Unicycle hockey at Bristol
I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago, but I think it's worth repeating now. If anyone coming to Bristol is interested in playing unicycle hockey, the Severn Wheelers' training session w...

[Video] Carnage
Langerz posted this over on DCA. It's diabolo, which might cause many of you to switch off, but you really should check it out.... http://www.juggling.tv/vaults/view_video.php?vi...

[video] 1852291215
This is probably my favorite video that I've made. It's called 1852291215. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9-YOZ12SPE[/youtube] I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I...

Durham Juggling Convention
Cross posted to Uk_jugglers yesterday i posted about next years BJC today i want to remind everyone that its only a month to the Durham juggling convention. 11 yr...

Tony Pezzo in Tokyo
Tony Pezzo and I will be in Tokyo on Thursday 9-13-07. Where is a good place to go to meet jugglers or for him to juggle? Thanks, Tony Pezzo, Sr. -- ----==...

Wanted: Info about a juggler possibly called Charletti
Hi all, A couple of months back, I aquired a postcard featuring a juggler that I know nothing about. I'm hoping that someone here will know a little about him, or can point me in...

OT Web design tool
I built this to aid in color scheming - http://www.webdesignforthe.com/websitecolors.php You can see how the whole page and text color work together. Fonts can also be changed. ...

Jonglitude : Convention in Cergy (near Paris) from 21th to 23th of september
Hello everybody, Here is what I just posted in the events section of jugglingdb : This convention is taking place at the same time and place as a big street festival ( Cergy-Soit !). <...

JoJ Ep19 : Watering The Lawn
Date:September 11th, 2007. Hosts: Richard "Reeses2150" Kohut and Luke Hallgarten Topics: The Jason Garfield Show Ep4 (WJF), Perfect Technique (Gatto), Thomas Dietz Updates. Also, a spec...

Open gig: Cirque du Soleil bus tour
I'm passing along a casting/job call a guy named Timothy Wooster sent to me as a Board member of the IJA. Doesn't look like a bad gig. Will Penman juggler/performer/entertai...

jugglers in gwynedd
anybody in gwynedd here? -- ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

I need juggler's insurance!
A friend and I have (almost) booked a 7 hour gig for October 3-7. Unfortunately, the lady requires us to have liability insurance. I need to let her know if we can get it ASAP, so she can p...

Glow Ball Advice Please
Hello, I am unhappy with my glow balls. They looked amazing when I first bought them and now the lights go out from time to time. Sometimes I can shake them enough to get them ...

[video] The new face (hair?) of Brylcreem
Brylcreem held a video competition for their new line of 'Effortless' products, in which people were invited to submit a video to myspace of them doing effortless tricks. The winner was...

Cirque Knie
I've just got back from holiday. The first non juggling related holiday I've had in over 10 years. Well, it was supposed to be non-juggling, and it was, right up until I saw a poster for a...

Announcing: Freestyle (Frisbee) Jam Camp, Los Angeles, CA; 12/28-30/2007
Do you want to use a flying disc to do tricks which impress, amaze and entertain your friends? Maybe even impress complete strangers with your amazing skills at the beach? (Hey! This c...

Gballz Drawing - 5 free Chainmaile ballz
The winner will get 5, 2.5"@135g Gmaile Ballz. The drawing will be Sunday, Sept 16th, 9pm EST. See the ballz here - http://www.gballz.com/gmaile.htm Gregory www.gballz.com

Juggling.tv download problems
I have never been able to complete a download from juggling.tv. It just stops at some point along the way. So my question is, what do you rec.jugglers think the problem could be? ...

OT: Mountain Unicycling
My son is a Junior at the Air Force Academy out in Colorado Springs, Colorado, home of Pikes Peak (~14,000 feet). He's organized a small (3 member) unicyle club. Yesterday, they h...

Thomas what happened???
how did u break ur leg thomas? -- ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

Big Red JuggleFest?
Is this event happening? When I go to the website (http://rso.cornell.edu/cjc/festival/) it says: The 11th Annual Big Red JuggleFest Coming November 2007 Check Back For More ...

Getting more juggling supplies - any advice?
First up: I have 3 standard eclipse clubs, but the knob on one of them has cracked. Since I was thinking about moving up to four clubs anyway, now's a good chance to get that done. My questi...

Thomas Dietz - trailer
THIS is a juggling video :) Thank you so much for this trailer Thomas, and get well soon!!! http://www.juggling.tv/vaults/video/trailer.mov And for those who like...

Juggling Podcast 31 - Gabi Keast and the story of Kaskade
Hello The new Juggling Podcast is out! Here are the details: Juggling Podcast 31 - Gabi Keast and the story of Kaskade. Luke and Pola chat to Gabi Keast, editor...

Definition of FLOW (video)
"FLOW is the mental state of operation in which the person is fully immersed in what he or she is doing, characterized by a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the p...

carnegie mellon juggling club
Hey all- anyone know when the Carnegie Mellon juggling club meets? I'm going to be looking at the school this Monday and Tuesday and didn't get a response from the person I emailed.

[video] Tiffty 2
Here it is. The long awaited return of Matthew Tiffany to the internet juggling video world. Mostly made up of insane seven ball tricks and edited by yours truly this has the potential to be...

Weekly juggling meetings in Bergen, Norway!
For jugglers in Bergen, Norway, there's a new time for weekly practices: Time: Thursdays, 20:00-22:00 Place: "Vitalitetssenteret", Wolffs gate 12, Bergen, Norway Google map o...

Bounce Juggling with 3 inch Silicones?
Anyone have any opinions on using 3 inch silicones for bounce juggling? (7 ball lift cascade)........ When I started bounce juggling I was using 2.5 inch silicones. When I moved u...

Getting to Bristol
Right, I'm getting into Bristol about 11 on the saturday night. Can someone tell me where the fuck this convention actually is/the best way to get to it without a car, that sort of stuff? Be...

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