looking for more info
Hi I am interested in more information. Where is the best spot? You can email me at any of the following addresses: Thanks, Sam [email protected]

WJF Video Game
It says on one of the pages on the wjf website (http://www.thewjf.com/ddr.html) that "they haven't finished making the WJF video game yet." Does anyone know what this is about? Also, wh...

[4 ball multiplex 441 mills mess]
http://unknownjuggling.tripod.com/othervideos.html Mirroring is welcome since my bandwidth might become a problem. -Will Penman ----== posted via www.jugglingdb....

qualified 5
well... i did ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

Possible gigs going in New Jersey
Is there anyone in Warren, New Jersey (US obviously) that would be up for doing some gigs at a summer camp for children and adults with disabilities? They're looking for enterta...

Club Repair
Hi! This morning, I broke one of my Beard Circus Specials while juggling five clubs. I've decided to repair it. I'm assuming that you just take out the cracked dowel, get a replac...

Unicycles at IJA Convention?
I'm going to the convention in Davenport this year. It's my first convention and I was thinking I should bring my unicycle. Does anyone know if these are allowed in the "gym"? Should I be...

Challenge for Jugglingeek
Just clicking around the BBC News website I noticed an article on the guiness book of records here and at the bottom of the article i saw something that reads: "Fancy a challenge?...

movin to korea
Hi there thought i would try one of these, first time post, long time reader. Im moving to korea soon (january 2006) and would like to know if there are any jugglers there i could visit/sta...

Crawley Convention (UK)
Just a quick reminder for you, the Crawley convention is on the 13th-14th August with the site open from Friday afternoon. This years theme is "pirates" so bring along your wooden leg...

Space for a juggling club meeting?
If you belong to a Juggling Club/Association, where do you meet? The club I am in may soon lose its meeting space, and I am hunting for new space. Ideas? Thanks, Doug ----...

Juggling for dummies...
Hi men.. I'm new to 3balls juggling..I can only do the classic 3balls trick.. Is there a good site with video and tutorials for newbie like me? Cya...

Dear rec.jugglers, I would like to share with you all a few new features that I have just added to the IJDb. --- ZIP --- You can now download the IJDb clubs and e...

Another Gatto WJF 7 ball routine
I don't know what Gatto's trying to prove by releasing a second WJF 7 ball routine. He's always been adamant that he has nothing to prove but when he releases a second WJF video it just make...

Overview of Juggling-History
http://www.ursepio.ch/homepage/ursepio_English.html German: ‹berblick der Jongliergeschichte Faszinierende Kunst: Jonglieren: http://www.ursepio...

K is for Karl
Hey everyone, The tutorial to learn Karl is out: http://unknownjuggling.tripod.com/hurricaneseries.html Karl is a 3 ball pattern in the Hurricane Series. I encourage you to check i...

Jason Garfield Update
For those who like to keep up with the legendary life of Jason Garfield, he's had an update of his career timeline for the past year on his site for a little while. http://www.jas...

IJA -- comedy workshop -- clarification
The Pro Comedy writing workshop is being held during the Summer IJA festival in Davenport this Summer ( July 18-24) BUT is an extra cost item -- Its an 8 hour intensive class on how to write...

what is the people most young in flashin 11 balls?
what is the people most young in flashin 11 balls? I want know it. Only This Thanks. ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

new Foto of Ursepio and English website
http://www.ursepio.ch/homepage/fotos/downloads/juggler.jpg =====Foto Swissjugglingconvention Basel 2005. Dear Visitors Welcome to my Juggler's Website .I'm very p...

what is a juggle of mills
OK, so me and some mates were sitting round discusing juggling. and I asked how many catches you have to do to juggle 5b mills mess. I think that beacuse there are 6 different throws i...

good day today
did 7 catches of 5 ball rather easely today and flashed 6 :D ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

J is for Jeanne
Hey everyone, I'm back from "touring the west" (By the way, if you're ever driving through Yellowstone, an there's a car accident, doing some impromptu car to car juggling can mak...

Diabolo dot CA?
Apparently the diabolo.ca server is down. The error message makes it look like the host shut down the site. Does anyone know more about this? ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==-...

Any Die-hard American Club fans?
I'm starting to use Dube XL Americans a bit more these days, and was wondering if there are any jugglers who swear and die by American clubs? In other words, European models are not in thei...

Anthony Gatto -- Video Trouble :-(
Hello all you better jugglers, I have started to download all of Anthony Gatto's video clips of his site and there are 4 that just do not wont to work for me: 4clubChintrick...

Any jugglers in Tricities, TN and VA?
It seems like every town has some kind of juggling convention/club except for Tricities (the tiny place where I live with lots of hillbillies on the border of Tennessee and Virginia ;-] ). A...

The fast triples abuse thread
I thought I would start a thread where everyone could vent their hatred of fast, low triples. I've been going to conventions since Pity Me, Durham '03, in the corner of England. It seem...

Can anyone do a (I think it would be 9,1) this is the same as a 7,1 with 4 balls only with 5. I will give a quick description in case my site swap notation stinks: The 4 bal...

Salford Convention. - Thanks
Just like to say thank you to everyone who turned up (even all the way from cornwall!) and to say I hope you all had a good time. Hopefully next year will be bigger and better, with th...

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