speaking of plagiarism.....
i happen to notice a fair amount of material on the site below has been lifted from others without permission.(ok, there are minimal credits.......) Wouldn't normally bug me but today i...

Think there's new stuff on galchenko.com under the vova section, unless i've missed the post in the last few days that is, check it: http://www.galchenko.com/Vova's_new_stuff/videos.h...

Drop Lines
I'm not a performer but maybe aspire to do some performing down the road, and I was wondering if anyone had any inputs to a list of drop lines I am going to make. You know, when your up t...

Anybody heard of "Cirque du Luminescence"?
Anybody heard of "Cirque du Luminescence"? I've heard that it's a "pocket size" Cirque du Soleil derivative, but can anybody add details? CA Watkins

Is 6 ball juggling really that hard?
Hi all, I can run a five ball cascade for 10 minutes, around 15 different five ball patterns for more than 100 catches, half of these for more than 200 catches, but I haven't reac...

Fire show
hello to everyone and thanks for all offers of help for the bjc fireshow.... please try and raise more interested people to help organise/perform/support the show to help make it as succesf...

(",) Do You Want To Know For Sure You Are Going To Heaven?
http://www.want-to-be-sure.blogspot.com << Click On Link

Possible new video hosting option
If there's anyone on rec.juggling still looking for a video-hosting option, it looks like OurMedia[1] might be a possibility. It's pretty hard to evaluate its potential right now because it'...

Free Starbucks Giftcard for a 30 second web survey
Limited Offer - Free $500 Starbucks Giftcard All you have to do is take a 30 second long web survey and opt in to get some email offers The Starbucks Card i...

****** Jugglers from the whole world wanted *****
www.ursepio.ch/jugglers.html please say the link to your jugglingfriends. ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

WJF convention DVDs
so i pre-ordered my WJF convention package DVD and it said shipping starts in march does anyone know when in march? has anyone received their package yet? i know the we...

Juggling with 5 items
Hi All, Just mastered how to juggle with 3 items - Yipee!!! Now onwards & upwards to 5 items (beanbags & the likes) any good links out there. Cheers & thanks,

Cabarisk - Montreal
Cabarisk is circus cabaret show that is presented one night only in Montreal on Thursday March 31. The previous edition offered by the producers filled the theatre and was greatly appreci...

Dietz is closing up on Gatto!
Today I discovered that not only is Thomas' 6 club and 8 ball record not to far from Gatto's, he has also juggled 9b for 192 catches, yes that's right one nine two, and 7 balls for 7 minutes...

Calling UK Balloon Twisters... just set up a new UK Yahoo group :o)
Hi Guys, Talked to a few people and thought it might be an idea for us UK based balloon twisters to have a message board home of our very own (mostly so we don't have to annoy t...

New Gatto videos
Gatto has put up 4 new videos on his site. 5club 5up pirouette into 5 alberts with only one regular throw in between, 5 ball above the head pirouette into backcrosses with 1 throw in b...

Fire Devilsticks
Ebay item number 5963607725. Henry's Fire Devilstick Ebay item number 5063608736. AJA Fire Devilstick. Both items have been used but are in good condition. 4 days left to bid.

Proper Pirouettes
Hi! As we all know, proper pirouettes are right hand, right turn, left hand first, left turn. So what do you do with even numbers in an async pattern? Because the...

O, just ...
"Never a moment's rest, When on a quest, O, just The Divine Leonardo Way, A Dogmatic Canine of mine ... Fulfilling The Divine Dogmatic Way ~ Serving full-time...

New WVJF video
hi jugglers: I finished the wvjf video... is 1:01 long... i even rented a squash court for 30 minutes for this video. In the last trick the lights are off because the time w...

Digital Video Tech Question
I just bought a new digital camcorder (JVC GR-D270). After recording a few tricks, I went to download the video to my PC. I brought it in through a firewire connection in the raw .AVI form...

Angular momentum of clubs?
Hi, as it is quite expensive to buy clubs, I want to make my own ones. Unfortunately I was not able to find any detailed information on this topic. Does anybody know how big the angular...

One year of juggling
Well, I've been juggling for about a year now. I don't remember exactly when I started juggling, but it was some time in March or April of last year. I was bored one day, and knew there were...

Hey all, i'm currently trying to learn rubensteins revenge, can any of you give me any tips to help me learn? -- Thanks Kathryn ----------------------------------...

Funny video
Hello all, I just want to annouce a new video (35 MB) with not so difficult but very funny stuff. You can download it from http://www.jongl.de --> videos --> "No Pirouettes"...

Juggling Sticks..
Hello fellow Jugglers... I was looking on the internet today for juggling sticks but had no luck. The thing is i want to flash 6 clubs but there is no space in my pattern at the m...

Jason Garfield props
Hey, Does anyone know what size and type of balls Jason Garfield uses? I am pretty sure that he sometimes uses fergies, but what size or type. ----== posted via www.jugg...

(video) ieper convention
Hi, This is my video of the Ieper convention : http://lejonglage.free.fr/download_videos.php?fichier=convention_ypres_2005.avi Enjoy ! noitbacarts, http://www.le-jongla...

thomas dietz-new world record
look at this: http://www.bogleg.com/records/lists.php?submit=Submit&tricka=87&trickb=189&trickc=197 ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

Jason Garfield, World Records
~Hello better Jugglers~ I was going threw Jason Garfields juggling time line watching all the shows he had done and on the promo clip for 2003 Jason starts the video of by saying:...

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