What personal limits will you overcome at the WJF?
I think "overcoming limits" is somewhat of an oxymoron, but the WJF is all about setting limits for youself, and for juggling as a whole; overcoming your personal boundaries, surpassing obst...

Preparing a Proposal for Juggling Class
I need to prepare a proposal this week for a meeting next week with a local park district to teach a juggling class in the spring. I've never put together a proposal before for a class, but ...

check this...
free flat screen tv! as seen on BBC and CNN News. just sign up for a cool free offer, refer some friends and your done. U.S. residents only though(sorry!) see for yourself: http:/...

Impossible ?
3 ball cascade with 2 feet ? Never seen it yet. Even Berry, Viktor Kee ... haven't shown it yet. Impossible? Bok. Juggler from South Korea. ...

Juggling balls as a gift for a 5 year old?
I got 3 juggling balls (small bean bag style) as a stocking stuffer for a 5 year old who's father is a juggler (I think I may have trained the father, BTW). I just want to confirm...

Will you be my friend at WJF?
Hey guys, I'm going off to WJF by myself and the friends that were supposed to go with me had to cancel going there. I'm only 17 and I have never been to a juggling convention of this ...

Wales Circus Convention 12th December 2004
Hi All, Just a note to remind any interested parties that we are doing a Juggling/Circus skills Convention in the newly opened Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, South Wales on december 12t...

Juggling club
I am starting a juggling club at my school. I was wondering what I should do with it, how I should run it and who should be allowed? I am not sure when or where to do it? Thanks...

Schwolop's Zeroth Juggling Video
It's my zeroth video because I've got a great idea for a series, and this doesn't fit... Read on Schwolop wrote: in the thread about Shani's TD10 trailer... > Anyway, I'm...

jason Garfield on CNBC to day
Don't miss Jason Garfield on McEnroe this Monday and Tuesday night on CNBC, juggling and promoting the WJF and his new book. i can't see it on my tv ! ----== posted via www....

Free Beanbag Contest
The second drawing of the month will be Nov.30th. If you already entered this month, you need to enter again. www.gballz.com

Video: Still Juggling in Berlin
Hi everybody! Since there was so little reaction to our last video, we decided to delay Video #10 a bit further still. In the meantime, we have a video called "Still Juggling i...

Juggling gets you girls?
I just came across this while googling for juggling information - http://www.blanketfort.com/juggling/jugglinggirls.html Is this TRUE? Woohoo! ! InsAnimal --...

For Sandra Smith about InfoRelation.com
Hallo, I have visited InfoRelation.com and I would like to thank you for drawing my attention to this service ;-). The idea of connecting demand and supply for info, knowledge etc...

New 5 in 1 hand multiplex vid!
Hey All, It's been 4 months since I updated my website with any new material because I've been busy teaching English here in Japan so I'm pleased to announce that I've got some n...

bouncing balls
hey i'm gonna buy some good bouncing balls but i'm not sure what size , a 64mm or 70mm ..... most of the time i bounce 5 end i'm going for 6 and 7 , passing i do 9 ... 70mm is a b...

looking for Seve Otteson
Hi, I'm looking for a way to contact Steve Otteson. Can someone please send me an email adress at [email protected]? Or Steve, if you read this, can you contact me at the abo...

Juggling wallpapers?
Hi, I'm looking for some desktop wallpapers about juggling; where can I fond them? Espacially, I would like to get a wallpaper in which "Diablo playing Diabolos". Does anyone ever saw that k...

Juggling music
Hey, Does anyone know of any good music that I could use for a juggling video that I am making? I was thinking it would be good to have a rap song since it has the beats and ...

WJF full package CHEAP!
I bought the full WJF package with the hotel and everything a few months ago but now I can't go. I'm looking for someone who I can tranfer it to. I paid $500 for the whole thing b...

juggle these!
Useless facts fo' yo' ass! http://www.fallingskyhazard.com/catalog.htm Ancient Egyptians believed that onions would keep evil spirits away. The first Emperor of China,...

[video] Diabolo Niels, 9 years old, great video!
http://users.skynet.be/diaboloniels/nielsmixdiab.wmv A video of a 9 years old Belgian diabolist. Never saw somebody learning diabolo that fast! Daan ----== posted...

When do people flash 7?
I'm happy today, cause it's the first ever I have flashed 7 (90 gram cheapo beanbags, most of them repaired with tape). My 5 ball record is about 93 catches or something, after about 8ish mo...

trick idea
I've had this idea for a couple of months now, but never tried it (too hard). im sure someones probably had the idea but i've never seen it done. i'll use siteswap to describe it because it'...

looking for a room sharing partner at WJF
hi I'm planning to attend WJF from Dec 18th to 21st. I will stay there 4 nights(18,19,20,21) and go back home on 22th. I haven't decided where I stay yet and I'm looking for anyon...

Video: Another Thomas Dietz Video Nobody wants to see
Hi people! This is NOT Thomas Dietz Video #10, it's just another Thomas Dietz video nobody wants to see. There are no new tricks on this one, just three routines and a very stu...

Yo-Yo event in Enfield, UK
Hiya, long time no post! That's because I've been yo-yoing a lot more than juggling recently. Anyway, anyone in the South with time on their hands should get down to the Southern ...

Async to sync transitions
i'm trying to find transitions to get from the 5 ball cascade to sync patterns. Are there rules for working these things out? i guess ladder diagrams would help, but only if...

about passingdb
For those of you who missed it, you'll find here what's happening with the site: http://www.jugglingdb.com/news/article.php?id=%[email protected]%3E&thread=tr...

What is the most-up 360 that has ever been done? I think that quite a few people do 7-ups. Chickenjuggler ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

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