3-ball Shower tutorial
Mitch had asked for step-by-step instructions to learn 3-ball Shower. The first step is to see it done, easily done at: http://www.kingscascade.com/3BallShower.html http://homep...

juggling practice trix
Just me practicing one day. Actually it was yestrerday. 3.30.07 It's got some overhead stuff and what not, I was really working on some spiining. ENjy: http://www.youtube.com/wa...

Who is your favorite juggler? 1. Jason Garfield 2. Anthony Gatto 3. Peter Bone 4. Thomas Dietz 5. Wes Peden 6. Other ( If so, tell who. It CAN'T be yourself. lol) ...

Juggling vids
Hey you guys, I was just wondering how to add vids to jugglingdb.com. Does anyone know how, because i've got this killer video that you guys might like. -Jack <...

Siteswaps: do you juggle them?
I`ve seen many flashed swaps so far but I wonder how many of you really run this tricks, even 67345 is hard enough for me and all tricks with 5 balls and 3s in it are killer- like. 5 ba...

834 -- ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

7 ball cascade
Ok... I need help ona 7 ball cascade. My record is 10 catches, but I want to do it longer.... Do you guys got any advice???? -jack5balls P.S.- I NEED HELP!...

7 ball cascade
Ok peeps.... I need some SERIOUS help on a 7 ball cascade. My record is 10 catches. Does anyone got any advice P.S.- I NEED HELP!!!! -jack5bal...

Nice records!
This is awesome, IMO: 18. March Patrik Elmnert 244 catches 7 balls 26. March aaron gregg 5 minutes 5 clubs 26. March Patrik Elmnert 342 catches 6 rings 26. March Patrik ...

U of Rochester Show Trailer
Alright folks, this a little trailer our club made for our show this weekend. More screwing around than technical juggling, a bit different than is normally here. hope you guys enjoy it!

bjc opening times
I was looking at the BJC website and, though I'm sure its on there, i couldn't find the opening times of the campus opening on the wednesday. I'm sorry if this seems like a silly question, ...

7 club 3 count. how??!!
what i want to know is....EVERYTHING about it!! And if you know any videos with it in, please post link to it aswell! thanks -Mark- always using !!! <<&l...

solid globalls
so, I found out that aerotech no longer sells/makes their globalls, a new version is in the works, but not yet available... but does anyone have any opinion on the next best ones? I ne...

joggling, or not
I jog. I juggle. I do not, and found out today, cannot, joggle. There is an indoor walking track at a near-enough community center, with a rug. I brought three bag-type balls, suita...

bouncing 3b boston mess ?
Hi, i asked myself if its possible to bounce 3b boston mess? bouncing the balls in three columns side by side and only to cross the arms while touching the balls. Is this doable?...

take a look....
http://charming.the.juggler.googlepages.com I have to find a new way to promote my website LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL charming the juggler -- ----== posted via w...

BJC and Bananas
I it just me or do other people think that the idea of having a lot of drunken jugglers at a renegade and a theme that involves a lot of bananas, is just asking for trouble. I wasn't exact...

ever happen to you?
We know what busking is: instead of just begging on the streets, you juggle on the streets and then beg. Yuk yuk -- but seriously, folks: Last evening, again trying to get in som...

Premier Events and Leisure
Has anyone worked for "Premier Events and Leisure" if so could you contact me off rec. please. Thanks Graham Benson gb at themagicjuggler .co .uk 01236 782 649

Shower takes a shower
My view of Shower starts from having tried to do it as a first pattern, because it is the only pattern people who cannot juggle can visualize, with no one to tell me, till I had given up on ...

3-balls trick: in and out the legs
A new 3-balls trick. Stand low with feet about 70cm apart. Lower your body, untill your thighs are parallel to the ground, keep torso straight. In this entire juggling routine, yo...

Northwest Arkansas Juggling Festival
It's that time again for the annual Jones Center for Families Juggling Festival in Springdale, Arkansas. The festival schedule is as follows: Friday 3PM-10PM open juggling...

[video] bounce upon a time
New (wonderful) video from the italian juggler Emanuele Marchione aka MoOn... great juggling and great editing as usual :) check it out http://youtube.com/watch?v=-2UHI7Mg...

[video] Thomas 10# Parody
Hello all, Two members of Hila's Juggling Club present: Thomas Dietz #10 Parody! We recommend watching the original first: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzxgGdyqz30 And...

please review my website
hi all would love some people to give me their thought on my site www.madjuggling.com please be constructive, both in positives and negatives. thanks ...

Juggling Podcast 15 - Stefan Sing
Hi people, New podcast is up and ready! We really had a lot of fun recording with Stefan this afternoon. Thanks for all your questions. Here's the information: Lu...

Aerotech globalls
Hello everybody! i havn't posted on here for years, but i was wondering if anyone knows where to buy any aerotech globalls.. any ideas? cheers! tj oh, anyone know...

How many have you been to?
One month from today is the 30th Annual RIT Spring Juggle-In. (April 27th-29th) Greg Moss first started the fest, and from it grew a community that has supported many jugglers. I...

531 -> db97531
531 -> db97531 I have a big interest in these kind of tricks. But who first juggled them? I know siteswap came about in 1985, but does anyone lay claim to juggling ...

Learning the shower
As a newbie, I can do a 3-ball cascade, nothing else. Is there a step-by-step video somewhere on the web that teaches the shower? I don't have a clue how to get started.

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