Komei Aoki
I'm sitting here waiting patiently for my IJA05 DVD's. one of the things i am most looking forward to is seeing Komei Aoki's routine, because i absolutely loved his junious routine and reneg...

Juggling store in Northern/Central NJ (pref. Somerset/Union county)
Hi, Does anyone know of a store in New Jersey (preferably in Somerset or Union county) where I can buy a set of 3 or 4 juggling balls? I checked out Walmart, Target, Toysrus and a...

10 hardest 3ball tricks
hey guys, just wondering what the hardest 3 ball tricks are in your opinion.......so i know what to go away and practice. cheers, take it easy Thomas <...

Music from Komei Aoki's IJA junior's routine
Just wondering if anyone can identify the Japanese techno used during his ring routine in the juniors. Just watching the festival dvd and remembered how cool I thought the music was. Tha...

Chocolate Bon Bons
I began to get my five ball pattern very steady past 7 catches today. It's the first time I've ever felt I was really juggling five balls. I'm quite the happy panda. After getting a ste...

BBB (Blind Behind the Back) - help please
Ok - this trick is bloody hard and it beginning 2 piss me off. I can get about 5 - 15 catches most times but that seems to be the best i can do at the moment. I've looked around for stu...

Stefan Sing Master-class in London
Hello again, We are excited to announce that Berlin juggler, Stefan Sing will be shortly coming over to East London to lead a juggling master-class over the weekend of 10th and 1...

[contest] Free Gballz
Drawing is tomorrow, and it's gonna be for 7 balls instead of the usual of 3. Jan 01 is for the lifetime supply of balls. Happy Holidays, Gregory

4 club flat Mills Mess
Hey, Iím Trying to learn 4 club flat mills mess. Anyone have any tips, or a video of it? Thanks, Wes ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

3 in one hand
How should I go about just HOLDING 3 in one hand? I wanna learn 5, but I can't hold the three well. Much Obliged, Hubris ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

Noodle Juggling Laws
Ok i was makeing pasta and i made way too many noodles, so jugggling them came to mind. the mess that ensued was a blast. my question is ? if i were to repeat this performence as a street ac...

Glowball and other juggling photos
I made this photo gallery of my juggling club (the University of Rochester Strong Jugglers) the other day. Me and a friend took some neat glowball photos of each other so I figured I'd post ...

Austin Jugglefest
This is an announcement for the 13th annual Jugglefest in Austin, Texas. The dates are set for February 17-19, 2006 with the public show in the evening on the 18th. Held in Bellmont Hall o...

[video] chinrolls
I though it was about time I added a video of myself into the IJDb video database ... IJDb Video Tag v1.1 http://www.jugglingdb.com/videos/tag.php #begin# Date: 2005-11-...

two to go
two to go tiff xx ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

Practicing Areas
Do you guys think it would be better to practice juggling in a basketball court or a racquetball court? Also, do clubs scratch or mark up racquetball or basketball courts? -Max ...

5 Club Spins
Here is a quotation from Charlie Dancey's Compendium of Club Juggling: "Every throw is a 5 in the Five Club Cascade and, although 5's are normally thrown as Triples, most five club jug...

Ball balance
I want to learn to balance a ball on the side of my head, and eventually move it to the other side and back and so forth. I can't really get the ball to balance on the side (I'm currently ...

[Video] Take It Out 1
Hello, im proud to prensent you after years of hard work.... well we finaly made it to finish our first take out or duo juggling video. full of, well watch it yourself and you will find...

vnaygs dvd review
I just got the vnaygs dvd, so I thought I'd post a brief review. This is by no means comprehensive, just what comes off the top of my head after watching it. The first comment I ...

Holiday Prop Advice
As the holidays are coming around the bend and people are probably thinking about what new juggling supplies to buy, I decided to create this thread to allow people to post what props they'r...

three people patterns
I am looking for passing patterns for 3 people. Almost every passing site has one or another pattern for 3, but what I am looking for is some sort of listing along the line of: <...

clear clubs
Is there anyone out there who has made or sells clear juggling clubs, like acrylic contact balls, but clubs. Obviously not costructed out of solid clear acrylic, but you know what I mean.

[poll] juggler's blood type
Inclination(preferrence) to juggle has something to do with blood type ? Juggling community around here i happened to find some jugglers with a certain blood type. I'm curious as to th...

World Record - 15 balls bounce passing

Thanks to all who signed up. The site has been updated and many of your suggestions implemented. - the sign up process has been simplified for both performers and event planners. ...

A request for 2 Fergie bags
Hi Jugglers, I'm a happy owner of 6 all-white 2 3/4" Fergie bags and I would love to add 2 more to my collection!! I sort of doubt that I'll have much luck in this request, but I...

Now ive done it! (pulled back muscle)
Well, i think i may have done it! After a few years of bending over daily to pick up props i finally pulled a muscle in my lower back. I know, bend with your legs and not yer ba...

Hi just a quicky, Does anyone know if it's possible to do chops with more than 3 objects? I thought it might be possible with 5 but am not good enough to try James

Sideways pancakes?
Hi all, Does anyone do a trick involving sideways pancakes? Ie: Rings held like normal pancakes, but flipped so that the axis of rotation is straight ahead for the juggler, as oppose...

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