Juggling In Paris, France
I tried to post this earlier, but it hasn't appeared, so I'm trying again. I will be spending a week in Paris in May and was wondering what the juggling scene is like right now. Are there ...

homemade clubs
I recently decided to learn to juggle clubs and was too cheap to fork out the money for nice ones, considering I wasn't sure how much I would actually like juggling clubs instead of balls. <...

Juggling In Paris
I'm going to be spending a week in Paris in May and was wondering about the juggling scene in the city. Also, how is street performing looked upon? Is it legal? Any info would be greatly ...

I want to became a profesional juggler!
I'm young, 18years, and I would like to start training juggling serious. I would like to join some circus, or something like that. I need a juggling teacher. Now I'm having my last year at s...

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SS axioms - please help!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi all siteswapping heroes, I'm reading through ben beevers great siteswapping book for the 2nd time - Siteswap bens guide to juggling - http://www.jugglingdb.com/articles/index....

juggling partner wanted
I'm looking for a juggling partner who ALSO wants to be a full-time performer. My name's Chuck, I'm 24, I've lived in Maine(USA) away from other juggling clubs for way too long. Every summer...

holding 3 Balls in one hand
Hi! I'm learning 5 Balls at the moment and really have this problem with holding three Balls in one hand. How do you manage them? Could you perhaps post some pics? G...

Juggling equipment Sydney
Can anyone recommend a juggling shop in Sydney, or thereabouts? I've tried looking on the web etc, but those I found seem to have either closed or moved. Neither Lunatrix (Glebe), Red Giraff...

Set of 7 Henry's Pirouettes Clubs on ebay
I've placed a set of 7 Henry's Pirouette's clubs on ebay. Check the link below: http://tinyurl.com/5ff53 Thank you, ~Jason

bjc confirmtion
Has anyone not recieved there BJC confirmation yet after pre registering? Cos i havnt and i dont know if i should be worried or not! Let me know if anyone else is in the same situation...

[VID] boarding, chainsaw juggling
Hi all, here's a video I encountered on the web. Maybe some of you have already seen it.. Some guy on a mototrized skateboard juggling tennisballs and a chainsaw.. Nothing esthet...

[WJVF] Vote on your favorite theme
We now have 68 themes suggested which I think is plenty. A complete list of the themes (and other challenge info) is located at http://www.stuntsuperstar.com/wjvf Please vote in ...

Going backwards when doing pirouttes?
When doing pirouettes and especially with higher numbers (like five and six rings; which is the prop I mainly juggle) I have a tendency to move backwards for each turn. Not much, but far e...

Virtual Juggler
I was trying to find some simulator that worked on my computer (I'm a computer fool and couldn't figure out how to get jongl to run) and Virtual Juggler looked pretty good. Unfortunately, t...

moderators PLEASE
ok.. now we're getting messages like xfgn... how can we get a moderator?? they just take up space! not to mention advertisements!!! okay, the insulting threads, i think, should still be allo...




Website News
Please visit this http://www.firejugglers.34sp.com/fire/news.php and tell me what you think? Thanks Fire Juggler ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

bouncing floor problem...
anyone can help me on this one? i got an unregular boncing floor at home and was wondering if anyone can give me an advice on using some "piece of material"... I've seen jugglers using this ...

Sheffcon '05
Hello! Just one convention left until the BJC, and this one WILL be a good one. **** SHEFFCON '05 19-20th March - Goodwin Spor...

*** Fotos of Jugglers ***
http://www.ursepio.ch/homepage/jongleure.html ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

[WJVF] Video Challenge Theme Suggestions
This is a thread where everyone can suggest any theme they want. It can be a juggling related theme or a video related theme. Anything at all really. If it is good it will catch ...

Sporadic Juggling
Gday Some of you may remember that i was a reasonably frequent poster on r.j until i did the dispicable thing and went to University. Well, im still there, but something ive notic...

projects wanted
hello everyone, I'm looking for circus and theatre projects in europe which like to exchange their experience with me. I'm doing my european voluntary service in a circus and tehatre project...

resigning from rec.juggling
Hello everyone, I am here to say I am resigning from rec.juggling, I don't really need to make this public but I will try to put a point across before I stop posting. Rec.jugglin...

Video request #4
Hi all, Request for someone to film the following: 4 ball async fountain, all balls backcrossed then clawed at the front. As in, each hand throws a ball up from behind the back,...

WJVF rules
Hi jugglers: someone post the WJVF rules clearly. I have the batteries of my video camera charging... marco ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

Carpool from Calgary to Victoria Juggle Fest
Anyone interested in sharing gas and ferry (and maybe hotel if I know you) to head out from The Calgary Area to Victoria Jugglfest ? Leaving This Thurs AM, and returning by Monday

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