOURTH OF JEW-LIE?
"I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it." -- Ariel Sharon to Sh...

The best martial art (FOR ME!)
I've read quite a bit about martial arts, but I still don't know which one will work for me (I haven't had the chance to talk to people who actually train in those MA's) I want to...

Belgium and War Crimes
As permitted under Belgian law, the Belgian government has decided to refer the war crimes case, filed by Belgian attorney Jan Fermon against Gen. Tommy Franks, to the US government. Now let...

Online Ass-kicking
Maybe this is OT.... but is this guy pissed off or what? I hope he has good legal representation. I don't know him or any of the people involved, but if there is a better on...

AD: Kuntaosilat on DVD- 1st ones
Alright! After a long time to produce, I just got the first pressings of the DVD series. Since they're the first ones, they don't have liner notes, although the case sleeves are do...

EARN$£$600week downloading free software
http://131695.PlugUsIn4Cash.com We know it sounds TOO good to BE true, but itís REAL! Our International Technology firm will pay you hard cash each time FREE software is downloaded.

OT- Who's a cowboy?
Picture an old, musty saloon in Texas filled with old West and cattle raisin' memorabilia. At the bar an older rough-and-ready cowhand with a dirty Stetson, well-worn boots and faded Levi's ...

You know, I could tell you guys a lot about authentic martial-arts, but would you believe me. WHen I first met the Chos, Won at Vic Tanny then me stopping at the school on 76th st...

SERRADA ESKRIMA Santa Barbara SAT AUG 9: Workshop
ESKRIMA Santa Barbara SAT AUG 9: Workshop SERRADA: 10.30 am to 2 pm. Curriculum: 1. Strike 6 thru 12 counters. 2. Lock & Block sparring drills. System: Cabal...

A Response to the pugnancious punk
The pug faced boy wrote: "Pham I said it before and i'll say it again, I have a list of people all over the continent who will have a streetfight to prove BJJs effectiveness...

Anyone see League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?
Yes, ok, I know it's a movie, but to those of you who've seen it: any idea what martial art Captain Nemo practices in that film? :D -s

Which Martial Art?
Which martial art should I study to learn to kick someone's ass the fastest? Kung-Fu or Tae Kwon Do?

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