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But, he's a CLOWN
We won't use names here, but someone commenting recently has revealed the following private details: ~ Most of my teaching is at a center for abused teens, and we also work w...

Luke Burrage on IJA video
So I'm watching my 2004 IJA Highlights video and there's a section where Luke is doing a routine with some sort of black wind breaker jacket on backwards. At one point he puts the hood over...

Forming a juggling routine
My school is having a talent show and me and three friends have decidided to juggle for it. This is not our first time performing in front of audiences but it is the first time we are going ...

[VIDEO] New vid on new site. Check it out
Hey all! Ive changed my website from www.geocities.com/jonudry to www.jonudry.co.uk Ive also got a new video which mainly consists of 3 objects but its got some other cool stuff a...

juggling families?
Michelle Mills was recently telling how wonderful it has been to be juggling professionally with her family; and there was note a while back about the Boehmer family, featuring one-armed Cas...

good process?
I've been juggling for about 11 months and this is my records: balls 3 ball cascade: 3670 c 4 ball fountain: 358 c 5 ball cascade: 42 c 6 ball fountain: 10 ...

5km and 3 ball juggling
hi jugglers: i have been running 5 km while juggling 3 balls, as lots of you know it is called joggling. Its really hard, not only the concentration but the rythm. Today I c...

centre of gravity of juggling clubs
Hi everybody, I'm new to the list, and fairly new to juggling. I have been juggling balls for a few months now, and I want to learn to juggle clubs because, well, it just looks ...

video request "LEGO" with rings
Hello everybody, I am looking for some nice "LEGO" ringtricks. It is very hard to find that, so maby some of you have some good ideas. Also other nice ring movies are always welco...

mills mess
how exactly do you do a three ball mills mess? I just can't get it I keep trying but end up just doing under the arm ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

Rochester Convention in May
Hey Are any rec. jugglers planning on going to the convention in Rochester, New York, this May? I am, just booked a hotel this morning, bringing a few friends along as well,...

Showering with girls
We have recently been reminded yet again of the legend of "The Girls of Tonga" juggling more than most in the Shower pattern. The eye-witness article about them that showed the little cocon...

But, he's FAT
We won't use names here, but a recent video clip linked here shows a guy, who looks like he's been super-sizing a lot of fries, flashing a bunch of sticks; and the website for a full-time pr...

rope trick serendipity
I was showing someone a rope trick. The one where you lay the rope over your wrists, turn your hands towards the middle, so you get a loop around each wrist, flick up the ends of the rope an...

club tricks?
Yesterday, I got a set of plastic clubs and I can do about 15 catches, so far, with them. Are there any secrets to juggling clubs? And also, what are some cool tricks to do with clubs? Thank...

[Contest] Free Balls
Reminder: Free juggling ball drawing will be Monday, Feb. 28th. www.gballz.com Just a little note: I qualified 6 balls (async) for the first time! (3 times in a row.) WooWo...

Bucket Juggling
I was recently accused of being a dick on this newsgroup for heavily criticizing someone's work. In the spirit of fairness I now post a video that is open to vicious criticism, and positive...

Result of Dutch Juggling Champ. day 1
Hello jugglers, After the getting the acknowledge the existence of championships in magic, acrobatics and other performance arts and got the inspiration by the last WJF competitio...

how old are?
hello! Do someone know how old Anthony gatto,Jason Garfield ,peter bone, luke burrage and Thomas Dietz are? The crazy juggler ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.co...

New/old Juggling article
Check out http://www2.bc.edu/~lewbel/jugweb/Fortune%20Juggling.pdf This is an over 20 years old article from Fortune Magazine. Includes pictures of Claude Shannon, Stu Reynolds, Paul B...

How much practise do people do (be honest) ? Can too much practise be counter-productive? In waht way do people spread there practise throughout the week ie. many ten minute sessions or on...

BJC Pre reg ends 28th Feb
Just a wee reminder that Pre Reg for the BJC end on Monday the 28th See you all there Graham

Sheffcon 2005 ideas and suggestions
We've been thinking about games for Shefcon 2005- http://www.shef.ac.uk/~ftc/shefcon05.html Some possibilities are:- 1. a blindfold 3-ball endurance (does anyone...

worrying trend
Has WJF sparked off a new trend. First BJC and now VJCOF have decided to incorporate competitions into their festivals to attract more punters. I go to festivals to play and have fun, not co...

mo'bout 3-in-1
The first problem learning to do something you can't do, is doing enough of something to be able to do more of it. This common wisdom of "break it down" is not so commonly accompanied by an...

Combo tricks competition at VJF
Hey folks! This is Blake from the Victoria Juggling Festival Organizing Committee (or VJFOC, for those who love pointless acronyms). We brought you a funny trailer, and pimped ou...

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Juggling full time?
How many people here on this newsgroup juggle as their full time occupation? How many people do it as a side job for supplementary income? If you juggle full time, what sort of things do you...

will graves on 5 mills with splits
yo dude! i also discovered this trick, suppose we can both have discovered it cos neither of us saw anyone else do it first! i wanna at some point do 7 ball splits in a mills typ...

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