Who won?
I have heard Toby Walker totally owned the club juggling competition that happened in Britain a while ago. At the organizer's website I can't find any info about it. Actually on the organi...

Todd Smith Orders?
I ordered some clubs and rings a couple of months ago, online, from Todd Smith. No email reply so far, no shipment, no charge to my card. Anybody know anything? Their web site says they're...

General Purpose Clubs
Hello, Please forgive the question, as I know that very similar questions have been asked a million times before, and I also know this is a matter of personal preference.

should my 5 ring small ring patterns count...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viP9zZTYnPE Should the above 5 ring 3 up count...because I use small rings? It should because juggling 5 small rings feels as heavy to me as it would

New Juggling Competition Format Conclusion and What Happens Next.
New Juggling Competition Format Conclusion and What Happens Next. After a lots of feedback on the introduction thread (big thank you everyone! Especially Joost.) I think we have a gene...

Stefan Sing (Video)
I found this video on juggletube, and i thought it was the best thing ever and the rest of the juggling world should check it out!!! Stefan Sing is a true genious!!! Check it out:...

the joys of youtube
I'm sure someone has posted this link before but a quick search didn't find it and I'm too lazy to do a proper one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMRjaKdmjv8&mode=related&search= ...

[Video] Garage Bounce Juggling
I made a new ball bouncing video that I think has some original stuff in it. I say think because everytime I've said 'This is an original trick.' someone else finds videos of at least 5 ot...

U of Maryland Congress of Jugglers 2007
May 4-6 http://www.studentorg.umd.edu/juggling/congress.htm Who on here is going? And does anybody know who is performing for their public show? - David Stephens Just y...

RIT Spring Juggle-In 2007 HLGCB Thread...
So, i had soooooo much fun! And thanks to everyone who made it possible for me to come and stay and whatever, just everything. Thank all of you so so much. To show my appreciati...

[Video] Sitting Down is Hard Work
Spring semester is over! Yea! I've loved my first year of college, and am glad to have some free time now. And what does any juggler do with free time? Make a video. Xah Lee created <...

Hello Jugglers, 2003 i have see a cropcircle in switzerland near the jugglingconvention in busswil. it was so great.i never have see it before. are jugglers here who has see ...

prop stand idea(VIDEO)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JR_SC3gEDBE -- ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

Top Five Favorite Posters
Well, to add to the lists of lists... These are the names of the people on rec.juggling I typically read and enjoy their posts. Steven Ragatz- Level-headed, intelligen...

Night time trickery
Could anyone suggest tricks or patterns that work particularly well with fire or glo clubs? I want to work on some new tricks to add to my routine (mills mess, chops, reverse cascade, spin v...

Poll: Top Five Top Five
In keeping with the trends, here are my top five top five's: 5. Top five manners of death. (depressing) 4. Top five books. (no pictures) 3. Top five primary colors. (guilty pleas...

Lana Sighting
Shhh... http://web.mac.com/seanblue/iWeb/Site/lana%20bolin.html -- ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

O/T Top Five Primary Colors
Red Blue Yellow uh.... -- ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

Mime artist arrested
Interesting story here about the arrest of a mime artist: <http://tinyurl.com/3asjgx> leads to: <http://newsbiscuit.com/article/mime-artist-arrested-for-pretending-to-shoplift-...

Raynaud's Phenomenon
I'm curious to know how many other jugglers out there suffer from this thing. Here's a link to picture of my hands. http://bp0.blogger.com/_89oKt-56L8E/RjNG0qQN6CI/AAAAAAAAAL0/inyXggOqYZI/s...

[Video] Pittsburgh Jugglers 2
Hey guys, this is the 2nd of what will hopefully be a once every month or two thing. Filmed in downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland, it is all balls this time. Comments are appreciated and hopefu...

This time it's books.
Let's face it, the most entertaining threads this week were the ones where everyone declared their five favourite films and computer games. Treat yourself to a little venture over to the boo...

JoJ Episode 4 : A Tangent
This week we talk about topics "Weight Traning and Juggling" (WJF), "New Competition Format" (Rec.Juggling), video's "(Demitri Chernov) Performance" and "Airports (Wes Peden)", and the main ...

Bubble balls vs. DX balls
Hello, I'm going to buy balls, I think Bubble balls would suit me well because they're quite heavy for their size, 130gr for 63mm, and i have quite small hands. And they're c...

here's a fun trick!
441 with 2 clubs and one ball is surprisingly nice Any other fun tricks just for fun? Stallie -- ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

OT: coin magic.
Hey I know a few jugglers are into magic as well, so I thought I would post this here. I have recently been trying some slight of hand with coins, I learned a few palming techniqu...

Buying Henry's online
I want to buy a new set of clubs, and the only cheap place I could find online for Henry's pirouettes (Serious Juggling) is out of stock... Does anyone know any other online store (in the US...

Completing the circle DVD
A couple of years back, I bought a copy of "Completing the circle" which was a documentary made about the UK convention scene. I think I leant my copy to someone in Bristol, but all the lik...

Advice on fixing a Henrys Pirouette Club
Hi Jugglers, Before i take apart the club I would like to know if anyone has had this problem and what did you do to fix it. Problem: The club had something on the ins...

College juggling credit
Hey whoa! News: I just got word today that I will be teaching a juggling class for physical education credit next Spring at Hillsdale College (www.hillsdale.edu). This ...

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