Hi I got to get some answers for my Questionnaire for my AS level DT project, A circus stuff carry case (for balls clubs etc), so could you post the answers back on this thread wi...

[VIDEO] How I met my PX3s
Half story, half juggling, all fun. I made it all in one day. Hope you like it. ~Joe -- ----== posted via www.j...

OT form problem
I have switched to a contact form on my site replacing my (spammers' delight) email address. I would appreciate test messages. Comments and/or criticisms welcomed but messages w...

Thoughts on the Siteswap DVD (long)
Well, I was going to just send this to Gandini et al as "user feedback", but I thought others may be interested in some praise/critiques I have of the Siteswap DVD; seeing as it is kind of e...

Happy Halloween Video!!!!
Hey guys, happy halloween!!!! I know what I am going to be, but.....I'll say it it later, NO NOT SPONGEBOB!!!-I was him the last few years, anyways, here is a video I made about it: ...

~ * BOO!!! Morning Wood's Saintly Eve Reminder ~ *
~ * ~ _________________________________________ A Morning Wood Moral Reminder ~ * ~ !You MUST Go Out into the World & DO The RIGHT Thing! ___________________________...

Juggling Study
Yo my fellow jugglers... I travelled through Europe (mostly England) this summer, and I met a few of you awesome people! I was wondering if you guys can help me out with a bit of...

siteswaps dvd
Hey has any one seen this dvd -saw it for sale on the juggling tv web-site???

Jugglingdb and jis
questions how many of you have your own website? if you do. add a link on there to is the most up to date and accurate website ont eh net for ju...

BJC2007 statement of support - UK and international
From Tim Wollascroft - cross posted and internationalised from UK-Jugglers Tim: I'm putting together an Arts Council Grant Application together to get some funding in to hopefully...

What do people buy at juggling festivals?
I've been asked to do a little research on what types of products sell at juggling festivals for the upcoming New Zealand festival (Feb. 22-25, 2007 in Raglan). If you have any insigh...

Whos' this?
I found this video on youtube Who's the performer? he seems pretty funny. James -- ----== posted via

clawed mills mess
So I have this buddy who now can way-more-than-qualify clawed mills mess. All catches and throws from the palm down position. Can anyone do this? Can everyone? -- stev...

Siteswap Widget
I'm a Mac OSX user, and I was just wondering if anyone knows of a siteswap animator widget for the dashboard. I think it would be awesome. -- ----== posted via...

Dog Poop?
Snoopy has been visiting my front yard and dumping his load behind the shrubberies in my favorite juggling spot. Snoopy is a very nice fellow who likes to chase cats and bark at drunk peop...

[VIDEO] Chris Fowler 2
Hey everyone-I put up Chris Fowler 2 on youtube today. It contains mostly tricks involving spin control, but some other stuff as well. CF3 shouldn't be too far behind it, since I have a bu...

Any Conventions in May/June '07?
Does anyone know of a juggling convetion anywhere in the US that is going on in May or June of 2007. Preferably the end of May. Wy wife and I are wanting to take our vacation and ca...

Does anyone know where I can find good pictures/illustrations of plate spinners? to be framed as a gift? THanks very much

[contest] Free Gballz Drawing oct 31
Drawing will be Tuesday, Oct. 31st 11:00pm (-5 GMT) For 5 custom ultrasuede ballz. See the Gballz messageboard for details. Gregory

Open University
Years ago on Open University on the BBC there was a mathematical episode which explained siteswap theory, and juggling and in general. It featured at least one of the people from the Gandini...

My birthday before Leeds Convention.
I posted in the "Leeds Convention" post about this, but it's occured to me that many may not have seen it. Basically my birthday is on Tuesday; I'm having a party at my house on the

Instant Juggler T-Shirts available NOW!
Instant Fashion for Instant Jugglers! T-Shirts available now: From the original Instant Juggler himself: Jay Gilligan Shipping world...

Looking for Steve Mills alternate email
I've been trying to get in touch with steve mills. I've used the email addresses I've had on file, but maybe they haven't gone through, as I've had a few problems with my email, or he has ju...

beginner question
I know that there is many question like this, and that you are crazy of them, but I don`t have any club near my home(Croatia) so you guys are my only hope(something like Sly Stallone). I k...

I don't remember this being posted before - too lazy to search though

Anyone is selling silicone balls?
Hi everybody :D Anyone of you is going to sell his used silicone balls? every size or color..? and if it's so, how much? my mail: [email protected] or answer here! :D ...

Vova Galchenko crash
Vova Galchenko just posted a blog on about how he flipped his car, falling asleep while driving his old Buick. I just have to say i'm glad his alive, who else is gonn...

If you're coming to Cornell then read on
Football games, hockey games and a cappella concerts...a typical day at Cornell and headache for jugglefests. If you coming please take two minutes and check our website for the latest info...

the WJF mentioned on yahoo's "the 9"
Just thought this was intresting: It's some yahoo internet new show thingy that talks about stuff and it mentioned juggling!!! It actually mentioned the WJF! It s...

Juggling, Middle Age, and the Wayward Left Hand
I am 62 years old and what everyone reading this post would call a beginning juggler. I learned 3-ball cascade and 3-club cascade in my 40's but didn't pursue it. I am now takin...

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