Shawn of the Dread
You too can be part of history. In just less than a week away one of our club members is having his Dreads cut off in aid of charity. His name is Patrick Tierney (a picture of him on the sit...

CHAIN-LETTER..Its LEGAL..$6 will make you A TON OF CASH ! ! !
CHAIN-LETTER..Its LEGAL..$6 will make you A TON OF CASH ! ! ! U.S. Post Office(1-800-725-2161) and they confirmed that it is indeed legal! Then I invested measly $6.00 ..... po...

Circus Music
Anybody know the name of the classic, cliched circus music track? It is the classic song associated with clowning and juggling. Thanks in advance. NFS... ----== posted via w...

Circus Music
Anybody know the name of the classic, cliched circus music track? It is the classic song associated with clowning and juggling. Thanks in advance. NFS... ----== posted via w...

4 club Trouble
I'm currently working on the 4 club fountain and alot of the cathceshurt because the knob at the end keeps smacking my arm. How can i stop this from happening. It makes 4 alot harder. ...

VLC, you really should have it by now..
I figured every juggler should have a copy, and it seems a lot of people dont. It's totally free, and plays like 99.9% of videos on the internet (on mac it ha...

Gatto Documentary Video
I got the new Gatto documentary DVD in the mail yesterday and watched it last night. I'm not going to spoil the video by listing every trick shown, but I'll give a quick summary of what to e...

Get Rich
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incremental approaches to contortion needed
From time to time i've tried contortion. but i ended up with having my muscles/bones in pain. only throwing/catching one ball is not easy with the contorted posture. i need ...

Dutch Juggling Championchips
Second time this year in Zaandam (close to Amsterdam) after a very succesful first one in Groningen. Also this year there will be several competitions like diabolo freestyle, three ball freestyl...

Club Moment-of-Inertia Page
Greetings. Something I've been wanting to do for a long time: I've put that old thread about measuring the fast-spinningness or slow-spinningness of clubs into a web page http://...

Diabolo workshop with Donald Grant
Hi all Donald has just phone to say he will be doing a workshop at the Scottish convention this weekend. For more details look at See you all there ...

hi i was just wondering if anyone knows the artist of the song on anthony gattos, sequence 14 and aspen videos as they are really good songs and really good videos. Mark

5 clubs clip
héllo! this is just my little 5 clubs classic patterns clip ----== posted via ==----

Lift To Notts
Hi, I'm interested in maybe going to Notts, i was wondering if anyone was going from around plymouth, UK. Could you please let me know. Thanks Kathryn --- http://ww...

Anyone need a lift to Scottish Convention?
Hi there! I am offering a lift from the Midlands (I live in Leicester) to Glasgow on Friday afternoon, coming back on Sunday night. There's still space for three in the car, and ...

FAO Jay Linn
My net connection has been out of service at home and will likely be the same for the rest of the week. Jay, I lost your mail address to get back to you about stuff, so drop me a line instea...

[video] The hat
Hello, So my first juggling movie, The hat was just an idea to make a video with some simple ball and club tricks. No hat tricks, it's just a simple hat. The editing was fun though. Tel...

carpool FL to Atlanta?
Is anyone in Florida (ideally, the southern part) planning to attend the Atlanta convention this coming weekend? If so, please send me an e-mail - lutkus at juggler dot net. I'd be

Racquet Ball courts
Has anyone ever had problems practicing in racquet ball courts? Like as in people telling you to leave for various other reasons ----== posted via ==----

Combining the box and the machine?
I was just fooling around today and found a way to combine the box and the machine, two of my favourite tricks, I apologise if this is a known trick, I'm new to the whole internet juggling c...

tJR ***Hot stuff - check this out !!! tJR

Norbi's video
> Uhhh... I hope you like it, i did. > ttp:// Why can't I view this video?? I only hear the music. Quick-time says: No ...

Juggling Videos and Equipment for sale
I promise this will be my last annoying post for a while. This is the last day of my ebay auctions for some videos ands some juggling equipment.

[video] "Bouncing" for Mozart Birthday
Here comes the famous "boucing" clip I promise you, hope you'll be please to see it. It's a little bit long and heavy for download 90 Mo / 11'30". The upload will be over at 08h30 ...

Hey what is the difference between hard and soft-bodied renegade clubs? Help'd be appreciated ----== posted via ==----

Anybody know who this is?
I saw this guy street performing in Ipswich, he's bloody good, and I want to get in contact with him Any help w...

[video] EJC 2005
Hi Jugglers, the first copies of the official EJC 2005 video were send out last thursday. Some people may already watched it. On the 73 minutes long DVD you see the who...

Workshop at Chocfest
Just a quickie to tell the UK jugglers that, after some interest already I'm planning a workshop specifically on shoulders for Chocfest on 11th Feb. The workshop will start with some sit dow...

easy diablo
hey everyone, ive just recently ive been able to get 2 diablos going for a while, correcting them and speeding them up, and just needed to know has anyone got any videos of some easy 2...

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