Oh boy, I've done it now.
This afternoon I again challenged my 16 y.o. daughter to learn to juggle. Next thing I know she shows up with my 2.5" beanbags and asks me to get her started. About 30 minutes later, she...

do u know youtube.com ?
i do(obviously!) and there r a few videos i would like to point out! type in the search thing "street juggling" and go to the first one. i think they r just awsome! if you got any juggl...

Farnham - The final session
Sadly, Farnham juggling club will be having its last ever session at the current venue tomorrow (1 oct 2006) @ 7.30 The club will probably be moving to a different, cheaper location in...

Juggling Convention Promo Videos
Besides the WJF, has anyone ever released juggling festival/convention promo videos? We thought it would be fun to do promo videos for the Pacific Northwest Juggling Convention, so David Sa...

4 Ball Mills Help
So, I've been working on the 4 ball mills for about a week now, and I can do the motions with each hand individually and such, but when i try and put everything together... yeah... issues......

Ads by Y! - Yahoo's answer to Ads by Google?
Yahoo Publisher Network ads have undergone yet another branding transformation. First they appeared as "Ads by Yahoo". Then they changed in April to "Ads from Yahoo!" Now, they have und...

1 Week to Up For Grabs Fest
It is one week until the Aurora, IL Up for Grabs Festival. We have all the pieces in place for a great fest: Large Room Close Food Free Show (Jon Brady + Mark Kolbusz ...

[video] Bristol Fire Show Finale
For those of you who are interested, you can now see the wonderful YMCA finale from this years Bristol Fire show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqAtTYfY9tw Enjoy! Jas...

(video) Synergy!!
Synergy is up on the net! Check out http://norbithejuggler.co.uk/synergy/ There is a larger Wmv file(215 megabytes) and a smaller mp4 file(42 megabytes) for those with lower bandwidt...

why are siteswaps that way round
Hello all and let me begin by apologising if this has already been asked, if it has feel free to pour scorn on me for not being able to use the search properly - i did try but either it was ...

[VIDEO] Ollie K at Bristol JC
Some fluid 3 ball swirling for all you good people. Enjoy! Like it? Hate it? RATE IT! Poorly writ? EDIT IT! Please help improve the IJDb Video Database by adding your rating ...

Records Database
Hey everyone, just to let you know, Colin E. has changed the Juggling Records Database. He's put up animations, so there should be no confusing with wording or siteswap. It all l...

5b splits, siteswap
I know that the siteswap notation fot 5b splits is [43] but, that's the "underhand" version(as I call it). That's where the bottom ball of the two crosses and the top ball stays in the same ...

Short clip of Steve-O juggling. Gotta love 'im. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJ1ep4oMRLI Jason -- ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

Manchester convention
I am thinking about going to the manchester convention. On the events page it says something about, "just the same as always. If you have any questions just drop me a line." So I am doi...

Getting better at 7!
Last Night I got over a hundred catches with seven for the first time. 104 catches to be exact. -- ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

getting news groups on outlook
Hi all, Just switched to microsoft outlook 2000 and cant seem to set up a news account. It works fine on outlook express from where I am writing this bujt I dont want to have to...

Fire Performance - Risk assessment
heya, has anyone got any notes on this? theres been a workshop at the last couple of BJC's for it, but have been unable to go. Have suggested at work about a bonfire night displa...

bristol juggling shops (uk)
does any body no if bristol has any juggling type shops at all?? with a website possibly...? cheers -- ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

Good 'Ol Times
Hey anyone out there in the Long Island/Manhattan area, I just got a copy of 9-1 Nordic Objects and I have to say, it's amazing. I'm pretty sure not a lot of people in the states have a copy...

Newbie video
Just for the record, I uploaded another hastily cobbled together 1 minute, 8 seconds of ugly juggling. I do believe it is better than the last abomination I sprung on the world. Thank you...

speacil ordering weighted stage balls from dube
a bunch of us from 101.contactjuggling.org are odereding weighted stage balls from dube, the size will 4'', the color is undecieded, so if your interested, post here or on the .org forum <...

Flying Karamazov Brothers
The Flying Karamazov Brothers are coming to a small town about 2 hours from me. I'm thinking about making the trek to see the show. The only other time I saw them was in about 1993. ...

New AG video
I just watched AGs latest video: http://www.jugglingdb.com/videos/index.php?uid=1321827-5396O2Q018-2 The highlight for me was a great transition from a 6 ring and 1 ball cas...

9 Ball flash?
I had my first nine ball flash a few weeks ago. Today my mother asked me how many people there were that could flash nine? I told her that I had no Idea but I may be able to find out. So how...

WJF cilps
Hey guys, if you go to the WJF homepage there is a video from the 06 juggling convention, it's pretty cool. -- ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

I'm juggling so much...
I'm juggling so much that when I pick up a bottle of water, without even thinking about it, I start tossing it to get a single full spin and clean catch before I open it. Seriou...

Falco's Juggling Video Anschauen!
IJDb Video Tag v1.1 http://www.jugglingdb.com/videos/tag.php #begin# Date: 2006-09-26 21:27:38 URL: http://youtube.com/watch?v=X-vCC6OI1g0 Thumbnails: http://youtube.com/watch...

Falco's Juggling Video Anschauen!
IJDb Video Tag v1.1 http://www.jugglingdb.com/videos/tag.php #begin# Date: 2006-09-26 21:27:38 URL: http://youtube.com/watch?v=X-vCC6OI1g0 Thumbnails: http://youtube.com/watch...

Juggling Crossword
For some reason I decided to make a juggling themed crossword puzzle. Enjoy! puzzle: http://i99.photobucket.com/albums/l282/oinka/puzzle2.gif solution: ...

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