No Toss-up in 2008
Becky Jones (Josiah Jones' Mother) got an email from the TossUp Club organizer: "I got an email yesterday from Steve Sosko at the Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire about the...

[Video] Kitchen
Hi guys Let me know what you think Thanks -- ----== posted via ==----

Romanian Website is duplicating all of our Juggling Websites
Hi all Just noticed that there is a website Which has grabbed many of our juggling websites and posted them up on their own websites along ...

New videos
Hello everyone: I put some new videos in my web-page(6): Hope you like them, Marco -- ----== posted via ==----

Most inappropriate place to juggle
Recently, I was in Paris and spent time juggling around town. At one point, while juggling in front of the famous Pantheon, it occurred to me that this building housed a bunch of dead peopl...

Israeli Juggling Convention HLGCB
Okay, I wasn't there. I'm just hoping if I start the thread people will start to post about how it was. Thanks, Viveca -- ----== posted via ==----

FYI: Portland Clowns Without Borders Benefit Show
I received this email yesterday and didn't see anything on here about it. ______________________________ From Leapin' Louie, Don't miss it! Dear friends and lover...

Bungay Book Club...
10 days a the quiet field filled with buttercups and jugglers allows lots of time for relaxation and reading. Last year some several people brought books to Bungay and left them in the...

New juggler, first video
I made this video in one night, so its rough, and so are the tricks. Im looking for some feed back from people to see what they think <...

My first big paying juggling preformance...HELP!
so I just got an e-mail through our juggling club this morning about doing a gig at a big 4H club conferance. The coord. wants to know what my preformance is like... I want to do the job but...

records: what about the amount of catches??
:-) I remember that I had to type my record time and the catches where calculated for themself. But now it seems that the amount of catches is fixed- do I have to count again?? Is this a bu...

Wanted: video with vertical ring flats (3+)
I love pancake throw with rings and I wonder if vertical flats can be done continuously with 3+ rings? All I got so far is a flash with 4 back to juggle- it`s surprisingly hard to throw them...

ponce and cirque
Paul Ponce appears to be in cirques production varekai, taking place of octavio. Anyone seen paul in cirque? -- ----== posted via ==----

Calling all jugglers in Worthing, West Sussex, England and surrounding area
Hello. Inspired by a chat with Charlie Hull at Bristol many years ago and by the fact that there hasn't been a juggling club in Worthing for quite a few years now we have started ...

2008 Ann Arbor Juggling Arts Festival (This Saturday!!!)
Don't forget, the 2008 Ann Arbor Juggling Arts Festival is this weekend. Ann Arbor Juggling Arts Festival Saturday, May 3, 2008 10:00am - 6:00pm Wide Worl...

[comic strip] The Juggling Crib - language
THE JUGGLING CRIB is a juggling related comic strip featuring some local jugglers here in Stockholm, Sweden. In the main cast you can watch bad imitations of jugglers like Elias Hedlund, Wes...

Aerial 360s
Ignore the previous thread about this. So, lately I have been trying aerial 360s a bit. I got my first 3 ball 1 up aerial 360 and also 6 ball 4 up aerial 360 at BJC, and today I notice...

Aerial 360s
Lately I've been trying out aerial 360s, getting my first 3 ball 1 up aerial 360 and also first 6 ball 4 up aerial 360 at -- ----== posted via ==----

Bungay Balls Up 2008 coming soon - and new vids!
Hi all, Just a last reminder about Bungay - it starts on the 17th May. Hope to see some of you there, if you can't make the whole thing, try the last weekend as that's when the ...

contact - Em - new videos
new Em videos; look at: Em will'be gu...

Multiplex terminology
Hi rec. I was chatting to Tiff a couple of weeks back and he mentioned a duplex (I forget what he called it) and wondered what terminology everyone uses or has heard being used to...

How do non-jugglers avoid boredom in the EJC
Hello all, I plan to attend EJC this year with my girlfriend (We're already traveling in the area, and we plan to "stop by" for 9 days of the convention). She enjoys juggling show...

Came across this video, dont know who the person in it is, but it made me laugh! Dont watch it if you want to see amazing skill, its clear that this person can juggle, but just wanted to mak...

New Marriott TV commercials
Not sure if any of you in the US have seen these yet... ..but, here's a page that I found with links to all of the new TV commercials that Marriot is airing these days featuring varie...

7 ball 7 up 360 who can do it?
I was just wondering..... Who can do a seven ball 7 up 360 besides Doug Sayers, Jason Garfield, Daniel Eaker, Anthony Gatto, Wes Peden, Kobashun, Thomas Dietz, Vova Galchenko, Kristian ...

short video with bounce juggling
my first day of bounce juggling the video was mainly a test for the new windows movie maker

9b setup
when your balls are to big to hold 5 in one hand you might wanne look for a different way to start a 9 ball casce. this guy give's the perfect example..

wanted: 2007 update- what happened in juggling?!
Dear jugglers, some years ago I had a good overview about juggling but I had other things in my life in 2007 and would like to update my knowledge a bit. What where outstanding names, tricks...

Videos for people I think would like them..
I was having a little look at some youtube video goodness, and found these vids: http://youtube....

"Ball Skills" Contest
Hey, I found this contest on the internet. I certainly won't be able to win, but maybe one of you guys will. Gillette will be giving away $30,000 to the person with the best...

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