VIDEO: ELEMENTS by Stickman ( fire contact juggling and other things)
this video features Stickman, all of its done by him. its amazing. i know that most of you folks are "tossers" but this video i think is to good to not post here http://www.y...

7-balls siteswap excited selection
I just have a chat with Tiffty and he told me about the excited (888) 9991 (4) for 7 balls. So I decided to make this little selection of "simple structured" 7-ball excited sequence. As far ...

how long till a record is no longer new
Hello all, Just wondering (as the title says) how long it takes on the records page for a record to no longer be new. I'm currently slowly but surely improving my 5 ball cascade, and i...

[VIDEO] Necropeaches (Silver Creek Jugglers)
On this early morning/late night of November 30th, 2006 (it's 4:01 AM as I type these words...), I present to you a new juggling video (not that you deserve it): the Silver Creek Jugglers (w...

Not really juggling related (sorry)
Yesterday I went to see the movie "An Inconvenient Truth" (for those who don't know, it's Al Gore talking about Global Warming). At the end of the movie it said that you should encourage as ... silicone balls
I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about the silicone balls featured on the website. Like maybe who they get them from or if its some other company or something?...

Best Beginner PX3 Clubs
My dad is buying me some clubs for Christmas, I was leaning toward the Renegade 85mm, but I think I would like to get the PX3s since they sound easier on your hands and more rugged. I guess...

Ivan Pecel - Tricks of the Kwickie [video]
Here's a new video... -Ivan- -- ----== posted via www.jugglingd...

First Random Montage Juggling Video needs input [Video] Stuff mainly from Thanksgiving weekend when I had a lot of time to juggle. That weekend I broke my record with 5 club backcrosses, 7 clubs a...

A Semi-Scientific Study of the Catches per Second Rate for Five Ball Cascade
There's been a little bit of discussion today regarding the rate at which most people juggle five balls, so here's my two cents. I've just spent the last ten or so minutes fiddling a...

~ * Mourning Byrds ~ My song is pitiful. May good follow all evil.
~ * ~ _________________________________________ ~ * In Morning Wood We Really Like Byrds a Lot ~ !* _________________________________________ ~ * The BirdLife International <...

9-1 DVD - USA Release!!!
Hello... 9-1 Nordic Objects DVD is now released in the USA, you can buy it at Dubé: (even if I'ts not on their website yet, they have it in stock) R...

Radical fish clubs?
Hi can any one let me know what these clubs are like -having just started a bit of club juggling was wondering about buying some -thanks for any feed back !!!

Ethan Cain progress
Many people ask me how my son, Ethan, is progressing with his juggling. This is a result of them viewing my video of Ethan doing plate spinning and some other things when he was 19 months o...

Negative Space?
Hey, I was reading the Ministry of Manipulation's blog and they mentioned "negative space" with regard to the likes of Stefan Sing. I was just wondering what they meant by that. I've never s...

are wombats good?
I'm not really sure whether Wombats are any good. The picture on Wikipedia looks like a horrid little Pig. Quite Obscene. Just not English. 97 <...

What happened to WJVF ?
WJVF I miss you and I'm curious what happened to you. Bok. -- ----== posted via ==----

10 Ball Practice: 11/26/06 Me working on 10 balls in three patterns.Up to fourteen catches. Filmed over a 7 minute period. Oh theres an extrememly clean 6 in one hand flash <...

juggling drummer
I'd thought I'd post this video here, not only because its a pretty cool clip, but also because the drummer does a pretty nice 3 stick cascade while drumming at the very end of the video. <...

[video]Chris Fowler 3
Hey everyone. New video-Chris Fowler 3. You can view it here: Hope you enjoy. Chris -- ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.c...

[VIDEO] Karas Kwickie #6, a tribute
Dear rec, This week's Karas Kwickie is quite a bit longer than a minute - I hope you don't mind. I decided to take a short break from filming new material and make a tribute v...

Fred's Flying Circus
Another teacher at my school has been contacted by offering their services. Does anyone have any experience of these guys - good, bad, value for money...

The David vs. Joe Video result
Hey everyone, first off thanks for voting. Both David and me got a lot of comments on our videos, which is good for this video and future videos because it'll tell us how to make them ...

5 Ball Cascade BPM
I've been struggling with 5 balls for a while now. Not having someone to follow/watch when I'm juggling makes it harder. I think that I am trying to get all the balls into the air to quickly...

How to succeed in the art of juggling
by Paul & Johannes Lind 1. The basic rules of juggling [extract of the great article] ....522 means, that you throw one of three props and hold the other ones in ...

2nd juggler in a car crash in as many months
yesterday morning i was in a hit and run, the door of the car i was getting into saved my life, i am very stiff and very bruised but incredibly thats it, if a similar incident occurs to any ...

weird tricks
can anyone think of the weirdest tricks theyve seen done?it doesnt have to be juggling, it could be any skill, id just like to here the odd tricks people have seen. -- ----=...

Nov. 30/06 Free Ballz Drawing
Drawing is for 5 of any series ball you want, limited to in-stock colors, and 2.75" or smaller. See the messageboard for more details. Later, Gregory

Was Mark Bender aka John Doe the asshole sexually abused as a child? And has he also contemplated doing dirty things to teenage girls?
Whilst I was doing my research on Mark Bender aka John Doe the asshole, I came across yet another absolutely fascinating thread involving Bender (what a gay name that is), where at the begin...

reMASTER and Kuka
I was thinking of buying a juggling DVD that is, well, below 15 pounds. Unfortunately, I discovered that there are very few in that price range. The ones I might get are either Kuka or reMAS...

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