street performers wanted in Baltimore (con't)
Probably no reason to audition for this. You can always find PRIVATE property to perform on-adjacent to any crowd (with permission of the property owner, of course) ...

Bulgarian fire festival scam
this came up recently in a poi forum and may be relevant here also: looking at poi sites will not make you go...

Juggling on
I'm pleased to report that the most overplayed 3 ball routine got a hotlink on called "Juggling + Beatles = Awesome". That's not the good news. Immediatley after, the Garf...

For Azrelle Now I'm sure to be a massive hit with the ladies, thanks Azrelle! ----== posted via ==----

FKB Touring California, USA
Don't miss the Flying Karamazov Brothers in "Life - A Guide for the Perplexed," now touring California. Upcoming performances: March 17, 18, 19 Napa: <a href="http://www...

shaker cup tricks/videos
In the past few weeks Michael Karas has posted a couple of videos, and The Void has put some "cup" tricks into his video of the recent Notts convention. But I can't seem to find much el...

Shower Tricks?
I'm currently solidifying my 4 ball shower and I am eager to attempt some shower tricks. The only problem is don't know any, apart from the obvious 9151 high-low ahower and b17131 high-mid-l...

NAJC2 tshirts - last chance
Hi All, I just wanted to mention that due to the popularity of the NAJC2 "Nott another Juggling Convention" I realised that we didn't print nearly enough t-shirts. I realise tha... updates - pre-registration open
Hi, Pre-registration is now open! You can find details and register online at There are also pre-registration forms online for printi...

At least a Devilstick thread
Hi rec.juggling. I'm a bit disappointed nobody speaks about devilsticks here, so here you are, this is a brand new thread with devilsticks issues. On the french forum we have a tr...

Clubs and rings???
Ok peoplz Sorry for doing 2 messages in a row. i was juggling the other day( as i do) and i thought "i dont really enjoy juggling clubs and rings anymore". I thought this mi...

What is the longest time you've ever practiced????
Hello Juggling db users! I just spent a hell of a long time juggling my balls outside. In that practice i got 5 ball shower down really well. I was wondering if you have eve...

Is it really true that Chris Bliss ...
... is actually Chuck Norris juggling? Brian -- I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.

One thing i want to know about Michael Moschen.
Hi everyone here. At least to me, Michael Moschen's juggling is so great. (a little broad definition of it seems to apply to his juggling)

[video] Stefan Sing solo 3 ball improvisation i wonder why it's not posted here yet. ----== posted via ==----

"the catch" juggling magazine
hello all you jugglers. so, me and the wife are moving house and amongst all the shite we have collected over the years i found my collection of "the catch" magazine ...

One day I'll...
What's the one thing you'd love to achieve from juggling more than anything else? What's the trick you know you'll never get but you wish you could? What are you going to pull off - on...

Fastest Trick In The World
I was going through the EOBJ t'other day, when I realised i'd never actually seen anyone doing "The fastest trick in the world". And no, not the utterly hilarious joke version, the proper cl...

kris kremo videos?
Are there any available videos of kris kremo,eccpet for the one where he is on a tv show,doing balls hats and boxes?As far as i know this is the only video. Prove me wrong! ...

Ed Sullivan on DVD
I've been considering buying "The Very Best of The Ed Sullivan Show Volume 1 and 2" as they appear to contain a number of interesting juggling/circus/spesh acts. I found out about them from...

Circus archive footage (circa 1955)
I've been poking about, looking for archive footage again. This time, I've been digging on - The following clip was stitched together from various files found there.

my new clip
a very short one have fun ----== posted via ==----

Not what I was trying to do but...
Ah, what a great day! Started off by doing something I've wanted to do for years: buy a guitar. I ended up buying not one but two: an acoustic and an electric. I feels like I've started a ne...

Job Advice
hello. im richard. ive been reding postes here for like 3 years, but just now get the membership. been juggling for like 5 years, and for the last year ive been more a contact juggler than a...

How does this ball spinning work?
I've been trying for some time to spin a ball on my finger but can't quite mannage it. I've got some great ideas for tricks once I have got it. Thanks in advance ----=...

[video][slightly OT]Teeter board
was browsing google vid and found this: some people who used to be in Cirque du Soleil p...

New Anthony Gatto Video Clips
Anthony's put up around 5 new clips in the past few weeks the latest of which is titled, "gattoEntertainment3." Cheers...

<1G+4 Hot Specials and Collectibles <1G+4
I discovered a great marketplace for specials, deals and entertainment at ! `E$b:

espn trailer from, hosting, please?
Has anybody downloaded the espn trailer from the wjf site, if so could you host it? It's painfully slow (200 BYTES per second), atleast for me. ----== posted via ==-...

[video] UofR Strong Jugglers
Well I've gotten fed up with* so I just decided to host this locally. This is a video I made for/with my club (the University of Rochester Strong Jugglers) as a plug for our a...

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