vladik miagcostoupov
If you have a video than Could I please have? This guy is amazing. The online online vi of him? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVTBZ4guE_Q MMOJ www.freewebs.com/jugglefestfans

vladik miagcostoupov
If you have a video than Could I please have? This guy is amazing. The online online vi of him? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVTBZ4guE_Q MMOJ www.freewebs.com/jugglefestfans

hey, another...
Urm, forgot his name! Oh yeh, juggler Tsarkov: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oplDr0JXzc&search=circus Funny what you can find you tubing for circus and cirque du soleil...

1-beat synchronous siteswaps
Hi rec.jugglers I have some questions because I'm programming a siteswap animator: 6x56x1x(6x,4)(4,6x)(6x,4)(6x,5)(1x,5)!5 The exclamation mark shortens the last synchronous...

Ph.D. experiment - learn to juggle website
I am working with Dr. Michael Sachs at Temple on my Ph.D. in Sport Psychology. For my dissertation, Iím conducting an experiment on imagery. Iím trying to find out which form of imagery be...

Ball spinning tips?
I bought a ball from Tesco's on Monday to try and learn ball spinning with. Unfortunately, I don't think it's one of those marvellous £1.89 balls that others have managed to obtain. Firstl...

Able to start with either hand?
I've been working on my Five Ball Cascade (with much progress might I add!), but I always start it with my left hand. I can start three and four ball paterns with both hands, but, as of now,...

Shef:Con'06 Show
The Show is now confirmed, and the lineup is up on the shefcon website. http://teapots.union.shef.ac.uk/shefcon06.shtml if you have decided not to come, have a look at our fantas...

[video] Juggler Bowling
I had this idea a while ago but finally got around to doing it at the Seattle Juggling Festival. It requires a lot of brave, good jugglers to work and I was happy to find so many willing pa...

some-a-that niiice skillz
Hey the newsgroup, I've recently become pretty steady with my five ball cascade. At least comfortable enough where I'd like to start attempting (aka, trying miserably, failing, go...

[Video] New Chris Fowler video
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFntQK7WoiM Enjoy, I did. -- ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

[Video] Kristian Wanvik WJF profile
Here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giOsNhQL3Mo Got some pretty crazy stuff. -- ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

First french collaborative video
Bonjour Rec.juggling ! Inspired by the rec.juggling collaborative video, I got the jugglers from www.jongle.net to make a collaborative video as well. I hope you'll like it, you c...

box with clubs
..how do I do it? I can do it with two clubs ( left hand throw a single self, a feed to the left, pass straight back, catch the self) But can simply not do it with 3 clubs! Any tips? I know ...

Conic Video (edited version)
Hi everyone, I have posted the edited version of 'Conic' with multi camera shoot and proper sound. For whoever is interested the link is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HE4zVirR...

IJA carpool? California
I'm looking to share a ride (and associated expenses, of course) with anyone heading towards California after the IJA Festival in Portland. Please e-mail me - lutkusATgmailDOTcom ...

any japanese jugglers to ejc this year ?
i'm curious, and if any, i want to meet them there. (i'm korean, so i think i can join the jjf this year. but not sure as for now.) if someone knows which japanese join ...

hello, I'm from Zagreb(Croatia), and I would like to know where is nearest juggling club? I made some balls on myself (because there is no shop here in Zagreb), but I dont know what mean s...

radical fish clubs
I am selling my Radical Fish Pirhana 49cm long clubs. They have Short Handles in White Poly wrap (Black End & Knob). Flourescent Bodies. Orange colour. However these clubs do have some bla...

Juggling Club in Kos - Greece
Anybody know of a juggling club in the island of Kos? There aren't any on the list though I know my club wasn't on the list four months ago (before I posted it up) and we are pretty big.

buying exerballs
I am thinking about buying some exerballs. I am thinking it might help with my 5 ball endurance and my 7 ball cascade progress. If anyone has any thoughts I would appreciate it. Are they wor...

New Komei Aoki/Masaki hirano vid
Komei Aoki has released a 3 ball video on his website containing some juggling from himself, Masaki Hirano and a third juggler. Pretty cool IMO http://komeiaoki.hp.infoseek....

Coming to Australia!
Hi, Me and Alex are visiting Launceston (Tasmania), Melbourne and Sydney this October, and we'd love hints from jugglers as to what would be good to do. We'll be in Tassie from ...

Jugglers needed to run workshops in UK, mainly south
Hi, Anyone wishing to run workshops around UK for good rates of pay, please email for further details. Thanks Frank

Convention in Karlsruhe (germany)
Hi folk, is there anybody with informations about the convention in Karlsruhe first september weekend? regards Joerg www.goosbubbles.de

Good juggling tunes
Funk is too slow. Drum and Bass is too fast. Metal... well, it simply doesn't work. And the less said about Fatboy Slim the better. Can anyone recommend any good tunes, or even an idea...

Pittsburgh information needed
Hi, I'm a 29 year old maths grad student / juggler from Jyvaskyla, Finland. I will spend the upcoming academic year in Pittsburgh, doing some research in Pitt. I plan to j...

Extreme Juggling Competition Production Assistant needed
The Extreme Juggling Competition on Friday July 21st at 4pm. needs several production assistants. This is a volunteer thing but at least food and copy will be provided. Please email me if in...

Cleaning ultraleather?
I have a set of white ultraleather balls that seem to have gotten a tinge of red coloring on them from the cloth bag I was storing them in. The bag was partially red and it seems either it ...

Bad habit versus normal learning curve
How do I know if something is just plain wrong and needs to be fixed, or if it's normal and will iron out through time and practice? Specifically, I am a total newbie working mainly on...

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