Juggling Community wise I am sure the vast majority would accept other variations to be thrown in the pattern and still count it as the 3 club endurance record. If you would like to have the...

3 tricks #2
<object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value="http://"> </param> <embed src="http://" type="ap...

Believe the Hype
Synergy II Adrian Pole Andrew Steger Anthony Antinello Arash Farhang Ben Bar Carey Pickford Jr. Cecilia Zucchetti Chris Fowler Daniel Eaker Dani...

Juggling record rules?
Is it allowed to juggle different patterns (like backcrosses and flats) while doing an attempt at breaking the 3 club cascade record? -- ----== posted via ==--...

Dutch juggling championship
I have no idea if somebody allready posted something about this (sorry, haven't been around here for a while) But I'd like to announce the 4th Dutch Juggling Championship. The website...

Slightly Old David Cain Video It's from the 30 Second 4 Club Routine competition that Anthony Gatto sponsored about two years ago. This is the first time it's been on

[video] Tim Moroney's Second Video!!!
Hey here's my second video. Its definitely worth taking a look at, so I hope everyone enjoys. Please Comment! From, Tim Moron...

British Juggling Convention Pre reg
we finished pre reg with around 550 people already confirmed as comming. if past years are anything to go by this means we will have between 1000 and 1100 jugglers at the dome in 4 ...

British Juggling Convention: Workshops
Hi everyone, I thought I'd make a topic here because it seems this is probably where I'll get the most response. The question I have for ya is: If you are going t...

Delftse Jongleer Dag (The Dutch Delft Juggling Day )
(English version below) He hoi, Op zondag 6 april 2008 wordt de Delftse Jongleer Dag weer gehouden in Delft.

David Cain - Synergy II
Spotlight on a Synergist David Cain Homepage: Earlier in the week I shined the spotlight on one of the most talented young jugglers fea...

Hello, Smalls. -- ----== posted via ==-...

I've fallen and I can't get up! (balancing help needed)
Today, I found out that the trick I am learning to do is so easy, even a dog can do it: (dog balancing). Anyway, I can balance a "club" on my head, drop to on...

Little Apple Juggling Fest HLGCBS
Super stoked about all who turned out for our fest...many thanks for all who made it possible! may be a bit forward to start the HLGCBS/review, as one of the hosts, but we...

aptitude screening for juggling talent?
The Republic of Weirdistan has developed a new national economic policy of fielding the world's best jugglers. The Ministry of Education has been tasked with the job of developing ...

Is anybody interested in taking on my website?
Hello Everybody, Two years ago I started a new website, The idea was to create a specialised wiki-esque site that was run by the community. Hopefully some of you have u...

For Sale: XBOX 360, PSP, NDS Lite, Wii Modded Consoles & Retro Stuff
[IMG][/ IMG] [IMG] xbox360premiumhdmi.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]h...

Updates - 3rd Nottingham One Dayer - 1 & 2nd March 2008 (NAJC3)
Hi All, Just some juicy updates for NAJC3 this saturday. # First of all we have a cracking new website with all the details:

Delft Juggling Day
(English version below) He hoi, Op zondag 6 april 2008 wordt de Delftse Jongleer Dag weer gehouden in Delft.

Josh Horton - Synergy II
Spotlight on a Synergist Josh Horton youtube page: Josh Horton is one of the most promising young jugglers of this generation. I...

[video] 3play 2
Flowing 3ball juggling from pumpkineater... -- ----== posted via ==----

[video]Yuta(japan 3b juggler(lots of bodythrow))-master
Hi! Just watch it... This guy is amazing... -- ----== posted via ==----

Is anyone else on Pownce? -- ----== posted via ==----

Need somewhere to stay in Birmingham
Hey jugglers, I need somewhere to stay in Birmingham for the birmingham convention on the first weekend of may. i'll only need to stay on the saturday night and im no trouble at a...

slo mo balls, UK
Can you order these balls from a UK vendor? I've decided on using them for spinning/juggling, just 3. thanks Ady -- ----== posted via ==----

more 3 person patterns
I was studying the 3 person 10 club patterns I posted recently and found a 9 club pattern that I hadn't seen before! You have a feeder doing one count and two feedees doing pass pass self, b...

7 volleyballs (video) impressive. -- ----== posted via ==----

Peden Tricks Sweden (the real deal!)
Hey artists. athletes, hippies, and jugglers! I have some news for you!! I have been working for the past 5 months on a new juggling video. In the past i have made over 10...

spinning balls
hey everyone. I'm looking for an in-expensive, grippy but soft ball that will be suitable for 3 ball juggling that I could still spin on my finger yet hold without to much worry b...

video on location Good luck with this one! Two friends of us made it. -- ----== posted via ==----

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