Cruise Ship Montage... and some show stuff (video)
OK... This is part of an article that I am doing for the IJA Digital Magazine about working on a cruise ship... since a lot of people aren't IJA members, they won't see this... so here...

Jackson Lane open tomorrow
Does anyone know if Jackson Lane is going to be open again tomorrow after the council closed it from the wind damage or whatever? There's nothing on either the juggling club website or the J...

Overall Juggling Skills and Versatility Test
Overall Juggling Skills and Versatility Test Created by David Cain 1. How many balls can you qualify? 2. How many balls can you flash? 3. How many rings can you qualify? ...

BJC pre-reg at Choc Fest
Hello everyone. At Choc Fest - - this coming Saturday, I'll be doing pre-reg for this years British Juggling Convention (and WJF...

ANN: MRL#1, Gilligan/Wilson/Richter
With the kind support of the Jonglierkatakomben (Berlin, DE), I am proud to announce the Manipulation Research Laboratory #1 with Jay Gilligan, Luke Wilson, and Ben Richter. ...

is Cain able?
David Cain's recent outpouring at "jack of all trades" raised a few further points for me: age, for one. He says he is 37. That is a bit younger than a fellow here recently bragging abou...

Weekly video face-off {Jan30th}
Weekly video face-off {Jan30th} The plan[2] - every week I'll select two videos randomly thrown up by the IJDb lucky dip page[1], and post them for people to check out. Criterion:...

Juggling Podcast 8 - Sydney Juggling Convention 2007
Hi people, The day before I flew to Australia for the Sydney juggling convention a minidisc recorder arrived in the post. LP wasn't using it any more so kindly sent it over ...

Sydney Juggling Convention 2007 HLGCB
WooHoo! I've always wanted to do one of these, but having never been to a convention, that was always going to be tough. But now I have, and so I can! Well, I got home from the ... - Home of Juggling
Now is online the new version of Italian Portal of=20 juggling with over 12000 members. There is a good news, we have do a Forum only for international=20 people, who don...

Teslenko Ring Juggling Impressive stuff. -- ----== posted via ==----

Camcorders and Racquetball Courts
I've experienced a weird video phenomenon that I want to share in the hopes that someone will be able to point out the error of my ways. I really don't like to do so but so...

Pacific Northwest Juggling Convention
I thought I'd send out a reminder to you all about the PNWJC to be held March 30 - April 1, 2007 in Corvallis, Oregon. If you live in or near the Pacific Northwest of the United States, p...

Asian jugglers
Hi jugglers. Lately i'm more interested in Asian cultures, such as languages, literatures and way of livings etc of Asia. As an Asian, I ironically used to be more rece...

Sight Swap
There was a time, young feller, when there weren't no such thing as this here "site swap" as you call it. People'd do all sorts of fun things, like Box, and never think to use numbers fer...

JoePass 5.0
Hi Folks You can download JoePass 5 from for windows and mac os x versions. Linux users will find information ...

Dave, please stop saying DAVE:
Dear Dave Altman: Please stop beginning every rec.juggling post with DAVE: I realize that some forums make it extremely difficult to tell who said what. However, UseNet and ...

JoePass 5
Hi Folks last night I put JoePass 5 online. You can find it at or get the link from

URGENT: UK Juggler Missing
Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, but it's a matter of urgency. Any of you who regularly attend UK conventions may know the Aylesbury Juggler Tim. He's often seen juggling w...

DX Balls ok for juggling 5?
I've been thinking about getting a set of DX balls but I'm concerned that they may be a bit heavy at 140gm. Does anyone use these for juggling 5? Thanks. Wells -- ...

good color, bad color
There has been only one video where I've noticed props that were different colors. It was a young fellow doing five balls, with each ball a different solid color. I used to think t...

[video] Chris Fowler UVOTW8OMGLOL
Ok, not really. But definitely week 8. Enjoy or something. Chris Youtube: Download:

From a previous post by Lachlan: A moderators job is not only to enforce whatever decree the forum Administrator hands down. Obviously you can't, or at least shouldn't, undo and f...

Cirque du Soleil - Alegrķa
Woohoo, I'm going to see Alegrķa tommorrow afternoon. It should be amazing! Best seats in the Royal Albert Hall :D I've never been there before, and I've heard so much about it, so I'm ...

7 rings
I am trying to learn 7 rings and have flashed it but I keep getting the skin peeled off of my pinky finger. Is there any way to avoid this other than putting tape over it? --

what for GatFor
[I was going to call this "forum forum" or maybe "Forum forum Forum" since that is its point. But my point of departure (with you, please--but please not DAVE:) was the recent, shall we say...

Starting a Juggling Club!
Hi folks, Does anyone have any suggestions for starting a juggling club for middle school kids? (other than "Don't do it!") Thanks. Wells -- ----== posted v...

Off Topic: Net Neutrality
I've just become aware of the Net Neutrality debate going on. I'm wondering what you all know about and think about this issue as users of the internet. I can't explain the issue as well t...

[VIDEO] Teemu Pulkkinen #2
I made video 2-of series now! like 2days ago but... Dont worry.. Its bad,about the lightings it were dark day so it were really really really dark! or not really really really but still dark...

Back in juggling finally....
Hi all I`m just back into juggling after a few months I stopped throwing around things because of a few reasons...I wonder what the main tendencies in juggling are this days? Just...

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