no juggling for me.... chest infection
I finally went to the doctor after three weeks of terrible coughing. The coughing started at the end of the wimpest cold I ever had... barely a sore throat, barely a runny nose. The cough p...

[video] sigalit production presents: STEPZ
Hi everybody! this is the new free video of the sigalit. It has been filmed in Rome in one month. the performers are: Emanuele "Moon" Marchione (bouncing) M4u (diabolo) Loren...

Unparalleled Success Raises New Questions
(A bit of a preface here. I wrote this as an entry for my blog--, since no one reads it, and I thought some feedback on this would be nice, I decided to pos...

EJC 2008 Open Stage - information for performers.
Hello, Please post share this information other forums or anywhere else you think is appropriate. The information can be downloaded as a PDF from the EJC website: http://ejc2008.d...

Henry's club replacements in Canada
hey everyone, I have been trying to get a Canadian source of Henry's pirro replacement parts. Does anyone else have someone they can recommend? -- ----== posted via www.jugg...

Big juggling task
Hey everyone. I am going to a private school and here, instead of having an exam, we choose a subject and work with that subject for a whole year. I have choose to work with juggling as this...

social desire
What do you all think about performers being valued or devalued based on gender presentation? I was prompted to write this after reading the new 'Juggling Crib' comic, but ...

Montreal fest HLGCB
Highs Krista is my #1 high of course. Winning my wresting match. Juggling with Michael once again, always awesome. The show was quite awesome (except for the part in my banes...

[comic strip] The Juggling Crib - laura
THE JUGGLING CRIB is a juggling related comic strip featuring some local jugglers here in Stockholm, Sweden. In the main cast you can watch bad imitations of jugglers like Elias Hedlund, Wes...

Four ball videos
I`ve seen quite a lot of really good and impressing four ball videos which I found on rec. juggling. Whar are the best four ball juggling videos or four ball parts in juggling vid...

Where can I aquire a set of sombreros suitable for juggling? -- ----== posted via ==----

[Video] Jorden Moir -- Hands/Feet Juggling Footage came out a bit fuzzy. Ah well. Jorden ...

Isla Vista Pictures
The Isla Vista festival (Santa Barbara, CA) was this last weekend in one of the UCSB gyms. I'm going to UCSB so I was obviously there but I don't have a camera. I'm just wondering if anyon...

Jugglers in Birch Bay, Washington
Hey everyone! In a few weeks I will be in Birch Bay with my parents and I'm wondering if there are any other jugglers in the area. I'm not sure where we'll be specifically, or wha...

Want a video
Hey all, I'm a communications student and I want to practice my editing skills but i have two small issues: (1) I'm not that good of a juggler yet, so i can't really make a video on

connected rings?
Has anyone tried gluing 2 rings together to make a fig of 8 (Or possibly an overlapping figure of 8?) Im going to try it out tonight ! Ill let you guys know how i get on I w...

Birmingham/ Wrong juggling balls
Hey everyone, I'm just wondering if someones got my 2 used Small, 100 gm, 64 mm, 2 1/2" sport co juggling balls because i might have their Medium, 115 gm, 67 mm, 2 5/8" sport ...

4 ball mills siteswaps
this month I've finally tackled the 4 ball mills, and tonight I got runs of about 12 catches with the 534. I tried a little 633 and 552, and they felt completely awful. Also tried a 540 in a...

(Video) Daniel Eaker # 5
Here is my newest video, tell me what you think and I hope you like it! YouTube- or JuggleTube -

The rec. archives have a few mentions of Patrick Dempsey's juggling. My dad just clued me in to a new plate juggling scene in the film "Made of Honor." Here's some info from Demp...

4 & 5 ball video
Just made a video of the tricks I learned in March and April this year: Enjoy! -- ----== posted via ==-...

Birmingham Circus Convention HLGCB
i was waiting for someone else to start this off so the first one wouldnt be so negative. but no one posted so far so. for the Organisers. please note. none of the comments are per...

bounce counter This is an invention of Tim Baumgartner.

Birmingham photos
Hi all Just some quick pics from the Birmingham fest yesterday. Still no show pics though. Have fun.

Merits of various balls?
Hi. I'm an amateur juggler (and newbie to this forum) working on juggling a 5 ball cascade. Unfortunately, my collection of juggling balls was recently destroyed (let's not go into that), an...

What's the name of that town in Pennsylvania?
What's the name of that town in Pennsylvania?

Are there juggling-videos of historic value?
Imagine someone who doesn't know anything about juggling and its cultural conditions asks you for some juggling videos in order to get an overview about juggling and its development (18xx - ...

To Workshop Teachers: Re: Siteswap Workshop Handouts
If you don't mind, could you send me the files of the Siteswap Workshop Handouts you have used to teach workshops? That is, of course, you used one. I'm really curious to see what people h...

Another candidate?
I thought they were just rumors... -- ----== posted via ==----

Public Notice Hi Folks Due to lay offs and budget cuts all over the USA, Arts Job Bible and GigsListPro are only $6.99 (norm $25 to $56) to help folks find jobs ...

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