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UWA OOC Board [ Reply | UWA OOC Board ] make money fast now Posted by dnice on 4/18/2005, 10:49 pm, in reply to "Make money WITHOUT spending money (I kid you not!)"

Free Money, SERIOUSLY!!
Do you use a search engine? You can earn absolutely FREE money if you do. You will be paid $0.02 (2 cents) for every unique query performed from the site, up to 40 per day. If yo...

Best Juggling Video Ever?
If there is one that is the best which is it? My Vote: Schani's Juggling in Israel - so good. :-) ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==---- ...

[Contest] Free Balls
Reminder: Free juggling ball drawing will be tonight, Apr.30th @ 11:59pm EST. www.gballz.com Later, Gregory ______________________________________________________...

[Contest] Free Balls
Reminder: Free juggling ball drawing will be tonight, Apr.30th @ 11:59pm EST. www.gballz.com Later, Gregory ______________________________________________________...

making juggling bean bags
where's a good place (a store ideally or online will do) where i can buy lots of plastic beads for filling my juggling balls? thanks ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==-...

New Juggling Club Los Angeles, CA
Poinsettia Park Jugglers in Hollywood,CA has started a new juggling club. WE MEET: Thursdays from 3pm-7pm Somewhere in the park. LOCATION: Poinsettia Recreation Center 74...

Unicycling video.
While surfing across the web, I came across this: http://www.wimp.com/unicyclist/ I thought it was cool enough to share. jani -- Remember to v...

Cool! Hot! Sexy! T-shirt from IKEEDAN New York
If you're the type of person who is trying to find that casual t-shirt that is stylish and sexy, IKEEDAN is the fashion. We provide you with unique t-shirt designs and that are both smart a...

Jugglers from the whole world wanted
http://www.ursepio.ch/jugglers.html Jugglers from the hole world send me fotos please. i will have the greatest jugglingfotossite on the internet Thanks! -...

[VIDEO] Jon Udry#3
I got my new vid out. Tell me what you think. www.jonudry.co.uk/jonudry3.avi Cheers for any advice, Jon ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==---- <...

free style siteswaps
sorry dude not a new idea! seen loads of people doin it check out my new video http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jugglingeek/videos.html 5 ball ss sequences also try it in shower h...

Unicycling Tiredness
Right, I have a unicycling question. Oh, and before anyone says "Why don't you post this at r.s.unicycling instead, you big jerk?", I posted it here, because I actually read r.j ...

funny u should say that! im working on stuff like that at the momment, ive done 744 with shoulder throw 4s, and seperatly backcross 7, and ive done 94444 with bac...

Humboldt Festival
Hello everyone. The Humboldt Juggling Festival is less than a month away. Everyone involved is getting very excited as the final preparations are being made. There...

[WJVF2] -It's finally here, start voting.
I am sorry for the two day delay, there has been (and still is) some confusion with video hosting, but things are hopefully sorted now. But the videos are up. There are only fou...

Toss Up 2005 (less than a month away)
Hey Fellow Jugglers, As you know, Toss Up 2005 is coming up really soon. So with that in mind, have you bought your tickets for our amazing show May 21st yet? Here is some inform...

Free Style siteswaps
hi jugglers: I have been thinking of this idea a lot and it seems that today is a good moment to share: I have been doing a lot of siteswaps for the last 4 years...

Stupid Torch Question
I'm going to try torches for the first time and have heard that coleman lantern fluid (I'm in the US) is considered a good thing to use. I found canisters of it at Walmart but didn't see ho...

UK to IJA? (and who wants to share my room?)
I am going to IJA this summer... I have a room (well actually 2, due to not having the whole week free i have the first few days at one hotel and then the last couple at another ...

7 balls: 4th throw going to wide
I've noticed that the fourth throw in my seven ball cascade goes a little bit too wide. What's the best way to fix this? Thanks, Erik ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.c...

Juggling Icecream - Proper (Video)
a FUNNY VIDEO OF ME AND MY MATE JUGGLING KEBABS AND ICECREaM ON TV IN AUSTRALIA http://www.zippyvideos.com/155307663217375.html JAMES aka Buster Juggler ----== po...

Juggling Kebabs and Icecream (VIDEO)
A funny video of me and my mate juggling kebabs and icecream on Tele here in Australia. Its quite hard actually! James aka Buster Juggler ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.co...

YJOTY Footage.
Hey all, I was wondering if anybody had any footage from the YBJOTY Comp. I know that not just me, but probably the rest of the "Young Jugglers Posse", would like to see the routines. Well, ...

[video] tiffty
me doing some sequences on our site http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jugglingeek/videos.html fun tricks to do love to know if other people do these tricks (apart from peter bone) and a...

numbers juggling practice (poll)
1. Do you practice numbers in every practice session? 2. Do you start with 3,4 or 5? 3. Do you want to have done one long run with a solid number, if yes, how long is it? (4 or 5). ...

Bungay Balls Up UK Juggling Convention
Hi all, Just a quick reminder that the Bungay convention is now less than a month away. 6 days camping in the beautiful Suffolk countryside, on-site veggie and vegan ca...

(not very interesting) [video] 9 ring flash
I was having a bad day with rings because I havn't juggled them for weeks but when I tried nine as a joke I got pretty close. So I set up a camera (actually Tiff did) and filimed for a...

Ursepio Worldrekord with 7 Tennisballs
http://www.ursepio.ch/homepage/movie/ursepio_7tennisballs.MPG 15 seconds ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

Henrys Circus vs. Pirouettes
Im going to a new set of clubs this summer and can't decide if I should go for Henry's Circus or Pirouettes. I want to practice four and five clubs but I'd also like to be able to pass and ...

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