Gatto forum - problem
In the last 2 days the login doesn't work: it's only me or there's a problem in the server? Norbi, Nick or all the other members can you help me? Daniele "Kasetta"

Does anyone know the world record for 100m Joggling? Im 15 and i do 100m in about 12.3 seconds So i thought joggling was perfect for me I went to the track near me and did 100m in 18.9 ...

5 Balls
Hey everyone, I recently started jugglnig 5 balls and every now and then i get a run of abotu 25-35 catches. My only probelm is that i cant get it everytime becasue it keeps turning and...

5 Balls
Hey everyone, I recently started jugglnig 5 balls and every now and then i get a run of abotu 25-35 catches. My only probelm is that i cant get it everytime becasue it keeps turning and...

Latest achievements...
Within the last couple days I nailed a 5 ball 3up 360 & 7333 for the first time. Also beat my 5 ball record, invented a nice transition from 4ball fountain to shower & nearly hit ...

Anthony Gatto clips "WELCOME Please note: All new videos are encoded with the latest Quicktime codec. You may need to download the latest codec...

Holding 9 balls
Hello jugglers of today!! I am ok now with getting an 8 ball flash on about 5 atemped each time now. I wanted to go raly over board and try to do 9. I not sure how to hold 5 in on...

I've seen people do a 3 club leapfrog steal, but I have no idea how they do it. Who has to say "hup", and what does the guy who's juggling throw? ----== posted via ...

Wait, Worm Eating?
The Guiness website has videos of a number of records which might interest jugglers, including: Table juggling, Basketball spinning, Basketball dribbling, Tennis ball heading, Chair sta...

[video] Jason Garfeild's Profile
Well the WJF finally decided to put Jason's old crappy irrelevant videos on Jason's site, and asked Jason to make a real profile video. And make one he did. Nice piroette and backcross foota...

* ~ ! Morning Wood Privet Hedge Leap ~ ! *
~ * ~ _________________________________________ !Morning Wood Continues Public Education ~ _________________________________________ ~ * A Morning Wood Very Special ...

Takeout Video
Hi, we have finally made a short video filled with Takeouts. It is 1:33 minutes long and 15,6 MBytes big. There will be a longer version or even a series, so we ...

New 3ball video at Cardboardlogic
Yup. This video features a lot of borrowed, stoled and semi-invented material, and some of my new favourite tricks. It also has a kind of semblance of a plot, but you can ignore ...

5 Club Equipment Help
Allright here's the deal, I am now very confident in my 5 ball juggling ability I can get 300-400+ catches each time I try. So now I want to move on and get down 5 clubs. But I don't know wh...

Vova Managed by Benji?
I'm connected through the performance management network, and I've heard through the grapevine that Benji Hill is now representing Vova. Can anyone confirm whether this is correct? Va...

2 cups and an axle First video
This is the first of many videos to come by 2 cups and an axle. It consists of Chris (diaboloist + juggler), Marc (diaboloist) and Zack (diaboloist) who have been diaboloing for 7 months and...

Juggle - in sign language
While looking up the definition of a word at I noticed that you can view short films of someone signing the word. Out of interest I wondered what 'juggle' looked like in sign lan...

P is for Paula (with clubs too!)
Hey everyone, The first day of Davenport, I was swapping 3 ball tricks with Komei (the kid that later won second place in Juniors), and I wanted to show him the trick I named Paula. I w...

Super high quality beanbags - a survey
Hello everyone. For more than 4 years now I've been making and selling juggling beanbags (balls), mostly in Israel and a little bit in other coutries too. My beanbags are made of ...

Seattle? Rochester? Syracuse? When will we know?
I heard last year they announced it at the IJA festival. When will they release the next IJA fest destination for next year? I mean, Davenport was a whole 3 days ago! That's more than enough...

Devil Sticks Tricks Recognition and Contests
Howdy everyone. First and foremost, its pretty incredible so many of you have come together to explore the art of juggling in all its wonderful facets. Truly remarkable what th...

[video] Junior's Champion Kazuhiro Shindo
Hey everyone. I took this video at IJA last week of this years Junior Champion. Before your disappointed, it's not his performance, which was amazing. He was trying out this new trick, some ...

Juggling in Taiwan.
Does anyone have any info on the juggling scene in Taiwan? I've had a few fellow performers tell me the street performing scene is definitely doable, although there is a new permit system i...

Left hand
My left hand is messing up quite a few tricks I am trying to do. Should I practise more two-handed juggling in my left hand or just continue with three balls until my left hand adjusts? ...

How do you quantify juggling skill?
I was thinking about the extremes: Number of objects: there are jugglers three times better than me. Number of people as good: Anthony Gatto is tens of millions of times better t...

IJA Festival Photos Enjoy. Respectfully submitted, -- Michael Ferguson (a.k.a. Fergie)

LED glowing clubs on ebay
Has anyone every used these LED glow torches I see so much of on ebay? f'rinstance: ...

Crawley Convention UK
Just a quick reminder that pre reg for Crawley ends this weekend, so book now to take advantage of the early booking discount. For online booking go to for convention ...

Juggling in New York City?
I will be doing the tourist thing in New York from August 7th until August 13th. I will be staying at: The Appalachian Loft is located at: 117 East 24th St. Suite 3-A New ...

Handmade Juggling Knives for Sale
Hello, I have a set of juggling knives on eBay at the moment, and thought it might interest a few people on rec.juggling. Aside from the knives in the auction, I also make custom ...

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