Infamous Juggler goes missing
I've just read this on the Reuters website: ------------------------------------------------------------- Infamous Juggler goes missing. Tue Feb 28, 2006 10:20 PM GMT BERLIN ...

Gballz Giveaway Today
I'm giving away some more ballz today on the gballz messageboard. You have till 11pm -5 GMT to get in. Later, Gregory

club juggling:scisor catch
I have currently been working on my club i correct that there is a trick where you form a v shape with two clubs in 1 hand,and catch the 3rd club in the gap between that v?Is it ...

Turn $6.00 into $15,000.! Make money in mail order buisness!
READING THIS COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE! I found this on a bulletin board and decided to try it. A little while back, I was browsing through newsgroups, just like you are now, and came across an article s...

background music in Vova & Olgas Seattle Video
Hi, just one dumb question: Does anybody know what the title of the background music in Vova & Olga Seattle video is? I think it's a pretty nice theme to juggle to but I don't kno...

[Video] Whoa - It's A Girl!
Erin Stephens: Just your average chick... Doing things your average chick can't do. This is my first post/video ever on rec.juggling. Yay me!

new video
This one is of Tim Nolan doing some bouncing and trick basketball shots: The rest of our bounce juggling videos: ht...

so, did anyone here go? i was there on friday night and saturday. i learned some 5 club steals, got really good at 9 club passing, worked on 5 club singles (which arent coming along too...

Hedstrom balls..
Howdo. Just a quick question for any ballspinners using hedstrom balls - what's the surface texture like on your ball? is it like a relatively fine crosshatch pattern? Or is it ...

BJC Pre-reg at Notts or by March 7th
Hi all A quick reminder that pre-registration for the BJC ( ) ends next tuesday; March 7th. If you're coming to NAJC (

[VIDEO] Addicted trailer
The trailer of a crazy DVD by a group of Belgian jugglers. The preview of the Addicted-DVD. Featuring: - Sander - Bram - Nino - Thijs - Morgan - Hans ...

[video trailer] Juggleville - The Show in Nashville TN March 18-19
Vanderbilt Juggling and Physical Arts will be performing, Juggleville, our first original juggling/breakdancing/physical comedy show March 18-19, in Nashville, TN. If any jugglers live in th...

(video)Dave Kelly 3 ball Video with music
Hey guys-You may have seen some of this guy's crazy 3 ball tricks-well here they are again, but edited together with some music, for your enjoyment.

Kinda-Juggling Travels
Well, I've finally arrived back at home after a few months travelling the world (one of those end-of-university, right-of-passage trips) and I'm sure you missed me! Just thought I'd share a...

[WJVF] Episode IV:A New Hope
Enjoy! Mpeg (20.2 MB): XviD (11.2 MB):

dvd authoring
Just wondering if any of you have made any dvd's and what program you would reccomend. I am looking for software to make some juggling dvd's. Fairly basic stuff, just some menus where I can ...

DVD authoring
Just wondering if any of you have made any dvd's and what program you would reccomend. I am looking for software to make some juggling dvd's. Fairly basic stuff, just some menus where I can ...

Wanted: Have you seen this guy around?
This is serious stuff, No joke. If anyone does see this guy turn him in.

[VIDEO] Why Snow Juggling is a Bad Idea...
I set out to attempt some snow juggling wtih many ideas and neat tricks in mind, but once I got started everything turned out much differently then I expected. So the premise of this video b...

Stop it.
Juggling's fucking stupid. You all need to stop. ----== posted via ==----

juggling and the human brain... some questions
any neurologists? how does juggling register in the brain? how does it learn? and why is it when i take a break from juggling, i come back stronger? -astro

Juggling/Circus in 2006 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony
Juggling and circus arts will play a major part in the Closing Ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy, Sunday, February 26th. Since 500 million television viewers worldwide ...

Prize Money for IJA NUMBERS Championships
I am happy to announce that the IJA Numbers Championships will include prize money this year. $100 will be given to the winner (individual or team) of each event. And, additional prize money...

Funny story
So I was totally getting on to Anthony Gatto's site to watch some clips and be amazed, when all of a sudden, this window popped up, slapped me in the face and said "TBTB III IS READY... YOU ...

Chris Bliss
Do any of you elders out there remember Chris Bliss? I saw a video of him today juggling three balls to The Beatles. I checked out his website and he claims to have made it to the top of t...

UT JuggleFest
The 13th (I think) annual Texas JuggleFest took place last weekend at UT. It was quite amazing, I must say. Was anybody here in the JuggleFest? There was one guy that held 59 clubs. Quite go...

[VIDEO] Karas Shaker Cup Move #2
Hi all, I was excited about the response for my first shaker cup trick so I decided to create another, more challenging one. The video shows the new shaker cup trick (Th...

New “Manchester Juggling” Society.
I am going to try and start the University of Manchester’s Juggling Club again after it kind of fell apart last year. I’ve got all the paper work and all that jazz but I need help with ...

[Video] Ubiquity
Hello ! I am pleased to release a new video. The name is ubiquity and you would find it on my website in the videos section. It's not a "trick" video, mor...

where to go
I've mastered 3ball cascade, 3ball flash, 3ball shower, a few tricks of my own (the Nai Mess), 1up 2up, "under-the-leg," and "upside down juggling." I'm unsure of where to go next...

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