Song vid Chris Chiapinni
Hi y'all, Does anyone know the title of the music in the video posted by Chris Chiapinni, after he says: 'I do a lot of stuff' and you see him juggling on the street etc.? ...

Juggling Muscle Pain (severe)
I've been meanign to post this for at least a week, but I figured the pain would go away. I've been juggling very seriously for the last couple of months, more than I ever have. At least 2...

86 Jugglers and happy new Year 2006!!! hello jugglers, i wish you a happy new year. ----== posted via ==---- <...

new years juggling resolutions
well, ive had this one for a while and just might get it this year: a 5 ball cascade indefinatley. what juggling goals do you have for 2006? -astro

auld lang syne
What are your Juggling New Year's Resolutions? Personally, I resolve to practice numbers more regularly and improve my stalls and balances (like checks and balances, but more important...

stage balls vs bean-bags
is it just me or are bean-bags far more comfortable to perform with? especially numbers? i find stage balls harder to manage. -astro

what do you love most about juggling?
i was trying a new 3b trick tonight and thought that i love learning/ mastering new patterns. what do you love most about juggling? -astro

Juggling related christmas presents
OK so what ammusing juggling related christmas presents did anyone recieve this year. Personaly I recieved 4 bouncy juggling eggs complete with egg box from my Auntie. Also my couisn r...

Opinions and Observations about the WJF scoring
Please read my opinions and observations at I think a discussion about people's ideas for ways to score sport juggling would be cool. Anyone hav...

4 balls
Hey, I just got my 4th ball in juggling balls, and I am having a lot of trouble getting the 4 ball routine down, anyone have suggestions/ tips to help with 4 balls? ----== posted ...

baseballs for juggling
Hi! I have a set of 5 very cheap baseballs that I juggle every once in a while. I do like the size and weight of the balls, but they have a very hard composite center and a duralo...

[Video] December 2005
After Juggling for two years, this is what I produced. Please let me know what you think. It's a fun video, some highlights being the torches and me qualifying six balls. -David ...

Fixing Dube Shaker Cup
I was wondering if anyone has experimented with what glue works best to secure the rubber insides of dube shaker cups if they have fallen out. I heard that there was some disscussions alread...

a message for colin e
hey dude would be cool to have a picture database like their is a video one with similar catagories etc, just so vain people (like me) can find juggling photos of themselves, o...

im probly an idiot but??
i got a unicycle from my girlfriend for christmas and i put it together is the fork supposed to move back and forth or be solid in 1 place? it is a standard uni with the pedals attached to t...

leeds show photos
I know it's a little late! but i found these when tidying up my computer this morning, gave me hours of fun messing around with them, some are ok if you remember the leeds show - and a damn...

[WJVF3] Tennis and Ideas
Hi Folks, I had some time and decided to make a video, but in the end I have four. The first one is for the video competition. Happy New Year, Enrico I...

UK - second hand bowler hat required
Hi All, Has anyone got a second hand manipulation hat in the style of a bowler, that they would like to sell to me for a friend? ....and Happy New Year by the way. Che...

[video] my first juggling video without jokes
I've got a trick that I don't think needs to be dressed up with humour. The video is only in .wmv because premiere won't let me compress with anything else right now. http://www.a...

Indianapolis jugglers
I was wondering if anyone here is in Indianapolis or central Indiana? I am in Dallas Tx right now, but am moving to Indy in Feb. and am going to need jugglers to be dorky with!! It doesn't h...

Hey P.A. if you're still around here or if anyone knows how to get ahold of him, email me please. Trying urgintly to get ahold of him.

looking for Andrew Gradisher
Andrew, please email me privately thanks. David

Juggling for parties?
I've decided that most people (especially kids) think that learning how to juggle is novel and fun for at least 15-30 minutes. I'd like to pay for my juggling habit (trips to festivals, pro...

sequenced glo club video
www.howie.tvglowen enjoy

Leno Christmas Bounce Juggler
Has anyone else seen the Leno clip that's getting forwarded around with the bounce juggler who plays the Christmas carols by bouncing on the keyboard? I would think that would be pretty hard...

[Video] Some pretty lights for Christmas has a new video from howie featuring some sharp juggling by Owen Reynolds, and showing off Aerotech's new mechaStreisanduberclubs. I suppose you want a...

Get out of 4b mills?
Hi all. I've just broke the 4b mills pattern and can do about 10 arms crosses. How do I get back to 4b fountain from there? Is there a video posted somewhere to help me with that? <...

Question about the IJDB video database
Is there a way to remove a video from the database? Thanks. ----== posted via ==----

[video] 5 ball reverse to cascade
Someone on the Gatto forum was asking how to go from a 5 or 7 ball reverse cascade back into a cascade. A couple of people mentioned that they move the plane of the pattern forward to avoi...

[WJVF3] - Warwick Juggling Society
I've had this footage since June but haven't had any decent software to edit it. I don't think it will win but hopefully it will make you smile. So on behalf of Warwick University Juggling...

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