Euro clubs
Has anyone noticed that Todd Smith's euros have been marked down from $34 to $29? I wonder if he made some change to the club? Anyway, I'm looking at buying a set of clubs, and I'm won...

I love Google Video
Has everyone by now discovered the wonders of Google Video's "Most Popular" section? Oh my God... Be forewarned, you could lose several days' worth of productivity. This is actually kind-of ...

[VIDEO] Heart of a Champion
This is a brand new video that I am extremely proud of. I've been working on it sporadically for about four months. I wanted to make a juggling music video that truly incorporates...

Does anybody here use vladik's russian balls?
I was thinking about getting these. I was wondering how long they last and how they compare to homemade russian balls? I know homemade russian balls are supposed to last about a few ...

Taking Semolina Flour to the UK?
Hello all! After some fruitless searching on the database I've decided to pester you all with a customs question:: I'm headed to London this coming week and would like to br...

[VIDEO] Chris Bliss
I checked around the boards and haven't found this, so I'll post it. A non-juggling friend of mine found and showed this to me. It's a comedian who ended his routine by juggling to the...

Youth Circus - Summer Training Opportunities
This is just to register a range of opportunities for budding young jugglers aged 8 - 26... If you are just dying to perform, we want to hear from you!! 1) Auditions - Circus Man...

Youth Circus - Summer Training Opportunities
This is just to register a range of opportunities for budding young jugglers aged 8 - 26... If you are just dying to perform, we want to hear from you!! 1) Auditions - Circus Man...

bill berry balls
I was wonder what you guys thought about the bill berry balls, because I've had them for a week and the seem are blowing out.Just wondering if you were having good or bad luck with them

JoePass on Mac - Intel
Hi folks is there someone with an mac intel who can check a version of joepass? In return for your effort you will find some new functionallity.

Mondo convention video?
Does anyone know if someone is working on a convention video for the recent mondo festival? I know I saw a guy on a uni taking some fly by shots using his tripod so there has to be something...

Bruised hand
Wondering if anyone has had similar problem and found a decent solution. My passing partner keeps bruising her left hand (yes I know we should do more 2 handed stuff) and I wonder if there's...

Crash space in Manchester, May 3rd.
Hey everyone. I will be going to Köln for a seemingly awesome convention at the end of April, then staying with... a friend, for a few days after. I'll be back at about 10pm on May 3rd, in M...

The Bean Bag Strikes Back!
After many years of being tossed around, the bean bag is looking for revenge. No human being is safe. The bean bag makes no distinction between man, woman and child: he simply throws them al...

[VIDEO] Chocfest 2006 cupstacking
Last video for the day I promise: -Paul -- IJDb Video Tag v1.1 #begin# Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2006 07:32:46 GMT URL:...

[VIDEO] The Void in "5 club multiplex scissor catch"
Whilst perusing a newsreel archive, I came accross this footage of "The Void" pulling off a 5 club, multiplex scissor catch at chocfest 2006... Tag follows my .sig -Paul

[VIDEO] - re-encode of the historical footage available at the JIS
Howdo, Some time ago, someone complained that the footage of Francis Brunn, Bobby May and Enrico Rastelli which is available from i...

Free NNTP Servers providing rec.juggling?
Hi! I've been reading r.j. on for quite some time now. When they started charging for the use of their server about a year ago, I was lurking in some other g...

News! Hot chick Erin Stephens
just discovered: Erin Stephens i was in the mood to watch some random videos. So on i ran into this video.

2004 WJF profile videos?
Does anyone have the 2004 WJF competitor profile videos? I lost them when my computer died, and have not seen them since. If you have them or a link to them, I would really appreciate it! ...

Gatto forums
I know there has been a post like this before although I couldn't find it in the last 400 threads so I figured I'd ask it again I can't access the gatto forum I put all the informatio...

[VIDEO] Nott Another Juggling Convention
I had a top day out, despite doing almost no juggling at all day long. I enjoyed the show too. All of it. So there, Martin :-P. Now, sorry Peachi, but what was it you said you wanted? ...

Juggling Convention in 2005 video
There's this fantastic video posted here a while back. Juggling Convention in 2005 video I'd like to identify the folks in t...

Indy jugglers awol
I got a message that the Indy jugglers were meeting at 3:30 at woodruff town hall on sunday now. I went to the town hall at 3:15 and stayed till 4:15 outside, juggling in the snow. No one sh...

Shefcon 2006
Tim Foolery annouced at NAJC this Sunday that Shefcon is definitely happening this year on 1st & 2nd April. Aside from 'same place as last year', anyone got any further info on this? ...

Update/Reminder: Waterloo Juggling Festival, March 11-12
This is a reminder that the Waterloo Juggling Festival is running next weekend, Saturday March 11, and Sunday March 12. We are really excited to have Jeff and Wes Peden of AIRPLAY headlining...

?trick of the week?
on there is a trick of the week every week. would this work with juggling? if not because maby the same people would always win , to compliacted to do every week...

World juggling day in the Uk
its winter. its cold its wet its maybe snowing where you are. if your in the Uk June 16th - 18th then come along to the most chilled weekend of the year Haw...

New WJF Website
Hey all, I was just on the WJF website, and I noticed that I hadn't seen it before. So I figured I ought to let everyone know. I don't know how long it's been up, I haven't been lingering ar...

catching balls
Hi everybody! I've encountered a problem regarding catching balls recently. So far I’ve been going by the frequently mentioned rule that once your throws are accurate enoug...

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