[Video] Tennis Can Renegade Combo #1
This is a combo of a number of newer tricks I've been working on with the tennis can and balls. Most of the tricks tend to be a bit too diffuclt for me to perform for a real show, but...

Acrylics for sale!
Hello all! I'm not sure if I am allowed to do this but here I go. I have four 3-inch and four 2.5-inch acrylics for sale. I am trying to get $20 each for the 3-inch and $12 e...

MMX vs. DX
Hey, has anybody tried DX as well as MMX balls yet ? or at least does anyone know the diferences between them apart from the manufacturer ?!...btw. is there a possibility to get to know the ...

New Bounce Ball
Does anyone know anything about these balls? Has anyone tried them? http://www.jugglingstore.com/store/detail.aspx?ID=485 David Cain

Red Ryder RIP
A little bit of Austin's bright beautiful weirdness has been taken from us, bow your heads. KVUE 24: www.kvue.com/news/top/stories/053006kvuefolliesmurder-cb.399a35dd.html <...

Gandini's at EJC?
Does anyone know if the Gandini's are gonna be at EJC? and if they have any other crazy projects that they are going to do, such as 10,000? Jon ----== posted via www.jugglin...

Bungay Balls Up 2006 - my report (LONG)
Hi all, Well, no-one's posted a proper review as they're all distracted by this new-fangled HLGCB thingie. So I thought I'd do one myself. Bear in mind I'm biased, as I like Bun...

EJC Pre-Reg Confirmation
Just been reading the EJC site, which says printed proof of pre-reg will be required in order to get in. How soon do we expect the pre-reg confirmations to be sent out to us all? ...

Lift to EJC?
Hi Just wondering if anyone has a spare car space to the EJC from the south of England (Crawley) for one tall but quite foldable person. Cheers Lynne ----== posted...

music from springtime manipulation
Does someone knows the entire tracklist of Springtime Manipulation 2006 video? thanx a lot, danilo. ---------- (NP,SS)

serious not even funny serious tossup
i still need new clubs jugglingstore.com has a nice new website and then i saw it! px3 circus clubs for only 25$ amazing is this a steal or should i still go on for the 85mm renegades u...

BJC2006 DVD discussion - Kernow thats what I call juggling ;)
Has anyone watched the BJC2006 DVD yet? How do we like the format? Personally I think it rocks with great music, great editing (as usual from Howie) and its really good to ...

Imagine the potential
Imagine what the child in the following could do as a juggler. http://www.local6.com/news/9290536/detail.html No disrespect is intended. Just an interesting thougt. D...

Red Ryder - homicide victim
Austin has lost it's most beloved juggler. Red Ryder aka Warren Shwartz was the victim of a homicide this weekend in Austin. He was the opening act for Esther's Follies for the last 20 years...

Shefcon 2006
A while back it was announced that Shefcon had found a venue and a date but since then there have been no updates and it's not listed on the events page. I was wondering if it is ...

I will talk to jay tonight at club but... How do I get promotion? seeing as how I am now at the 6 ball and ring level, plus can ride a unicycle and have some routines to share ( bleieve me...

bouncing places in Berlin
..anyone knows good places to practise in berlin. good ground and maybe roofed. i will be happy for all kind of tips. thx ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

Berlin Juggling Convention 2006 HLGCB
Berlin Juggling Convention... it really doesn't get much better when it comes to juggling festivals! I had a fantastic time over the past weekend, as did the other 700-800 people who turned ...

Why are so many jugglers lazy hippy bums?
What is it with juggling that attracts so many bum looking people? I know there is only a miniority, but they realy stick out, and give others the same rep. Any idea why so many bums prefe...

3 and 2 diabolos
At this point I'm pretty good a 2 diabolos low and being a numbers geek I want to do 3. I learned 2 on a wrap start and this seems to be the best way to learn 3 too. My main problem for no...

Which clubs are best?
Which clubs are best Out of sheer curiosity I'd like to know what kind of clubs people like to use the best please post what kind of clubs you have used and why or why not you li...

Hello, My sister, aged 15 has finished creating her juggling website. Take a look and please leave any feed back here, Thanks. She has worked very hard over the past few months to...

Updated website - comments please
Hi, I've updated my website from the one that has been sitting around for the last couple of years. It looks to the uninitiated much like the old version (there are actually inn...

Dietz's WJF routines - music
Hi! What are songs in his balls and clubs routine? Anyone knows? Thanks in advanced, Gumik

Bungay 2006 HLGCB
Just got back from Bungay and had a fantastic time. Bungay is definately one of my favourite conventions. High. Being there for the whole event, The show with some of the b...

Takeout Video: Roundabout in an alternating triangle
Hi! http://knaeuel.stw-bonn.de/jongliervideos/PO_DreieckTakeOut-hoch.mov http://knaeuel.stw-bonn.de/jongliervideos/PO_DreieckTakeOut-hoch.mpg 4,3MB and 4,7MB, both 45s - the .mov ...

Flatland Festival June 2-4, Omaha, USA
The Flatland Juggling Festival is this weekend, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, June 2,3,& 4. This year's location is in Omaha, Nebraska USA at the University of Nebraska Medical Center Student L...

Free standing slack rope
Yesterday I bought a cheap free standing hammock from Sainsbury's. Today I fitted it with an old tow rope and Hey presto! I now have a=20 slack rope rig!! See it here ...

Travel Around Europe in august
Hi All!! I'm a 26 years old clown/magician from italy, i will travel aroud europe by car for all august, i want to pay my holiday making some street show... I am planning the holi...

IJA video preliminaries
Thinking about competing in the IJA 2006 Stage Championships? We're trying out video preliminaries this year... read all about it at <a href="http://www.juggle.org/festival/2006/stagecomp...

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