donations of old juggling eq
Hi all, Blake here,was there,gulfport ms. and talk about a blow out! but what i need is ..........a group of us have been setting up to go down to perform shows and teach juggling, a l...

[Free Ballz]
I am going to draw a winner in a few hours for the monthly contest. Later, Gregory

[VIDEO] Florian en Daan
a small video Daan and me made : or Or if ...

5 club jugglers?
Hello Jugglers this is a question for all the germany or german speaking jugglers( and for all other jugglers) i want to know who many people in germany can juggle 5 clubs. I mean ...

Bristol show?
Hi ,did anyone record the 'greatest show on turf' or know of anyone that did?Would really like to get my hands on a copy...... ----== posted via ==----

Tibetan juggling
hi - I'm trying to research juggling in Tibet and I have a problem, to whit, there appears to be nothing on the subject in books or on the web. Can anyone help with this? I read Tibe...

5 Knives
anyone tried juggling 5 kinives, love to see a video! James ----== posted via ==----

Hello! So, I'm bored at work and that's why I write stupid things like this. It is still something I would like to know. Does anybody practise 6bmm? It shouldn't be that har...

LA to Brkly
I'm looking to ride with someone going from LA to the Brkly juggling fest Oct 6 or 7th. I can also drive your vehicle. Please contact me if you're interested. Also, I can probably help yo...

Hey, Just wondering if anyone can balance 3 objects because im in practise i can balance 3 stilts for roughly about 10 seconds and i realyl want to be able to do it longer. When i balan...

100 Jugglingfotos wanted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please tell this link to your jugglingfriends! thanks a lot! ursepio ----== posted via ==---- ...

Looking for masterclass archive
Anyone happen to read and have copies of the old masterclasses? I use to have a few of them going back not too far, but recently lost them do to an event I don't want to get int...

Funny Jugglingfoto Tennisjuggler Ursepio my best jugglingfoto from zermatt. ----== posted via ==----

Japanese Juggling Video Links
Hello all rec.jugglers, I know a lot people can't read Japanese and so very rarely get the opportunity to see any juggling videos by Japanese talent. The following is a short list...

camcorder for juggling: high-speed capture
in some juggling videos, between frames the ball moves a large gap. So, overall it is hard to see the balls in normal speed. when buying a video camera, what feature one should look fo...

Rola bola
Hi, I'm looking to obtain a large rola-bola tube. I do a rola-bola routine with flightcases (some of you may have seen it at Brizzle). Currently I use a voltage rola-bola tube measuring...

chainsaw juggling
I am pleased to report that I broke the chainsaw juggling world record at the Portland Juggling Festival this past weekend. It is unofficial at this point pending guinness' approval. Celeb...

Mills Family in North Carolina
The Dazzling Mills Family will perform at the Cleveland County Fair from Sept. 29 through Oct. 8 this is near Charlotte in Shelby, NC Also Oct 14 through Oct 23 at the North Carolina S...

juggling blind
has any one seen juggling blind behind one's back, or overhead? here's a video that contains a clip of juggling blind on the waist. (i.e. move left hand behind the back to the right si...

New juggling club in Bognor
Just to let everyone know that there is a new venue to throw up in Bognor. I have posted an entry in the clubs section of the jugglingdb. Please spread the word, I need as many members as I ...

Guestbook for jugglers the official swiss circus festival website! gruss ursepio ----== posted via ==----

Silicone Balls...
Hi all... I just looked at this: and I was wondering if there is a easy&chap way to self-made silicone b...

IJDb Video Tag v1.1 #begin# Date: 2005-09-27 18:48:55 URL: Thumbnails: Title: kouki_clubs...

Broken Spotlight Silicone Bounce Ball - 64mm
I have recently purchased 3 Spotlight Silicone Bounce Balls - 64mm from Beard and today while i was bouncing them, 1 of them broke into 3 pieces. There is a picture at http://www.myorig...

University of Surrey Juggling Society!
Just an information post to let anyone who wants to know, know that the Juggling Society here is starting up once again. At 6pm, in AP2, tonight (Tuesday 27th September) on campus we will me...

Basic 5 clubs tricks
I know this post has probably been posted about 100 million times, but i still cant find any info or advice about it! I want to know which 5 club tricks would be the best to learn fir...

manipulation site
Found this today, might be of interest to pen-spinners and the like: it's a bit 'XTREME!!!!!' for my taste but there you go. Charlie

Brizzle '05
This message has been x-posted to rec.juggling and [email protected] I'm back from Bristol, tired and smiling, glad to be with my family and animals, but sad to be mis...

IJDb Video Tag v1.1 #begin# Date: 2005-09-26 18:53:52 URL: Thumbnails: Title: ko...

IJDb Video Tag v1.1 #begin# Date: 2005-09-26 18:53:52 URL: Thumbnails: Title: ko...

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