Discount Supplies Source
Hello there Just wanted to invite you all to come check out our huge stock of discounted supplies and juggeling items:

Florent Lestage's "canne-massues" number
Hello! My name is Florent Lestage and I am a juggler who is finishing this year from the National Circus School in Montreal. I have developed a new juggling apparatus, using a c...

Looking for music
Team Rootberry is looking for bands/musicians who would like their music to be considered for the next Team Rootberry DVD. Please only submit music original music (in other words no c...

Bristol convention on UK TV
I've just been watching 'alternative therapies' on BBC2 (The one on meditation). I wasn't paying much attention, but then footage from Bristol suddenly appeared! Various shots from the big...

BJC ASDA Challenge
So...If anyone was watching the wednesday night renegade compered by peachi and I, you will know we set a challenge for the best picture of juggling/ randomness taken in the nearby ASDA........

K8 clubs.
This is a thread trying to get some feedback on these clubs. They look good, and I'm interested to hear if anyone has experience of using them. The normal ones as well as the glo clubs. Also...

BJC2008 Lost Property
Somewhere between about 2:30 in the afternoon and leaving on Sunday - I managed to lose a brand new (and unmarked) dark blue Henrys Pirouette (trainer-style). I probably managed to lea...

Adrian Pole BYJOTY video
does any one have my BYJOTY on performance? I am looking for a couple of angles so if one person replies, please send me yours too! -- ----== posted via ==----...

2008 Ann Arbor Juggling Arts Festival (Ann Arbor, MI)
Jugglers of all skill levels are invited to attend the 2008 Ann Arbor Juggling Arts Festival! Ann Arbor Juggling Arts Festival Saturday, May 3, 2008 10:00am - 6:00p...

[Video] Masaki [email protected] Park
Don't think anyone's posted this Masaki Hirano video yet, so... There's a bunch of sweet 1b isolations and 3b contact mixed with p...

Juggling Podcast 48 - British Juggling Convention 2008 Review.
Juggling Podcast 48 - British Juggling Convention 2008 Review. Luke and Pola are were very busy at the BJC but took time to record their views of the convention as it happened. Correc...

Bouncing Balls from Italy
So now again in the right forum!!! Hi Jugglers, I would like to buy myself some new bouncing balls and I discovered this Italien Producer Agile who sells kind of cheap bouncing balls. N...

BJC 2008 Photos
I have some of my pics from the week up now. They're not the greatest but hey ho. Here's the link: I was goin...

[Video] Evil Flames Silvershow trailer
This is the beta version of our shows trailer. Im the guy with the torches. Please comment. <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtu...

[Video] Evil Flames Silvershow trailer
This is the beta version of our shows trailer. Im the guy with the torches. Please comment. <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtu...

I'm looking for Thomas dietz mail
Hi , I've been looking for Thomas Dietz mail, I don't know if what I found is his current adress (it was in 2004...). If anyone can send me his current adress at regisdabrinville...

Is rec. the best?
I'm beginning to wonder if rec. juggling is the best juggling forum out there at the moment. A while back I posted on Gat4 quite a bit because I don't like sport juggling (WJF forums) and I...

Burning Club Fest 2008
Fest dates are April 5, and 6 and we are having a juggling party on April 4th at 3060 CR-37, Sycamore OH 44882 The party starts mid afternoon (we will be around all day, come anytime) ...

(Video) New juggler to me! -- ----== posted via ==----

Two on one foot
Maybe this is better suited for a footbag forum, but I know at least a few people here can do this... Are there any tutorials out there for two on one foot? Or tips... Jeff...

Unicycling, balancing, and juggling
Can anybody juggle with a balance, while idling on a unicycle? I'd like to see a video of that... Jeff

jens sigsgaard video
So, uploaded a video of the of a show I did at the juggle this festival in New York if anybody are interested first part <...

So I gave my first juggling lesson last night. An old friend from high school was in town and she stopped by for dinner with a few friends / family members. After dinner I was playing a...

[Video] 50 F'kin Fingers
Hi! Though it's not exactly juggling related I wanted to show it to you. It's a video I've edited to 5 hands manipulators from all over the world (1 Israeli, 3 Germans, and 1 guy from N...

Your dirtiest piece of juggling equipment
Last weekend while joggling outside I dropped a bean bag in a goopy, muddy puddle. I was able to wipe of the grime but it ended up looking pretty dirty. Here's the picture. ...

24th Nordic Juggling Convention (1st-4th of May)
Hi and welcome to NJC! Now it's time for the 24th Nordic Juggling Convention. This year it will be in central Malm=F6 in Sweden, more precisely in Malm=F6 cultural house and in M=...

Desperate...performance ideas
I was volunteered to do a performance tomorrow and i'm at a lack for ideas. Normally, I would just throw together a bunch of random tricks and call it a day, but apparently i'm not allowed ...

Kickup problem
Hi, When I'm practicing kickups with clubs, I've found that my ability to do them is enormously dependent on what kind of shoes/socks/trousers I'm wearing. Is this normal? If not, ...

IJA Early Bird Deadline Approaching
All, Just a friendly reminder that the early bird registration deadline for this year's IJA fest is fast approaching (only 6 days away!!). Specially invited guests include: ...

a video that doesn't have enough hits
Jeremy is a great juggler and I think this video deserves more hits, so go ahead and enjoy it! Ady ODDBALLS www.oddballs...

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