Free Gballz drawing tonight
in 2 hrs from this post I will pick the winner. Details are on the Gballz messageboard. Gregory

Thomas Dietz
Does anyone here know if Thomas has a website? I've tried googling it and found nothing. I know that his videos are on Shani's page but wondered if he had his own site. I mean, he's the WJF'...

9-1 nordic objects
Just wondering if the DVD 9-1 nordic objects kan be ordered from anywhere in Europe, more specifically, can I get it in Belgium... Thanx -- ----== posted via www.juggl...

[video] Out of Date Guinness
Hopefully this link will work:

[video] the Birds View
Hello Jugglers, here is a video from the birds for jugglers. I usually don't like this diving point of view but I've got some pattern which get nice with it so. The result is 3 - ...

[video] Premiere of Takeouts#01 : The Scrambled V
Behold! Biowup proudly presents The Scrambled V! =) Enjoy! =) -- Daniel and Andreas IJDb Video Ta...

Sport Contact Juggling Perody Video
It was a good idea at the time... I don't think I pulled it off as I would have wanted to. ~Ed Prov...

[Video] Summer's End
After a long summer of juggling, I felt it was only proper to return to make a juggling video. The majority of tricks in here are ones that I got down this summer, every ring trick is new as...

Rod Laver
Was on BBC2 this afternoon! He did some of his ping pong stuff and won himself a cool £1000 and will be appearing on the show again on Friday this week. Seems like a very low grade version ...

[video] Imperfect Cirquel promo
Sigalit Production and Imperfect Cirquel crew are proud to present their first video’s promo. The project was born thanks to the collaboration and the passion of 9 jugglers all over Italy, i...

bjc videos anyone?
hey people, yes ive already looked on the video database for videos from the bjc...but... has anyone got anymore? because convention videos are well good. thanks ...

Clubs outdoors
so the question is... what clubs are good for juggling outside i.e. in the presence of wind or is there litle difference? Stalliee -- ----== posted via www....

The Big Toss Up
Who is the guy who was thrown into the air during this year's IJA Big Toss Up? What other unusual things have you seen thrown? I put the video on my blog. http://icantstopj...

Up for Grabs Jugglefest. Oct 6-8 Aurora, IL USA
After a 12 year hiatus, the Up For Grabs Jugglefest has returned. What: Juggle Fest When: Oct 6-8 Where: Aurora, IL USA (35 Miles west of Chicago) Goings On: All the regular ...

[video] minimal mill's mess & crossed 1's
Hello Jugglers, just some news form the mill's mess world with minimal mill's for 0, 1 and 2 balls used as tutorial to learn real crossed 1"s.

Theory And Practice of juggling
I was wondering if Theory And Practice of juggling acctuarly teaches you everything jason knows? How long is it? Is it use full? Is it woth the money? ...

PX3 Glow Clubs
Hi all, I'm interested in getting some PX3 Glow Clubs, which can be found here: I was won...

hi , I'm a juggler from holland, I always check this forum, but never posted something, I'd like to share a video of me.. it contains 3 ball, 3 club and 4 club juggling htt...

[Video: Juggling IV] by Tim Brouwer
Hey, I just finished my new juggling movie a few days ago. I'm proud of it. I know it may not seem so very "good" juggling to you, but I hope you'll watch it. I'm open for any con...

Transferable skills
I have been working on seven balls a lot in the past couple of weeks, neglecting five ball sitswaps that had made up much of my practice time previously. Now I return to five ball siteswaps ...

Why is the three-ball pattern "Grace" called "Grace"?
Anyone know how this pattern got its name? thanks, Todd Strong

8 club flash
Hello Everybody, Just a quick note, I flashed 8 clubs!! I just wanted to let you know! Greets, Niels -- ----== posted via www....

getting better!
i just been for a juggling session and i got about 40 throws with 5 clubs and after several attempts flashed and caught (not cleanly) 97531! im just happy with my progress and thought...

Tageskasse der Karlsruher Convention?
Hallo zusammen! Weiß jemand von euch,ob es bei der Karlsruher Convention eine Tageskasse gibt?Und wenn ja,was kostet die?Ich hatte nämlich vor,von Freitag bis Samstag zu bleiben(O...

3 Aerotech Pro-balls & charger for sale
Hi I have 3 Aerotech Pro-balls and a 3-plug charger in immaculate condition. Will sell for £120 including postage to the UK. Financial difficulties force reluctant sale :/

Transporting Millet Filled Balls Overseas
What are my chances of getting millet filled balls through customs into South Korea? I've heard that seeds are not allowed to be transported, but this seems to be different since the seeds ...

Where to Buy Russian Balls STAY ON TOPIC THIS TIME
I've Just posed this same Question but with people's unwillingness to help me I think I'll pose this again Where can I buy Russian balls Besides the following places CJ Smit...

3 ball juggling synched perfectly to music ... how hard is it really?
I thought this was worth a new thread. Hushpuppy made some points about synching 3 ball juggling perfectly to a piece of music: > Bliss' video was made for that son...

russian balls
Which online stores sells Russian Balls Besides Vladik thanks in advance -- ----== posted via ==----

Siteswap Simulator
Just another siteswap simulator: Features: -Simulates all valid asynchron siteswaps -Juggles with numbers and letters instead of balls <...

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