Renegade Clubs- 85 v. 95
I own 3 Renegade 95mm's. I would like to purchase more clubs so I can start working on 4, and eventually 5. I considered buying some PX3's for a while (and probably bothered everyone...

Return of Bride of Russian Balls - a few things I learned
Hey jugglies, A few weeks ago I got 100 3-inch play-pit balls through eBay and now I'm well into making some Russian balls* for me and my friends, I've probably done about 50 by...

[video] Take It Out 2#
Finally we made our second video and we f****** proud to present it! We hope u will enjoy it and give us some feedback. u can load it from:

What sould new juggler's practice first?
3Ball cascade? 3Ball trick's?,Or first 1ball? or 2ball?? I just like to ask. Because i started whit 3balls right away.I didn't do anything whit 1,2 balls i just started to lay out 3balls :D ...

The name of a juggling technique
I'm new to juggling, so excuse my lack of terminology. Approximately three minutes and fifty-three seconds into the fatboy slim video where Vova Galchenko is featured juggling, the pattern ...

Toms and collis's Routine
Hey everyone! Havent posted on here in quite a while! But now i have reason to. Me and Tom did a juggling performance last week and this is it!! There are quite alot of drops but we enj...

[ViDeO] Jon Udry
Hey all, Ive put together 'a few tricks' into a video and slapped it onto youtube. I hope you like it! I am planning on doing some more soon as i am trying to record new tricks a...

[Video] Melbourne
IJDb Video Tag v1.1 #begin# Date: 2006-12-29 03:19:24 URL: Thumbnails: T...

[Video] IJC Promo/Israeli collaboration
Hi everyone! After some time Dekel has suggested me to pull out together an Israeli juggling collaboration video, which sounds very good to me. So we started collecting stuff from juggl...

[VIDEO] Karas Kwickie #9
YouTube: I just released (a little late) Karas Kwickie #9 on YouTube. It's not yet on JuggleThis but should be soon. ...

[video] 97531mills mess etc.
Hi I made a mills mess video with my friends. I'm grad if MM lovers enjoy watching this video for reference. Thanks

The Finland Juggler's Club!
Is the Finland Juggler's club nice? or a noob? or just a stupid idea of some noob kids? Were getting better all the time and that's it. You should watch how good we are in here: www.yo...

Teemu Pulkkinen Juggling
Hello all I just want to hear. Are im a good juggler? You can watch my videos at: or in: -- ----== po...

Website -- ----== posted via ==----

[youtube] Thomas Dietz clip 3 Some nice music. -- ----== posted via ==----

Komei Aoki in Thailand
Hi all, I just came across this one. Komei Aoki in Thailand. I liked the 4b shower on the arm near the last part. By...

what a finger juggling

Identify these jugglers please
Can anyone put names to these faces? Cheers, The Void ................. Liking Pola's theme tune. -- ----== ...

diabolo handsticks with light
finally a good product <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="tr...

Hello, Are there any recommendations on a set of clubs for a beginner. I read that a quality weighted one piece club is best for beginners (I suppose that doesn't narrow it dow...

New Juggling Podcast - "End of 2006 with added Pola"
Hi people, I recorded a new podcast, mainly talking about the past year, the shows and acts I enjoyed, the performances I made, personal juggling records and lots more. No i...

Question about wrapping clubs.
I wrapped the handles on my Dube clubs with tennis wracket wrap because they sometimes hurt my hands unwrapped. This is probably just because I was catching them wrong, but it felt better. T...

hi, i was just wondering if any knows any ways which could help to cure my tendonitus. at the moment its not so bad but i dont want it to get worse and i still want to be able to ...

(OT) Adobe Premiere Elements
Does anybody use this programm for making juggling videos? If so, i have a few questions to ask about it as i can't find the manuel and the help topics on the programm are too confusing for ...

Amazing Unicycling
I'm new to the site and this may already have appeared on the forum, so sorry in advance. She only fell off once!! ...

Thomas Dietz Video #11 trailer
Hey Jugglers! Here is the trailer for Thomas Dietz video #11. Thomas has to train because he became fat after his illness (not this with his brain) so i have to do the hard work ...

Is it safe to...
take the scotch tape off Todd Smith European clubs? -- ----== posted via ==----

At the Dec. 20 post "Video of Ben Smalls" in Re...

Merry Christmas
Ive had a wicked Christmas this year... I hope everyone, juggler or not, has a brilliant day as well, and a really special new year... all the best... Adam ...

Britain's Got Talent
Quote Britain's Got Talent is a British television show scheduled to appear on ITV1 during spring 2007. The talent show will be a search for Britain's next best amateur talent act. It w...

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