YOU can stay with me in Korea free
ive made a similar post before but it wouldnt hurt to repost. the gist: i make a ridiculous amount of money teaching english in seoul, korea. so much, in fact, that i som...

seeking Juggling Jesse - Australia
If anyone has any contact details for Juggling Jesse please email them to me. Cheers. James [email protected] -- ----== posted via

[video] zach boaler vid 1
hey, my freind called zach boaler made a video and he has been juggling for 6 months. he asked me to post it here so here is the link.

Crawley Pre Reg ends today
Hi Don't forget today is your last chance to get your pre reg tickets for Crawley, online booking at or phone the box office on 01293 553636 And If anyo...

Posture and movement improvement techniques.
Over the last few years I've been thinking about ways of improving my juggling techniquemy by altering my body posture, movement and juggling training methods. I recently had some...

EJC 2006 pictures
Here's a link to some pictures from EJC 2006 in millstreet If you have some pictures of this years EJC can you post th...

Sword swallowing.
I've been considering picking up sword swallowing lateley and I was wondering if any of you multitalented performers had any advice as to how I should get started. Danger issues, sword lengt...

another stupid video idea
I just came up with possibly the worst video idea ever. It's a video of nothing but messed up tricks, played to the song Drop it Like it's Hot by Snoop Dogg. I told you it ...

hey does anyone out there know the different colours of floozies i have green yellow blue pink orange and purple but does anyone out there know of anyother colours?? luke

Australian BOOK of RECORDS
Hello all! I am thinking about starting a New book and website "Australian book of records" like singapores book of records, and guinness book of records but targetting Australian...

I read here once that the best trick for learning the 6 ball fountain is to learn the seven ball cascade. Is that true? What helped you learn six? I know, I know, three in one hand. I got it...

Very very dificult...
Learning to: Spin a ball with your weak hand. 5 clubs. Balance a club on your face while juggling. Alberts & Treblas. Back crosses with 4+ of any object. that about...

video of foot juggling?
I can juggle three balls. But seriously. What I really want is to see a video of someone juggling with his feet (maybe in combination with his hands). I heard he won a

DX power balls
Hi, Do DX power balls do much in the way of a workout? Or are the used to improve endurance? Anyone had any experience? Many thanks. Jake --...

Great Article in my Local Paper!
Check out this article I got in my Local paper! I am really happy with it, I am only 19 years old and live off my

Counting your 5 ball cascade
HI, right now i'm working on juggling five balls. i can't do it for a short timebut no where near a minute (with is what i use to consider a trick very solid. i have read that pe...

NK 2006 Fatboy Slim Remix
Although the Fatboy Slim competition is over, I still felt like remixing the footage of the Dutch Juggling championchips to the song, because I really like the song, and what the WJF did wit...

IJDb chatroom alive and kicking
Dear All, Thanks to Tarim (and myself to a certain extent ;-) the IJDb chatroom, and the IJDb as a whole should be running more smoothly. In the past there have been numerous comp...

Uri, your camera was put to the organisers at the info desk. So contact them to get it back. If you write me your address I will try to send you back at least some of your stuff. ...

transition of (6x,4)* <--> 5 how?
Hi all, How can I go into (6x,4)* from a 5b cascade, and then come back to a cascade again? I've been working on (6x,4)* for a while and now it's starting to click. On...

Festival Performance...
MY neighbor who is organizing the local parish festival wants me juggle for people a little bit one night. I'm not getting paid, but I get free food drink and a few gift certificates. ANyway...

Where to look when you juggle? Help with 7531?
When juggling, I tend to focus on each ball as it crests at the top of the pattern. This works out fine for me as long as all the balls are thrown to the same height. However, ...

the video doesn't seem to like me, as it won't play... I can usually play all AVI files, does anything else need to be installed onto your computer? In fact, all the (www.gandinijuggling.c...

yo yo-I'm thinking of learning...will cheap yo yo's from places like asda or dominoes toys work well? I'm saving(again)for kernow thats what I call juggling. surely the on...

Articles for the IJDb
Peter Bone mentioned writing an article for the IJDb in another thread. I have copied my response into a new thread just to bump-it-up a bit: To all potential article authors:

I have a question for all the numbers geeks out there. When you guys practice does the pattern always suck and you just wait to get lucky or do things generally improve with time?

from san francisco to las vegas
hello jugglers: is there anyone going to las vegas from san francisco on saturday or sunday? or how are you going to the wjf? thanks in advance, marco -- ----== posted ...

[Video] EJC - Ministry of Manipulation
Hello all. The Ministry Of Manipulation ( ) is a new site aimed at promoting media of the contact/manipulation arts. There's a load of good contact ...

5 clubs backcrosses
Iīve been practicing my backcrosses for a while but it still seems to be very hard. I have the beat, i mean, whenever i start i donīt feel anymore is fast. The problem i have is to be able t...

I juggled a hole in my pants
Yep, I was practicing my five ball cascade so intensley that my pants ripped. I thought I shoudln't keep this juggling knowledge from the juggling world. Anything like this happe...

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