reverse backcrosses video?
I'm interested in downloading a video of a smooth run of (continuous) reverse backcrosses, 3 clubs. Does anyone have that on their website? Does playing the video in reverse appear ex...

Advice wanted on 53
Gidday all, I was trying to work up to a full 53 pattern by throwing an occasional 53 in to a 4b asynch pattern. The trouble I keep having is that after the 53 I end up in a 4b s...

5-clubs as difficult as how many balls
What ball number is as difficult to learn as the 5-club cascade? 6,7?

Kaiser Chiefs 'Modern Way' video
The Kaiser Chiefs new video called 'Modern Way' is about a juggler who becomes famous for rolling a tennis ball on his head. You can now watch it on the net is various places http...

[Contest] Free Balls
Reminder: Free juggling ball drawing will be Oct. 31 @ 8:00pm EST. Later, Gregory _________________________________________________________________...

Bounce juggling 250,000 balls
OK, so no one could actually keep them in a pattern, but it still looks cool. Check out the commercial. - Andrew

UK performers - Public Liability Insurance question
I am looking around for the best deal for PLI for myself and have so far come up with Equity membership being the cheapest option (you get free 5 mil. PLI for being a member). Equity howev...

Continous 3 flashes
Hi all, I suddenly discovered that continuous 3 flashes (left right left, pause, right left right, pause...) aren't as hard as I thought. Are they particularly useful for learning 5?...

[Video] Fun at the Hangar
On certain rare occasions, London contact juggling is turned completely upside down by a visit from our favorite person, miss Jea9 of Brussels. In this particular instance, The Hangar ...

standing vs. sitting
I have gotten into the habit of sitting cross-legged on the floor when practicing. When the balls drop (a lot), there they are in front of me. But now when I stand up to practice now and ...

French Freestanding Ladder Dealer
I found this: They sell three very nice ladders on this website, short, long and platform. I bet the one with the foots...

[video] a little juggling movie i made
in the title. the link is ---> <-- ----== posted via ==----

Bruce Sarafian
Does anyone know if he still juggles? I haven't heard anything about him in a long time. . . if he's still practising, imagine how good he might be by now. I wonder if he knows ab...

Jerry Sadowitz in London from 10 November
Was in the Soho Theatre the other night and they were advertising Jerry Sadowitz's new show from 10 November. Details on their website ----=...

Displaced by Wilma looking for work in Orlando
Hey Everybody, I haven't posted here much, but some of you do know me in real life. I'm a juggler and an acrobat, I have a pretty strong juggling and handstand repertoire. I recently moved t...

VIII Convención Chilena de Circo y Arte Callejero
VIII Convención Chilena de Circo y Arte Callejero La Convención se realizará los días jueves 24, viernes 25, sábado 26 y domingo 27 de Noviembre. Al igual que los anteriores, el l...

90 portraits of jugglers taken in 90mins
We had photographer Anthony Oliver taking portraits at the London Juggling Convention. See the images here: ----== posted ...

Check out a new video at Alan

new video - a Halloween Trick or Treat
A new bounce passing video. A real chiller. Not for the faint of heart. Keep your heads while watching SHEEPY HOLLOW. ...

5 ball cascade
Dear those better than myself, Why can I not juggle 5 reliably? I can get 20 catches easily, but 30 and 40 are stretches. For some reason my pattern falls apart and I can't keep t...

Juggling/Circus Music
I am listening to the soundtracks to Varekai and Alegria alot right now, and wanted to know where (other than on Cirque soundtracks) I can find some cool circus music or power orchestra musi...

Ball spinning again...
Hi all, I'm really enjoying this ball spinning nonsense, and I've just started playing around with a 2 ball stack. Going on vague memories of bits of advice I've heard peop...

wrist traps
Ok this has been asked in the last two years with little response so I will ask here. I know the basic trap one club under another, what does this lead to, do people have more variations? I ...

In siteswaps, where do you look ?
Greetings. If you're juggling 333 or 4444 then you look at the top of the parabola, where the balls are at their highest point. OK. But when I (try to :-() juggle 53444 then if I look...

[small vid] Low club tricks
Hello fellow nerds. I filmed a few tricks with clubs in my room yesterday. I was juggling in my room initially to prevent myself from devoting a big part of my practice to 360's. Tha...

SIRCUS server down?
Anyone know what the deal is with the SIRCUS website? I'm looking for fest information but the website hasn't been loading on my computer. If whoever's in charge of the fest could pos...

Vendors of Free Standing Ladders?
I've been doing some research today on freestanding (platform) ladders. Looking through the archives of rec. Many have suggested finding a welder to prepare one. I'd rather just ...

Brixton Workshop
Hello, This is to let all the London-based jugglers know that Brixton Just Jugglers is moving as of next week - to The Synergy Centre near Oval tube. The club page has been updat...

Juggling accidents
Hi Everybody, Descending balls are hitting my spectacles. Especially when practicing 3-in-one-hand. Sometime da balles bounce in the air and are quicker on their way back t...

Boston Uni juggling club
Hi, Does anybody know if the Boston University juggling club is still active? I've emailed them and checked their website, but the website is out of date and the emails bounce.

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