4b Columns question
I'm wondering if anyone can do this, it was just a thought. If you are doing 4b Columns sync, can you toss both on the same side, side to side, and then do both from each side as 4x fo...

Video request #2
Hi all, After the success of the three-up knife pirhoutte (Chris, you're crazy - and I loved the way you caught that knife backwards to avoid catching the blade), I had a request of my ...

Performing for charity
Hello All, I'm relatively new to juggling (3 clubs, many 3 ball patterns, a couple of 4 ball patterns including shower, currently working on 5 cascade) and it seems that my girlfr...

bouncing/tossing 7
well i haven't made the 100 tossing catch club yet (damn!!) but i finally figured out camcorder etc...and shot some video over the weekend of my 7 bouncing/tossing. thanks f...

I am retiring from juggling
Hello all, As many of you know, I have had some interesting neurological issues of late with varied and unexpected resutlts. The most recent of which was the loss of three dimensi...

I am retiring from juggling
Hello all, ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

BJC Pre Reg
HI all! As every year roundabout this time a quick reminder: the British Juggling Convention is getting closer, and bills have to paid. If you are planning on coming can you ple...

Fergie Filling
What are in Fergie's? I thought it was Millet but it feels really heavy to be millet. Nik Goodrich ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

novice expert syndrome
I feel like a novice in the rec.juggling newsgroup where solid 6,7 ball juggling and 5 club juggling is common. Many won't even juggle anything less than 5. But then I feel like an expert ...

photos & video of Vincent at madrid
Hi everyone, as you know the new year doesn't start very well with Vincent going away from this world. We're very happy to see that you keep him in memory. I know JiBe still ask y...

WJF shows
So has anyone been kind enough to upload the WJF shows onto the internet so that us non-Americans can judge for ourselves if the shows were any good or not? I understand it would infringe co...

3 club box???
What spin or spin combinations do people use to juggle the 3 club equivalent of a 3 b box? ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

juggle how fast?
Erik Jernqvist replied to another bit of twaddle: ---> Juggling is normally done with about 4 throws per second and=AD 50% dwell time...which gives: 0=2E25x50%=3D0.125 [sec. dwe...

WJF Advance Balls Recap
Here's a recap of the WJF Advanced Ball competition. Better late than never I hope. Introduction - juggling montage with some computer generated clubs exploding and fire with a WJ...

cool 5 ball pirouette
Accidently I found this on the net, it is pretty cool stuff http://fine.tok2.com/home/ryuhan/doga/cocoa_toss02.mpeg Btw, it is from this website http://fine.tok2.com/home/ryuhan/d...

marden is the scum of sick dogs
the hate of your voice is the fear of life in your eyes you are the scum of sick dogs you will be strucken in leprosy and the whore of babylon will reapsoul of your...

3 WJF Thoughts
A few thoughts on the WJF (I watched both the advanced ball and advanced ring competitions): 1. ON THE GOAL/IMPLEMENTATION. The strategy implemented in the attempt to promot "s...

Poll: Juggling effect on neural capabilities
I was hoping that you can help provide some insight onto whether juggling complicated patterns actually allows your neural patterns to change beyond their inate state. In particular, could y...

Brendan Brolly wrote about the subject of counting catches while juggling 5: What I do is have one beanbag a different colour to the other. If you arrange the balls so that is th...

What people want from a juggling video.
I hope people don't feel this is too redundant a topic, personally, I feel it could prove useful... I'm wanting to know what the people who WATCH juggling videos (and I suppose, t...

Dietz juggles 5 clubs for 1:25
So for you who didn't know it Thomas "One hour" Dietz claims to have juggled 5 clubs for 1 hour and 25 minutes: http://www.bogleg.com/records/lists.php?submit=Submit&tricka=3

Juggling Club to keep at it
Hi, Since december 2003 I've been juggling, but I cannot find a juggling club or juggling friends. The internet has been a great help to me. I can now juggle 3,4,5 balls (an...

from Helen to June:Ecce ancilla Domini
6890A729A3770AE34AEEE10920A6676D3A36E2A6AD18124CF10FEB804C5660387DE224E071259185 7B15DA5C29F85BBE05D3A4DC4C6D3F9F88101BD359A7E3A3A8D598DB6A9956C87FD40BB3CF1E24C3 A7F49FCFF171BD3E377C851FEBFC...

5th Dresden Juggling Convention from 11.-13. February in Dresden with uni-hockey and Championships
Well, I am in Dresden right now. Can anybody tell me how much will just the Gala cost? ...or maybe i can go to other events, but not really sure. Thanx.

New hunting reality series seeks competitors
I found out more about that "Hunting for Bambi" reality show. They're looking for 6 men to be the hunters and 12 women to be the hunted. The 6 men will get to track, hunt and mount these wom...

WJF site says Advanced Ball Competition scheduled to air today
http://www.thewjf.com/ It says there's a possibility the newly announced air dates may change.

An interesting transition from 53 to 71
I was doing 53 throwing 5's as high as 7 would be from the right hand. Few rounds of that I throwed from the left hand a throw that would land back to left hand (this must have been 4) befor...

Anti gay semetism and grammar...
To the rec.juggling community: Please ignore the latest barrage of posts and flames on homosexuality issues (as well as grammar). These are all trolls and have not business being...

5th Dresden Juggling Convention from 11.-13. February in Dresden with uni-hockey and Championships
Fun, juggling around the clock, three hals (a sleeping hall,a juggling hall and a unicycle hall), two shows ( open stage and public show at the Deutschen Hygiene-Museum Dresden ), game...

CHECK your Wiki! Spam found..
Hi all I just checked my own Wiki site and had to delete some spam...check out if your site still works! Greetings to all Reto www.retothejuggler.ch

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