31 Jan 2005 13:47:15
Christopher Cuel Barbeau
Swordplay Open House & Demonstration

*** Action Theatre Open House - Swords, Fisticuffs and much more! ***
* University of Michigan Theatrical Stunt Troupe *
* Michigan's Premier Action Theater Troupe *

We've Swordplay, Stunts and Shows!

If you like fencing, martial arts, technology, showing off, and mastering
esoteric skills but don't have enough time for all of them, then give the
one organization that combines all of these and more a try! The winter
season for the Ring of Steel Action Theatre is going strong and while
we've just finished a fall full of haunted houses, choreography and other
activities, we're hoping to see you in our future!

We're holding a free demonstration/open house on Sunday, February 6th from
10am-1pm where you can learn firsthand just what we mean by "Theatrical
Combat" and what the Ring of Steel and "Action Theater" is all about.
We'll give you bagels, demonstrations and, if you desire, an introductory
lesson. (You'll get a much better idea how it all works if you make it by
10:30am) If you can't make it Sunday, please call to make special
arrangements! Family and friends are welcome!

Don't wait until you're in a show where your part requires some
stunt/fight work -- learn now from recognized industry experts in your own
time and at rates that are embarrassingly low.

If you have attended one or more of our practices and got busy, well, this
is a chance to start back in with all of the different events and
activities. We've expanded with lots of new toys and new choreography

We meet in the Student Theatre Arts Complex down by Chrisler Arena and
Michigan Stadium. If you need directions or a ride (locals only!), please
feel free to give me a call or email and/or check our web page. Hope to
see some of you! As always, 'ware the foeman!

The Ring of Steel Action Theatre www.ringofsteel.org 734.763.4900

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