Longevity of an Instant Juggler
I've been thinking... An interview with Guy Heathcote, he proposed that those that take up juggling quickly are often the ones that give it up quickly. Is that true? Are there a...

BYJotY best trick un-edited
Is there an un-edited version of the BYJotY best trick compettion available, or does anyone else have un-edited footage of it? Its just that while I like most of j.tvs output, and am very gr...

Jugglers on Juggling 7
I just wanted to quickly mention that I thought JoJ7 was a good amount better than JoJ6. I still think both Luke's podcast and JoJ could be tighter; each could be reduced to 30 minutes with ...

Advice for juggling LARGE balls.
Ok! So I'm getting into Basketball juggling. I've got three balls down and a lot of tricks. I'm kind of getting a hold of four and I've been playing around a lot with body rolls o...

[video] Josh Turner - practise session 1
hey, I filmed my practise session today so here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78LWh-iVd0s I plan to film a practise session every few months to bring out a few ...

Top 5 jugglers favourate video games 06/07
Thanks to all who participated in this poll, I intend to get hold of at least 5 games, people described. Sorry the results were late, I've only listed games with 2 or more votes. ...

The Trick of multiplexes
Hey everyone, I currently made a new 4 ball multiplex trick and was just wondering... There is a formula for finding if a siteswap is valid, but what is the 'formula' ...

Compendium Stuff
There was an acticle a few days back regarding a book about juggling. I attempted to print the article, but lost the last few pages. Since then, the article has disappeared. Did anyone catch...

[video] the damp
Darnit! I was gonna slow down on the videos! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvaWIHxrNSw La miniscule Ady -- ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

New Club in Maryland
Greetings all: Last night I attended my first juggling club meeting in over 20 years, a new club started up in my area (Howard County, Maryland). Very nice group of folks, no one...

Adrian Pole at the BYJOTY 2007 video
Hello, It's been a while, but I finally uploaded the video of Adrian Pole's winning routine at this year's British Young Juggler of the Year show. Download (70mb divx ...

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Video
Not a juggling related video, so dont kill me... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXRb3OR48xk It's by Marcus Monroe and D Suz -- ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com =...

Are new Tricks Being Invented?
Have new juggling tricks been invented during the last few years, or have all the variations been invented years ago? I occasionally come up with something new during my practice sessions a...

Want to learn Siteswap
Does anybody know the name of a good book on siteswap? I don't know anything about it and would really love to learn. (This will combine two of my favorite hobbies - juggling and reading.)...

How many jugglers out there smoke? This isn't intended to be some health alert or anything. I smoke; I'm just curious. Traditionally I've found that cigarettes and jugglers aren't found arou...

Unicycle air opinions
So, which is better when riding a unicycle ? 1. Tires inflated completely - like a bicycle 2. Tires partially inflated Somehow it seems easier to control when the tire is...

Juggling Podcast 23 - Priam and Ori Roth Interviews
Hello everyone, Pola and I recorded the new podcast on Sunday and I uploaded the new podcast yesterday. But I forgot to post about it here on rec.juggling. Here's the info: ...

Jack of Clubs, 1940's American Juggler
I had the opportunity to meet a late Vaudeville Juggler's wife over the weekend. She showed me many photos and his juggling props. I compiled a collection of photos for everyone to che...

Bungay 2007 - Review
I am still smiling this morning as I recall memories of Bungay, so decided to write them all down while they are still lingering in my mind – All in all, it was an absolutely brilliant conve...

JoJ Ep7 : What Say You Haters?
Guest Chris "Prefanatic1236" Merra : This week we talk about topics "How Far Is The WJF Going To Push Juggling?" (WJF), "Adrian Pole, Keep The Dream Alive" (Gatto), and "JoJ Ep6 : Props To T...

[video] No Pirouettes 3
Hi, this is the 3rd part of the "no pirouettes" series. Note: The 2nd part was voted the 2nd best video in 2006. Have fun, Werner -- ----== poste...

Juggling Research Project
I have a fun idea in which everyone can participate. Sometime during the next couple of weeks, try to find some interesting juggling-related material from a local source to you. It can be a ...

Bestkystfestivalen 2007 (Juggling convention in Norway)
Just wanted to invite you all to the 7th "Bestkystfestivalen" in Stavanger, Norway.. It is from the 10-13 August... Toby Walker and Samuli Männistö have confirmed that they are coming.... Ar...

Bungie 2007
First Juggling Festival. Not the last! Absolutely brilliant! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Highs: Buttercups and sunshine. ...

What's in the box?? Adrian Pole - Keep the DREAM alive!
It's time to let you know that www.sportjugglingco.com has donated 14 sport balls and 2 ball bags - size and color to be determned by the winner. Value is approximated at $160.00. M...

Football keepy-upsy skills crossover
Apologies if there has been a thread on this before... ...but I met the ginger guy in the trailer below about a year ago and wanted to book him for the BJC but lost his contacts...

Adrian Pole - DREAM XTREME!
If you are going to dream – dream XTREME! We have a dream - one concerning Adrian Pole, the 2007 British Young Juggler of the Year, and our dream is XTREME! He has a desire ...

Ice Cream Juggling
Have you ever juggled an ice cream cone with two balls and licked the ice cream when caught? This of course is like taking a bite out of an apple, but instead of an apple its ICE CREA...

Bungay Photos
Hi all Well the Bungay Balls-up is still ongoing but, like many, I had to come back home today. Back to reality. I'll probably do a review type wotsit tomorrow but for the mo the...

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