BJC Pre reg
BJC is comming up quickly. we have had credit card processing for pre reg on the website for some time and are very happy with the numbers. unfortunately our credit card c...

Scottishland weather
Wow. yesterday i was doubting my ability to walk against the blizzard, the rain the hail and teh wind this morning i woke to a sunny blue sky and t shirt weather. get y...

[video]: Juggling sucks. I want to be a gardener.
hi, today I recovered some old material on my hard disk and decided to compile it to a video. enjoy!

contact Info for Juggling Tv
Can anyone help me with contact info for Howie and Jenny of Juggling Tv? I have already sent unanswered mail through the site, so there's no need to restate the obvious.

Chatter Rings
By which I mean Also known as Gyro Ring and Jitter Ring. Does anyone know a manufacture...

Expert Online Training What's that?? Anybody ever tried this? -- ----== posted via ==----

New video - 61 Types Of Juggling - David Cain Here is my update from the old 36 types of juggling video. I've added 26 new types of juggling or object manipulation and have two improved ...

The Way to Paradise
We are all in quest of true happiness. In this world, the idea of true/perfect happiness is not feasible because this world is inevitably doomed to total annihilation. True happiness...

A short video from Doyen Dean
My friends' sister-in-law let me borrow her digital camera, and I took the opportunity to record a short video. It was cold and windy, though, so the results aren't up to high quality stand...

Burning Club 2008, April 5-6
Hello everyone, The Burning Club Festival 2008. To be held in Bowling Green, OH, USA on April 5th & 6th, the festival will have open juggling Saturday and Sunday, and a premier juggli...

Burning Club Fest 2008 in Bowling Green, Ohio
Check out our first promo video! It may feature some familiar faces... The Burning Club Festival 2008. To be held in Bowling Green, OH on <...

silicon balls
Hi, I'm looking to get a set of silicon balls and have a few questions. They cost a lot of money so I want to get the right ones for me. I want to use them for performing so want ...

Where is it?
Hello! Do you know where can I find a Jason Garfield's movie "Tricks Anthony can't do"? I haven't found it on the web and link on JugglingDB is failed.

The next Vova & Thomas 8
Hi jugglers! here is another video of me and another great juggler from munich. bye thomas -- ----== p...

What are the most reliable vendors?
I'm sort of a new juggler living in USA. I was looking to outfit myself with balls, clubs, and maybe a diabolo... just basic stuff to get me started. I checked the vendors page ...

Zippo circus school inquiry
I'm looking for info on Zippo academy of Circus arts is it a reputable school? is there employment for graduates? training? If anyone is a former graduate or has any r...

contact juggling
Does anyone know where I can find a good beginners tutorial for contact juggling? also, what balls work well for contact juggling? thanks -trevor -- ----== posted via ...

Plastic Bags instead of Scarves
Recently, I was unpacking my groceries, and noticed how gracefully plastic bags float. A moment later I tried juggling 3 plastic grocery bags, and found that they juggled almost exactly lik...

ultra-high-speed, 1200fps, camera from casio
Hi, juggling and camera lovers, Casio announced a very unique camera here in Japan. It can take an extraordinary high-speed movie up to 1200fps. No, it's not a typo, 1200fps! ...

Hat balancing progression - How do you add juggling?
Previously, people had given their best tips for learning to balance a hat on their nose. I followed them and improved my balancing abilities from 5 seconds to 80 seconds with less than 1 m...

A fast question.
My friend invented a trick for a school project and he needs some reviews on it so just post your thoughts on the trick if you feel like it! Thanks

(video) Freestyle Flowerstick FLOW
Link below to a short clip of some FLOW. For those who like freestyle juggling and/or flowerstick. I know it's not for everybody... <...

Dube LED light clubs...
Just curious to see if anyone has purchased or juggled these new LED clubs from Dube? I just noticed them on their site recently. Not sure how long they have been out. Apparently it is...

Atlanta Groundhog Juggling Fest February 1 - 3 2008 at the Yaarab Shrine Center in Atlanta. You'll find jugglers, unicyclists, yoyo pros, live music and family ...

Hey guys, I've played with these before and I thought they were pretty cool. The spinabolo have some kind of gear that lets them keep spinning with a lot less friction... or whatever...

6ball multiplex siteswap
Ok, I seem to have started working on a 6 ball mukiplex trick that feels lush and is clearly related to [54]24 'cos it feels similar but i'm not quite sure of the siteswap for it and rather ...

Nord balls for sale
I have 14 Nord jugling balls I'm selling. I bought these from Nord himself and have not used them. 9 flourescent yellow and 5 burnt orange. 2.25" size in faux suede. No dirt or stains a...

Big Wheel Uni Question
I just picked up a 29" unicycle, and have had a blast doing distance riding. For many years, the only riding I've done has been in my comedy show, on a 6 foot giraffe. Now I'm getting bac...

[VIDEO] MRL#1 Trailer
Jay Gilligan, Ben Richter, Luke Wilson. Teaser trailer for the upcoming Manipulation Research Laboratory #1 Educational DVD and CD release.

Willy Colombaioni 7, 8 clubs, 9, 11 rings
Italian juggler, 21 years old. 7 clubs (49 catches): 8 clubs (flash): 9...

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