Trick Roping - Wedding ring with hat on?
Hi. I posted awhile back because I wanted to do trick roping in a figure skating program. I've run into one little problem. Partly I probably just have not practiced enough yet - but I'm ...

cigar box book
I'm about to get a set of cigar boxes. Now I just have to work out what to do with them. I don't know anyone who juggles them, so I'm looking for a book. Can anyone reccomend a good one? ...

cigar box book
I'm about to get a set of cigar boxes. Now I just have to work out what to do with them. I don't know anyone who juggles them, so I'm looking for a book. Can anyone reccomend a good one? ...

Corrective eye surgery
Being a juggler with bad vision really stinks. Hopefully within the next 2 years or so I will get the laser surgery done. I have contacts but by the end of my day, when I usually go to pract... I had a lot of fun last week, trying to beat the cold and the wind. The music is not that up to date anymore, but I still like it, e...

[video] Ypres 2006
Hello, RoB and I made a video of the convention in Ypres at the 2nd day, organised by Circusplanet. I hope you all like it, comments are welcome :-)

4 balls: lone-ball side-bounce
recently i've been having fun with the pattern 633444. I call it lone-ball side-bounce. It's a 4-balls pattern, where you juggle as if only 3, but the other ball bouncing on the side b...

videos of the void
It was at the ball ring 2006 that i met the void.i saw him doing some realy amazing box work,and finally plucked up the courage to ask, "can you do around the world?"Dose anyone know if ther...

[Trailer] Jon Andersen & Haavard Hvidsten Comments are very welcome! Haavard, Norway ----== posted via ==----

nott another jggling convention
I've just read the najc post and it sounds like a lot of going, but at the 2006 ball ring I missed all the workshops.what are workshps exactly?And, seeing how the ball ring was a load...

Anybody interested in sharing a room for UIUC Fest next weekend?
Hey-- Wondering if anybody wants to share a room for the Champaign festival next weekend? I'll be getting a room for Fri/Sat night. Usually the Red Roof, the past few years...

Webcams suck
I've been recording all my juggling videos with probably the worst webcam on the market, the $15 "Quickcam Pro" or something like that. Anyway, I was thinking about buying something like a c... Free and Paid Hosting with cPanel or FTP Account Free and Paid Hosting with cPanel or FTP Account Posted Via Premium Usenet Newsgroup Services --------------------------------------------------------...

The WJF & Technical Creativity?
Is there a way for the WJF to design a competition that rewards both highly technical and highly creative routines... taking creativity to the next level? I've put my thoughts about this on...

Video of Turin Closing Ceremony?
Anyone know where I can find a video of the closing ceremony of the Turin Olympics online, specifically the juggling section which apparently used 75 radical fish clubs? ~Michael ...

I sold a t-shirt - hurrah
I logged into CafePress today to check a price for a friend after i started a t-shirt shop there months back and nothing ever happened so i abandoned it. Lo and behold someone b...

Looking for the perfect juggling balls? C.J. Smith beat his record with 8 balls (38 catches) and 9 balls (30 catches) within the first hour he tested them out. ----== posted via www.juggli...

Your opinion would be greatly appreciated
I will start production of my DVD from the end of April and would like to know your preference on the following matter for it will affect the way I go about shooting. The situatio...

Henry's Volley Club - have you used one?
I'm thinking of buying one or more Henry's Pirouette Volley Clubs Has anyone here used them? Are they stronger than standard Pirouettes? Will they last longer? Here's what he...

Juggler on Paul Daniels' Magic and Variety Show
Not sure if people will know or remember, but it's bugged me for a while. Everyone knows of Paul Daniels, and his numerous TV shows he had on the BBC. In addition to his normal magic ...

need videos of circus acts
hi im looking for videos of various circus acts for a school project. where can i find and download circus videos? lux ----== posted via ==---- ...

the first picture of Juggling in ancient Korea. I found that one, accidentally searching internet. the picture above was drawn in the tomb wall of the anc...

[video] A 30 second 4 club routine
Gatto has been running a 4 club 30 second routine video competition on his forums: I thought I might shar...

robert brothers juggler
Am i correct that there is a uggler,or was a juggler, in a circus calles the robert brothers famous circus?i once went,and i recall seeing a juggler,doing some amazing multiple club kick ups...

*bruising* your clubs
I've just bought some radical fish clubs, flourecent pirhanas(please excuse the spelling) but there is one problem:I keep, for some reason, getting these black marks on them, a...

Get your Sandies now! ----== posted via ==----

Third SJC in 2006
I think its amazing that there are going to be three SJC's in 2006. Sydney, Scottish and Sweedish. Does anyone know of any other SJC's in 2006? Mark ----== poste...

MondoFest Pics
Hi all, I had a blast at my first fest in the US - thanks to all the organisers and friendly people I met (and stayed with). There's some scattered photos available here: htt...

Help with Rubeinsteins Revenge (vid included)
I've trying to learn RR, but the version I do doesnt seem to look that much like the real version, can any one tell me what I'm doing wrong and try to help me? http://rapidshare.d...

vladik miagkostoupov(what a mouthful)
Does anyone know the ful length of young juggler vladik's video?al, are there any online videos of him.(i wont even bother saying his 2nd name) ----== posted via ==-...

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