Birdhouse manipulation
I have been involved with the production "Birdhouse Factory" for the past several months. We are just wrapping up our run in San Francisco and I have posted a few pictures of me in the show...

5ball cascade
does anyone know any decent sites which have the little flash cartoons to teach you to do 5 balls ----== posted via ==----

It's so easy!
While practicing my meager clubs one evening in a park, an old guy walking two dogs stopped on the way back home, asking about my obviously home-made props. Turns out, he is a performer doi...

Free Balls
You have until 11:59pm (-5 GMT) to enter. End of the year grand prize. Dec. 31 Someone will win: 7 Suede balls - 1 Footbag - TShirt (M, L, or XL only) I will draw from ...

DVD of the year?
Hey everyone Happy New Year!!! What's everone's pick for DVD of the year for 2004. Mine is Hunting for Bambi. It's suspenseful, a thriller, must see DVD. There's a clip at

New site and new vids
Hey everyone. ive just purchased a digital camera for christmas, so ive been playing wid it alot! Anyways, ive started to update my site again, and it now has a few videos on it, with many m...

New site and new vids
Hey everyone. ive just purchased a digital camera for christmas, so ive been playing wid it alot! Anyways, ive started to update my site again, and it now has a few videos on it, with many m...

Website Update
Hey guys, I'm thinking of updating my website what should i do to my site to make it more appealing, Any comments would be appreciated. -- ...

A real juggler is....
Adria is not totally blind, nor totally cripple, nor, perhaps, totally awesome. She has to work, at a company where she somehow types 86 wpm. She also is a performer, though not totally ju...

Interesting multiplex notes
Hi All, I've just created a page in JuggleWiki on the evolution of multiplex split tricks and stumbled upon something interesting while I was doing it. I realised that it's possi...

WJF "juggler cleansing"
Does anyone have a copy of the full rules for attendees to follow at the WJF? You know, all of those silly ones like you have to wear shoes and a shirt, you have to wear deodorant, you can't...

Photographs of Juggling
Hey all, I love photography, and would like to combine this with my love of juggling. If any body knows any body that knows how i can get into this, or if you know, please let me know...

addresses on juggledb
I have been wrighting to juggling clubs in the UK to tell them about the BJC in Perth. There are very few juggling clubs that have a full address on the juggledb data base. If you run a cl...

Challenge: 5 club trick
There is a 5 club trick I've always wanted to do or see, so I thought I would put it on rec.juggling as a challenge. Here's the trick. Out of a cascade, throw three clubs (club #1, club #2...

French Conventions
Does anyone know where i can get listings for French juggling festivals. Even better, does anyone know the name of the week long juggling fest that happens just after the European?

WJF tv listings posted
According to the club comp, teams six club and teams seven+ club will be on from five to six thirty on thursday january 27. And the ball and ring comps will be on friday the 28th f...

Acrylic or Steel (contact juggling)
Well, I'm going to get my first contact juggling ball from I'm tired of trying to learn stuff with my juggling balls. Using real CJ equipment should help me learn. Hav...

How to pass from 5 ball cascade to (6x,4),(4,6x)?
Hi everyone, in fact, i'm looking for the easiest way to pass from a normal 5b cascade to (6x,4)(4,6x)'cause I know they're is more than one method. I can hold this trick fo...

typing and juggling
I typed this while juggling. -Scott ----== posted via ==----

junecomp 3 anyone?
Does anybody have Luke's third june competion video (junecomp3.mpeg). The one at areyouguibble isn't very long (just says "A day in the park) and then ends). ----== posted via www...

[passingdb] need your opinion
Hi, This is a message dedicated to teh evolution of passingdb. Things have slightly changed over the years, and I have come to realize that: - I have less free time tha...

So I have some more Gmail accounts to give away
Please e-mail me if you would like one. For those of you who don't know: Google mail (also known as Gmail) offers online inboxes with 1 gigabyte of storage space. You can check your <...

polar bear clubs?
For reasons including Seasonal Affective Disorder, I practice clubs outdoors. And did so yesterday, with the thermometer on the north side reading 41F (~5C). I was actually in the sun (see...

10 club 1 count feeds
I just posted some causal diagrams for some 10 club 1 count feeds. The feedees do pass pass self and 3 count. You'll find them here: Have f...

I just qualified [333]
I've only ever owned seven balls so having bought 3 more I thought I'd try [333]. After one hours worth of constant practice I finally did it!! I'm damn happy 'cos this is the one...

Juggling Props on eBay
I've placed a few props on eBay, if anybody wanted to take a look. Thanks. Hacky-Sack Juggling Beanbags Dube Throwing Knives http://...

So What Cool Stuff did people get for Christmas
What cool juggling related stuff did people get for christmas? Normally, Christmas Juggling Gift's I've gotten over the years have been crap unless I was very speciffic with what I wa...

Stifle, please
People do brag here. That is a legitimate and popular use of this facility, one that I might share if only. However, if I may be allowed a humble request: How little time and ef...

Jason Garfield books?
Hey, i was looking through the photos of the WJF postings, and there was one photo of two girls holding up a book called 'Jason Garfield's Theory and Practise of Juggling'. I was ...

Boston juggling shops
Hey, I've been looking around on the internet, and I haven't been able to find any juggling equipment shops in Boston, MA or any of the surrounding suburbs. If anyone knows of one please let...

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