JuggleTube.com OPEN [VIDEOS]
Hi, I've just been working on the developpement of a new website called JuggleTube. It's built on a similar concept as Youtube, but it's content is Juggling and circus ...

New Juggling Game/Video
Hey everybody, I made a new video, but it's really more of a game than anything. I call it the Juggling Shell Game, I show a ball with a little "J" written on it, then do a routine, and sho...

RIT Juggle-in 2007!!!!!
Hello juggling freaks and hippies! Today, as i'm sure you know, is exactly 2 months from the RIT spring juggle-in public show!!!! April 27-29 This year is also t...

Juggling clubs for sale
Just wanted to let everyone know that Im selling two sets (5 of each) of renegade clubs. 85mm, and 105mm. The 85mm are well used, but still in decent shape and the 105's are in excelelnt sha...

Madison Wisconsin
Is there any jugglers, magicians, or clowns who fancy meeting up in May in Madison. I will be coming over from Scotland. Also is there anyone local who can lend me enough kit to do a demonst...

Does any one use a ball instead ofa tube for Rola Bola
Does any one use a ball instead of a tube for Rola Bola? What kind of ball(material, size) would be good for that?

[video] 423 exploring the space
Well here it is, my return to posting juggling videos: http://www.stuntsuperstar.com/423.mov I hope you enjoy it. I tried to combine entertaining video watching with intere...

[video] Adagio
hi all this isn't exactly a juggling video (it was performed at a juggling convention?!), but i thought you would like it anyway. it is me and my adagio partner doing our f...

Juggling sideways?
So you're juggling three balls, nice and steady, then turn your head to the side (touch your ear to your shoulder) and suddenly all three balls are on the floor. Anyone know what causes this...

Juggling sideways?
So you're juggling three balls, nice and steady, then turn your head to the side (touch your ear to your shoulder) and suddenly all three balls are on the floor. Anyone know what causes this...

[video] Hat Juggling
hi all here is some hat, cane and ball juggling. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nm5crTG4N6g i was very droppy on the night so it is edited for that reason, and also

Origin or wristlocks/traps
i know wristlocks/traps with clubs comes from devil stick but i wondered who was the first to start doing them with clubs? i first saw it on peapot, was it them who first started it? or mayb...

4 ball tricks
Hello Jugglers .and especially those who are practicing 5 ball siteswap stuff forever: ..can you think about a few 4 ball tricks you still want to learn or is the world of 4...

Behind the Neck Throws
I've been working on behind the neck throws for a while now, and I was wondering whether people look at the ball as they catch it or if it is more of a blind, feel-the-throw kind of thing. I...

[Video] A View from Above
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6669905875684391170 Greetings! I've always enjoyed when jugglers put in "Overhead Shots" where you get to look straight down on the j...

Counting Shower Patterns
Hi there, im confused (as i am quite often). Most people count there shower patterns including the pass from hand to hand (siteswap 1)(well, at least i think most people do). W...

[Video] Aresh #1
Arash Farhang releases his first video. Includes 3-7 balls, 3-5 clubs and 5-7 rings. Impressive technical juggling with lots of amazing 5 ball siteswap. Also includes long runs and great tri...

Promotion photographer
Gang, I recently worked with Darin Basile (http://www.daflye.net) a photographer from the San Diego area. He did some photos of the Birdhouse Factory show I'm currently with and ...

239th'ish Tribe of FUN-dango - 4th March - Notts Uni - UK
Ok one more from me and then I'm off on promoting holiday for a while... 239th'ish TRIBE OF FUN-dango Tune in, Chill Out, Become a Juggler (Series of mini one day juggling c...

Best buy?
I would like to buy some juggling DVD for learning. I looked some reviews, but there is only one or two per DVD, and... I don't have any juggling club near so this is only way for me to le...

inspirational performances
What to you is the most inspirational juggling performance? For me Sergei Ignatovs EJC (I think 2006) routine is amazing. Jasons whack the head of, kick the ball out 'o the clown trick is ...

boston mess bruno's nightmare?
Has anyone tried doing Bruno's nightmare Boston mess stylee? The passing sequence would be the same as Bruno's nightmare but each juggler would have their own line that they move up and down...

BJC pre-reg last chance + further appetite whetting!
Hi All, Last chance to send in your pre-reg. If you send today or tomorrow and it arrives by the end of the week that will be OK. www.bjc2007.co.uk Also one final anno...

(VIDEO) CM + Mike Web = AWESOME.
CM and I filmed some juggling. Then we made those clips we got into a juggling video. I don't think anyone has done this before. I think it's super special awesome. Let us know what you ...

Juggle This! NYC Festival
I'm really excited for this. I finally get a break from college and work. Anyone else excited for this? -- ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

Juggling Comic "fox Trot"
If you're a fan of the comic, "fox Trot", check out this weeks online issue, for a good juggling referance... http://news.yahoo.com/comics/uclickcomics/20070225/cx_ft_uc/ft20070225

7 balls?
I've never posted here before but I imagine with all the good advice i see streaming through someone can offer some help... my problem is whether or not I'm ready to start on a 7 ball ...

length of patterns in a video
Today I was watching an online juggling video and caught myself speaking to the screen. If the purpose of a video is to demonstrate some juggling patterns, how many rounds do you think...

are there any juggling movies or DVD on torrent that are good? I found Galachenko DVD.

[video] Chris Fowler UVOTW 12
Hey everyone! UVOTW 12 is officially finished. This will be the last of my UVOTW series, however, I have 3 other video projects that are in the works. Hopefully you have enjoyed this seri...

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