Templates for Club Decos
Does anyone know where I could find like it says in the title, templates for juggling club decorations. Particularly those for European styles (top and bottom of body covered). I was t...

Shaker cups for Rola-Bola stacking
I have a really large stacking Rola Bola, and may make a small one for transporation to the Ren Faire this summer, to perform. What brand of shaker cups work best for rola-bola stackin...

Arcadie Andronache - Russian juggler
Does anyone know anything about this juggler? He's coming to town with a circus soon and I couldn't find much on him. Thanks. David Cain www.christianjuggler.com

Gatto's improvement after 20
Did Gatto improve much technically after age 20? What age do technical superstars plateau? Can we expect much improvement from Vova and Olga from now until they are 30?

As to be expected from gatto's videos. Why else woudl we buy the DVD? ;) ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

learning 7 balls
last weekend i tried to get a 7 ball flash and got it after 1 hour of hard practice.i tried again today and got upto 10 cathes clean.after a while of pracice i couldent get a flash.i ...

new anthony gatto videos
there is some wicked new videos on his site: http://homepage.mac.com/anthonygatto/FileSharing2.html - the juggler ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.co...

Silicone chips + Silicone coated Skwoshballs
Hey all. (not that kind of chip :P ) I bought a set of five babache silicones about 9 months ago and they have developed quite a few chips and holes etc, which suprised me. ...

Back from Bungay
Had a great time at Bungay Balls Up this weekend, wish I could have been there for more of it. A big thanks to all those involved in organising it. definately one of the most chilled out con...

OT: Money folding
http://www.wejuggle2.com/moneyfolding.html has the preliminary instructions for folding a heart from currency. The main problem will be step 9 - I am trying to get a picture to help and n...

4 ball tricks
Any good sites out there got to grips with 3 now thinking of movin onto 4. Cheers, Sketch

[VIDEO] Stefan Paridaen - db97531
Hello all, time has come to post a new video. This time it's just one clip of one trick, but it's sure worth it. Stefan doing the 7 ball siteswap db97531. You can watch it over h...

Learning 744
Anyone have any tips on learning 744? Been trying it for a few weeks now with vary little luck. ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

Looking for more information.
Hi I am interested in more information. Where is the best spot? You can email me at any of the following addresses: Thanks, Sam [email protected]

[video] tennis court session #1
Hi, i read rec.juggling all the time but i've never posted before. Probably cos i've never had anything to say... anyway. I've made a tiny juggling video which i have posted...

Goofproof banbags
Does anybody have any experiences (good or bad) with these beanbags: http://tinyurl.com/7sew7 1st time I use tinyurl, yay! ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==---- ...

WJF profile videos
Does anybody have the profile videos that was on the WJF site, especially Toby's and Thomas'? I thought I had them, but after searching through a big pile of CD-R's I was unable to find them...

3D videoclip with juggling stuff
hello all, i wasted my time but the effect is quite good i think : check the "laphaze3D.mpg" video in this page : http://jonglargonne.free.fr/videos.php ----== posted...

Learning 3 club alberts
Right, so I've been juggling clubs for a fair while, with the sole intention of one day, being able to do 3 club alberts, and maybe backcrosses as well whilst I'm at it. I can do ...

F is for Frances
Hey everyone, I just finished working on the explanation the next trick in the Hurricane Series, Frances. I really like the trick, and you can see the tutorial, along with a video, here...

make cash fast and legal
MAKE ALOT OF MONEY!!! NOT A SCAM PLZ READ Posted By: JASON Date: Tuesday, 30 May 2005 "Hi, I'm 23 and I make more money than my parents and so can you" Turn $6.00 into ...

3 ball impro in Berlin?
hello, i'm searching for some people to play 3 ball improvisation games or just juggling here in Berlin in parks, on the streets or anywhere. i'm happy about any con...

Small, juggling related tricks.
Screw technical juggling - the future belongs to small tricks that are only slightly juggling related. Tonight I came home early and decided to film a couple of tricks (that I could do whi...

Eurovisionsong 2005 video griechenlandsong, Fotos
http://www.ursepio.ch/homepage/movie/ursepio_7tennisballs.MPG and http://www.ursepio.ch/jugglers.html ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==---- ...

Seeking Los Angeles CA jugglers....
Im in Pasadena... Juggling day is coming up.. We can get some press if we congregate somewhere.. Anyone in the LA/Pasadena area ?? david

I was wondering how to do chops i am ok at juggling but cant seem to get this right do you have any tips.

Fat Heads
Does anyone no of any Fat Heads for sale.

8th Italian Juggling Convention - Correggio 2005
Ciao, the 8th Italian Juggling Convention will happen in Correggio (RE), close to Reggio Emilia. For further details have a look at the website of the Italian Jugglers Assoc...

boulder colorado juggling festival
Come join us in Boulder, Colorado on Friday June 10, Saturday June 11, and Sunday June 12 for the first annual Boulder Juggling Festival. The fest will be held at the beautiful, new, ...

E is still for Earl
Hey everyone, I just posted the tutorial for the Half Earl Variation on my website unKNOWN Juggling. It's the follow-up to the Earl tutorial, and even if you didn't learn that one yet, ...

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