A post of personal recognition
A post of personal recognition just to say I CHRIS CABRY FLASHED 10 BALLS!!!!!!!!! just thought you might want to know cheers Chris Cabry ----== posted...

April Fools Fest is right around the corner! ! ! !
hey everybody, its that time of year again, the April Fools Jugging Festival and South East Yo-Yo Contest is right around the corner! this event gets better every y...

NAJC2 - Lost property
Hi, At the end of NAJC2 when we were tidying up, someone came across a juggling ball that nobody claimed. It's a red beanbag, best described as "well used". It's got a letter wri...

the earliest jugglers and the evolution of juggling
anyone one know where juggling originated? (egypt? china?) what were their props? (oranges? stones?) who was the first recorded juggling super-star? anyone know how elaborat...

Whoo-Hoo! Four Balls on a Slackline!
I'm estatic! I didn't fall off or nothin'!!! ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

Waterloo Juggling -
Is anyone going to the Waterloo Juggling convention from the guelph area (or passing through). I'm looking for a ride if at all possible. Thanks. Pascale ----== ...

For all those coming to the Ejc this year
Ireland for Beginners: * Pub etiquette The crucial thing here is the "round" system, in which each participant takes turns to "shout" an order. To the outsider, this may app...

So who is this dude Chris Bliss?
*ducks and runs*

EJC2006 dates-could it be worst?
Anyone noticed that on the first day of the EJC this year (9.7.06), the final of the World Cup in Germany will take place also????? or you just don't care??? I find it very disturbing.....

[Video] Jeff Lutkus and Wes Peden
Browsing through jugglethis.net, I found this great piece of work... tag-izzle!!! IJDb Video Tag v1.1 http://www.jugglingdb.com/videos/tag.php #begin# Date: 2006-03-09 1...

New bouncing routine video 3-5-7 balls
Long time... The video is here www.geocities.com/rose22il/videos.html Please let me know what you think cause I'm still working on it! GooDay Eden ----== posted via...

IJA Fest info
Greetings, fellow jugglers! Just wanted to give you all a heads-up on the new International Jugglers' Association 2006 Festival web pages and online registration. Come on by if y...

most satisfying pattern to juggle
what's the most satisying juggling pattern for you? maybe not the hardest, maybe not the most aesthetic, but simply the most >fun< juggling pattern? with balls? clubs? rings...

is Chris Bliss for real?
has anyone seen the astonishing Chris Bliss juggling show as a live performance, and not just as a video at http://www.sonnyradio.com/chrisbliss.htm maybe I'm too cynical, but the vide...

[photos] Nott Another Juggling Convention
Hi All, OK its not pretty but it works I think... its just a zip file on my website.. hopefully someone will format it to make it easier to access...please...void?

WJVF Video of the year poll discussion thread
Right, blather away about the WJVF, your fave videos, whatever. The Void ............. Now where did I put the aspiration diktat?

WJVF presents: "Best Juggling Video Of The Year" poll.
It's a year since Aaron first proposed a juggling video competition ( http://tinyurl.com/r2jrt ) , which became the WJVF [Goal: To promote the creation of creative juggling videos]. ...

5b plateaus
Hi, I've been practicing my 5b cascade and recenctly jumped from ~70 catches to ~150 catches in a relatively short time (2-3 weeks) after being stuck at 70 for a long time. I'm just wo...

At the najc 2006,between the 1st and 2nd halfs of the show and the beginning and end of the show,they played clips of several jugglers.I was so pleased to see the endy,flexible,red harlequin...

NAJC2 lost property
I have a few items of clothing left at the nottingham one dayer: 3 mostly black long sleeved blokes tops with logos or print on them 1 light blue ladies scarf 1 pink towel - left ...

videos on ebay
I put some juggling videos on ebay if anyone is interested. Thanks. --Josh 2003 IJA Reno Highlights (DVD) http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=9111501259 ...

silicon balls - Todd Smith vs Propworks
Hi all! I know this topic comes up every so often and yes I've checked the archives. I'm still interested in any recent experiences people had with either vendor for silicon balls...

silicon balls - Todd Smith vs Propworks
Hi all! I know this topic comes up every so often and yes I've checked the archives. I'm still interested in any recent experiences people had with either vendor for silicon balls...

Hello all
I finally in here. Visit me @ www.marktheknife.com and myspace Look forward to talking to you all. ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

any advantage in starting a 5 ball cascade with non-dominant hand?
i am a right-handed 5 ball cascade juggler. is there a benefit to start my 5 ball cascade with my left hand? will i progress quicker? does it help my juggling holistically? ...

Vladik At the WJF, Video?
I was at the 2005 WJF and I know Vladik gave an exibition. It was really awesome, especially since I'd never heard of him. Anyway, I don't have a video camera and I didn't see him on any of...

Testers needed for my Siteswap Animator - Urgent!
Hey Guys, For my final year computer science project I have implemented a Siteswap animator in Java. However, this is no ordinary siteswap animator! It allows the user to graphi...

[Video] No Rest for the Juggler
I have just finished a juggling movie I made over Winter Break. This is my first ever juggling movie I've made, and I want to show everybody I possibly can. You can see it at http://www.u...

Summer Courses
Do any circus schools/workshops do anything in the way of summer training courses, or anything remotely similar? I basically want to go somewhere and juggle for a week, so any conventions or...

Helpful patterns for aquiring 7 ball cascade
Hi, This is the reason that I have joined - I am looking for helpful patterns to aide me in aquiring the seven ball cascade. By 'helpful patterns' I mean the same thing as LLRR fo...

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