Cornell University's 9th Annual Big Red JuggleFest
Hello Juggling World This is a pre-"official announcement" announcement for the 9th Annual Big Red JuggleFest at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. The date has been set for the 1...

Wrong End [VIDEO] by Michael Karas
Hello all, At the beginning of the summer, I had a source of inspiration. Why not take all the (in my opinion) stupid and pointless rules of the WJF and use them as a source of...

exam-paper about juggling & coordination
Hi, I'm currently writing my final exam paper on how juggling affects coordinative abilities. I tested more than 100 jugglers, but before I can start with the fun-part of analyzin...

siteswap dvd
for those of you hanging out for this dvd, the website has been updated letting us know where they are up to with the DVD. just thought i would let you all know mark ...

Scarborough Convention
Thought I would drop a reminder in here for the Scarborough Juggling and Unicycling Convention, as no-one else has, certainly not recently. This weekend: Friday evening to Sunday for a...

New Fest Video
There is a new video up in Plotkins site The editing is really really really great!!! -Ivan- ----== posted via ==---- ...

Building Fire Devilstick...
Hi..i'm trying to build a good fire devilstick.. I did it with a 70cm alluminium tube (2cm diameter)..and i put a plastic grip in the middle... The problem is that when the devilstick i...
hello, just wondering if anyone has ordered or heard from anyone at serious juggling recently. i've sent a few emails over the past 4 weeks (to [email protected]

Bean bag recommendation
I've been looking for some new beanbags, being a little unhappy with my Dubes that after extensive use are still a little hard for my taste. I was wondering if anyone could tell me some bags...

Sydney Juggling Convention 2006
Hi all It's happening in january for 4 days. check out the website for all details at would love to see some inter...

[VIDEO] new Kristian Wanvik practice footage
7 ball exchange 2stages, 5 ball 1080s, and super-fly 3 club work. Check it! Norbi ---...

Please post your short and/or long term goals here. And brag about any achievements. Goals: I've committed to getting my four-ball async fountain solid [1] by the end o...

question: do sillies die?
Has anyone else had this happen? "Hi, I bought some silicone balls from -------, I used them for a couple of hours a day and after 18 months they had lost their bounce, I m...

Adding two siteswaps (math)
When is it useful to 'add' two juggling patterns together? I have a good feeling that you can always add two siteswaps of the same length, but I can't prove it. I'm sure it's not hard thou...

Free Shirts
Ok, I have 2 lg and 2 XL shirts that I want to give away because I'm getting a new style made. I just made a gballz message board, so the first 4 US residents that post, get 1 of the ...

ebay Renegade Fathead Clubs
Set of 5 up for auction. UK item number 5995380586. Worth a look at. Thanks, barney

maybe a new siteswap
Hi, Maybe I have discovered, a new juggling siteswap 591? Have anyone else tried or discovered it before. Regards, Tero Viiru -- Tero Viiru

Thomas Dietz Records on Bogleg
Thanks to folks for reminding me to check out Thomas' updated records on Bogleg. Here's the URL: There are just some ...

wjf bouncing???
why not bouncing at the wjf???? i now there is mayby not a good floor but make a good floor !!! ----== posted via ==----

juggling siteswaps
Hi, is there any website where people can find a list and/or pattern of different siteswaps? Is there any website or organisation where people can inform a new steswap? Thank you.

3 & 5 balls and soon (3 clubs) help
Ok, so i have quite a few questions about 3,4 and 5 balls. And soon to be 3 clubs (when they arrive, probably on Monday). I have improved alot since my Basic Tricks thread and i am now...

How many???
How many time are the world records with bouncing balls? (5,6,7,8,9,10,11) The most important information what I need is 5 balls.... ----== posted via ==---- <...

New video in my site "Viden" (bouncing)
Hello The video is about 2:20 mins with a lot of interest tricks from 3 to 7 balls including 3 balls behind the back blind and 7 balls 2 stage pirouette. The link to my website is...

V is for Virginia
Hey everyone, The second-to-last Hurricane Series tutorial is now up. Virginia is an unusal 3 ball trick because it makes 1-up 2-up exciting and it makes penguin catches look pretty.

Festival in central North Carolina
There will be a festival in Davidson North Carolina, thirty miles north of Charlotte, next weekend. The festival is called Hugofest, and is absolutely awesome. It is inexpensive, located i...

Teaching juggling in a course
I'm sure there has been a lot of discussion about this same topic. Sorry for that. I'm going to arrange a "basics of juggling" - course in 4 or 5 weeks. It will be the first of it...

lacrosse ball surface
Hi everyone! Lacrosse balls are my favorite type of balls for juggling, so I ordered a new set recently. When they arrived I immediately took them to my backyard to try them out a...

dancy's book
Can I find information about siteswap (how to read it.. how to write it yourself...) in dancy's encyclopeadia of juggling? thanks, peter ----== posted via

7 balls and a heavier prop warm up
When I'm practicing 7 balls I find it's much easier if I've warmed up on clubs and/or heavy balls before hand. It seems to allow my arms to throw higher without really thinking about it. The...

What's the 5b sync pattern alot of WJFers use?
I've noticed this pattern used by an awful lot of people, especially by many of those that competed or are competing in the WJF. I think it was a Dietz video where I first noticed it. But ...

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