My first minute-long 7, and a question about rate of catches?
Hello and Happy 2008 everyone! I managed my first ever one-minute-long run of 7 beanbags today. I am feeling good because it has been a goal of mine for like a century (or a...

Thomas Dietz Nobody #4
Hi Jugglers! here is it! -- ----== posted via ==----

Ebay: 95mm Renegades

eBay: Plate Spinning Hat and Hershey Kiss Candy Juggling Dispenser
Final two juggling related items. With any questions, please see the online lising or email me. Thanks. Two final items on eBay: Plate Spinning Hat http://tinyurl...

[Video] The factories
Well here's my first juggling video, it was filmed in an ancient textile factory here in Montreal. I had to film an instructional video for a school project and my cousin and I decided to go...

[Video] Ron Paul Song
3B video to Shelby Lindley's Ron Paul Song TJ -- ----== posted via ==----

Juggling, the art and the artists. Update?
I received this book for christmas and am obviously a very happy bunny. it is well put together and very interesting. I am most interested in the historical aspects of juggling but aft...

eBay listing: Spinning and Juggling Plates
I've listed some items on eBay. Please follow the links below. Set of 10 Aluminum Metal Spinning Plates Set of 7 plastic plates for "boomerang pla...

Juggling Podcast 41 - Juggling in Argentina and Antarctica.
Hi people. After a few weeks traveling we have the new podcast ready. Enjoy! Keep sending in emails and questions and complaints too. We read them all, even if we do...

Jamil Martinez
I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about Jamil Martinez, a 22/23 year old British juggler who I have never heard about except for in circus Merano(Norway) in 2002. What ...

completely non-juggling related
So, I was going to burn some stuff onto a dvdr today but, when I put the "blank" into the drive, it prompted my autoplay and started playing a movie! Yes, there was a movie on one of my blan...

Video's afailable of...
Recently I'm working on 3b penguin catch cascade... As I read quit difficult to learn and I'm starting to notice it. I can do the same ball left and right for 2 or 3 times in a row bef...

[Video] Great Juggler Jam
Hey guys, maybe some of you have seen this already but for those who haven't, this guy is simply amazing. He juggles very technicaly with his small volleyballs like props plus, he scores the...

[vid] Vodka and Orange 2
Peachi, this one is for you: You must first understand the original Vodka and Orange (videos linked in: )

Contest - Sport Juggling Company
Sport Juggling Company is in the process of updating our website and we'd like to feature some jugglers who use our beanbags. E-mail high quality photos to [email protected]

Got balls?
Seriously your juggling will reach new heights and shoot far beyond the limit, Let your balls drop... - -- ----== posted via ==----

[Video] ...On The Radio (Remember The Days)
An outdoor in Hawaii 3 ball video to the song ...On The Radio(Remember The Days) by Nelly Furtado. Merry Christmas! -- ...

[video] och hästen är kvar
So me and Peter are spending some time with our familys up in our hometown, Skellefteå, and during a practice session we decided to make a short film.

Good quality silicones
Is there any silicone ball that is of higher quality than another? I was looking at the Mr. Babache balls on seriousjuggling, because they're cheap, and was wondering if it is worth it to b...

Haha, my family.
I'm about two semesters from starting graduate school. Law school to be more specific, combined with a masters program. So my family talked to me this morning (christmas) to tell me that whi...

clubs for Christmas
about a week ago, my cousins' cousins arrived here[1] from the United States. they brought some clubs down for me, luckily, because you cant buy juggling clubs anywhere in Bolivia.. i got th...

Ok. So I was watching Gatto Entertainment #4.... Then this question came about. Anthony said he was going to "preset some 'stuff'", and it went into fast motion and this music ca...

[VIDEO] Amsterdam
Here's a 3 ball video I just made with some experimental intentional mid-air collision stuff. Merry Christmas! TJ ...

[Video] Be Sharpe
Here's the latest video by the Sharpe Brothers, Nate and Jacob Sharpe. Filmed at MIT and at the base of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire this fall, it includes solo and duo tricks with 1-6 d...

Name this trick?
Does anyone know the name or siteswap of this trick? I have been trying to figure it out for quite a while. It is a 6 ball multiplex that a friend of mine taught me a few years back. Two b...

Merry Christmas
As I'm not going to be posting or reading rec.juggling tomorrow (can't imagine why) I'd like to wish everybody on this newsgroup a very merry yuletide. May santa (or your parentspartner if s...

Future Juggling Balls
This is an idea that has been bouncing around my head for a while. You place a small transmitter at your feet while you juggle the special balls. The transmitter knows where each ball ...

exciting new performance style!
So I was warming up with some '50505' which was going all over the place since I was just warming up you know, and I started singing "Friday night I crashed your party, Saturday I said I'm s...

[video] Sondre goes "technical christmas" There isn't much more to say. -- ----== posted via ==----

[Video] Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas! 7b tricks and 2 PBs. -- ----== posted via ==----

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