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Follow the directions below and in two weeks you'll have up to $20000.00 in your PayPal account. There is a very high rate of Participation in the program because of its low investment and h...

Juggling and... Terri Schiavo? Interesting article. Anyone know the juggler? - Andrew

Gatto here, Dietz there, Garfield... moses, moses?
Well, well, well, I know that celebrities are always on the eye of us and more when they are good jugglers... think a bit, are we been positive or construcive talking sh%& of good jugglers j...

Why is there never anybody on the chatroom?
Every day I've been on the chatroom for about an hour and there is never anyone on, why is this? Alot of people log onto the site but don't seem to post or go on the chatroom, it gets really...

BJC2005 - Come on in, the convention's lovely!
This was posted to ukjugglers ( ) dammit i wish i was there... >Charlie Hull wrote: Hi all, I'm sitting in the main hall he...

Retothejuggler: new little clip
It has been a while since my last clip...I`m back from my videotaping break now: a short 5b routine you can do much better ;-) my first succesfull attempt to turnaround the 5b sho...

diabolo purchasing help
Sorry guys, I normally hate these "which [insert prop type here] to buy" threads, but then when you need some advice you need some advice I spose :) Just been inspired to take up diabo...

I want someone to break the [57][22]2 record!
I was mucking around the other day and decided to break the record on for the 6 ball pattern [33] or [57][22]2! He...

Victoria Juggling Festival - lost and found
Hello all, If you attended the Victoria Juggling Festival 2005 March 11-13 (two weekends ago), please read: First, one of us (the organizers) lost two brand-new Beard Euro c...

How to do Headroll
I've been trying it since last December. Once in a while, from time to time... Yet I have no idea how to do it. So delicate and need precision i think... Now I'd like t...

WJF: an ignorant non-juggler`s perspective
Apparantly the WJF competitions made it onto Latin American ESPN, and as a cruelly ironic God would have it, my host mother (a particularly ignorant non-juggler) got to watch it and I didn`t...

Budget Juggling
Hi there, I've become really passionate about my juggling, but unfortunatelty I am on a budget, and cant afford all the props i need, and only rely on skylights equipment and the stuff ...

Money for $5.00
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another 5 b question (balls)
trying and trying to reach 100 catches in a 5b cascade. From what i read is lookes like it is easy. not for me... I've been trying 5 balls for about 3 months and can't get more than 60. the ...

Interesting realisation
In all my 18 years as a non-juggler and 2 years as a juggler I have only ever seen one person eating an apple while juggling. This person was Jason Garfield in this excellent routine: ...

wjf dvd update
Go to the wjf website for news on why we can't yet get the dvd. In the meantime for a really fantastic juggling dvd get a copy of Things You Can't Do 2. Full of high level difficult t...

Reverse backcrosses
Hi all I've been working on reverse backcrosses for about about a month and all i can do is 3 ball every third ball a reverse backcross. I want some 3 ball siteswaps to add reve...

it has arrived
yyyyyyyeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh bjc c u all there for fun in a big field me xx ps vote foe norbi ...

Juggling / jugglers in Belgium
Hello you all! I'm going to Belgium (Brussels) in June, with a friend, to do the ESAC's audition. I'd like to know if someone can tell me more about juggling in Belgium.

How many rec dot jugglers?
The other day someone asked how many people read or post to rec.juggling. I don't have any data from a specific time period (say, the last year or last month, or even today) but ...

New bouncing video (Eden)
Yello.. Eden filmed a new video of 5-7 tricks witih bouncers. Here are some of the tricks: 5 shoulder shoulder (double bounce) backross + 360 6 shower 7 -> 4 balls crossed ...

swinging pots with fire around. what is it..?
Hi, On our trip to Mexico I saw people on the beach, they were swinging around burning little pots real fast. Very spectacular..! It was not quite juggling maybe, but it seems qu...

Are there any Conventions near Bristol?
Does anyone know of any juggling conventions, weekenders or festivals that are occuring in or around Bristol. There used to be Bristol's Other Bristol, but that hasn't seen the light of day...

Juggling in multivitamine commercial
There's apparently[1] a television commercial for Centrum multivitamines running here (Ontario, Canada) and possibly elsewhere that features people juggling throughout the whole commercial. ...

FS: Offers open for 5" DM Giraffe, UK
Well, it seems my previous attempt to sell my giraffe may have been overpriced. It's a real quality piece of kit in mint condition, but the unicycle world has moved on, and it seems ...

[WJVF] Video Challenge - Voting
Well, the time has come and the entries are in. It's time to vote on your favorites. Please RANK three videos in order of their fantasticness and how well they relate to the theme. ...

I bought a set of 6 lacrosse balls this weekend. I notice that when looking at the prices of lacrosse balls in various juggling stores online, they're around $8, but the ones I found were ju...

Why does Tim Noland's 11 ball bounce count
I'm NOT desputing the record. But when I watched it he drops one of them. Could someone explain why this still counts as an 11 ball flash. ----== posted via ==...

Humboldt Juggling Festival
Public Service Announcement Humboldt Juggling Festival Shea Freedomhowler [email protected] (707) 822-5248 Help us celebrate equality in the juggling arts at the fifth ...

4b RR
I've always heard people talking about a 4 ball Rubensteins and I was wondering if anyone had a video of it? Thanks -Andy ----== posted via ==----

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