crazy ring tricks
are there any crazy ring tricks people would like to see. I've just learnt the "nasty suicide" from peapot's cooking fat video (five rings, throw one high, pulldowns with the other fou...

Contacting Kumar Pallana
As the title suggests I am interested in contacting Mr. Pallana. Mainly because I gather he performs plate manipulation and I am trying to contact any person who has that skill in order to c...

tendonitis frustration
Has anyone in here had frustration with tendonitis, such as having the wrists feel good, juggling for awhile, wrists feel worse, take 1-2 months off until wrists feel good, in a repeating cy...

an actual use for siteswap
Hi, My roommate here, in the Uni is working on a discrete optimisation problem that is simmilar to siteswap. Since I suck at discrete math, I would like to know the following:

an actual use for siteswap
Hi, My roommate here, in the Uni is working on a discrete optimisation problem that is simmilar to siteswap. Since I suck at discrete math, I would like to know the following:

radical fish
i was just wondering if there was any difference between the radical fish reg. (pirahnas?) and the yin/yang other than the color and price, my friend thinks they're better quality, but i don...

Quad Cities Jugglefest November 5-7 Davenport, Iowa US
******************************************************************** The Quad Cities Juggling Club Invites You To Be Our Guests. ...

Quad Cities Jugglefest November 5-7 Davenport, IA US
******************************************************************** The Quad Cities Juggling Club Invites You To Be Our Guests. ...

astro balls for sale on ebay 9-29-04
I have noticed there are not an immense amount of props on ebay at any given time, so I wonder if a lot of jugglers visit. I thought I would point this out. 5923663635 is the item numbe...

WJF Roomsharing
Hi, I'm looking for someone with whom to share a hotel room at the WJF. Please let me know if you can. male, non-smoking (at least not in the room), easy-going, good guy, LDS if any. Em...

5 ball cascade videos
Hi, can anybody tell me where I can find a clip with someone doing a 5 ball cascade for a while? Most clips that I found about 5 ball juggling contain a lot of awesome tricks (I e...

3rd Annual Seattle Juggling and Footbag Festival!
Hello, I just want to invite you all to the 3rd Annual Seattle Juggling and Footbag Festival. The festival will be happening on Nov 12,13,14 Ravenna Community Center. If th...

JuggleBoy 9 video finished!!!
here you go, everyone! its been alot of fun to make-i hope you enjoy it. chris fowler aka "juggleboy" ----== posted via ==----

Pirouttes - help please
I have been working on pirouttes for a while now. With three balls I can piroutte under 1 or 2 balls. I find doing a 3 ball flash piroutte really difficult. Does anyon...

Aerotech Globall website and contact
Hi, I wonder if somebody knows whats up with the aerotech guys? Their website ( seems broken at many places and they're unreachable via e-mail (mailbox quo...

different ways to enter 2 diabolo sprinkler
Hey I can do a 2 diabolo sprinkler then suicide out. I saw Ofek Shilton in the Shiltons video #2 do a very nice entrance to the sprinkler trick, the just unwrapped to get out, ins...

Siteswap Code
In one of my boring morning classes a few days ago, I was doodling some siteswaps and I began to wonder if anyone had ever made a code (as in cryptography) using siteswaps. I was thinking an...

2 White Pirouettes lost at Bristol
Sorry to clog up the group but I lost 2 white Henry's Pirouettes at Bristol this year. They had "MIKEA" written on the end caps in big black letters. If you saw them, or picked t...

Hard two ball siteswaps
Hi all, Can anyone think of any really tricky two ball siteswaps? 1700 is difficult for me, but ...? Hopefully there's something less lame than a11111111, for example? St...

Five ball tricks
I can juggle five balls in a cascade for around 150 give or take catches. Reverse cascade around 20, shower around 10 catches. I am looking to broaden my horizons with five balls. I have sta...

New trick which I can't put into s.s. form [video]
Hey, Just earlier today, I was playing around with 3 ball box-type tricks because I have been getting good at the box lately. Out of nowhere, I found myself doing this off-beat pa...

i do perform by the way, and its not numbers. as a matter of fact it actually is mostly tricks or should i say "interesting tricks with 3 4 and 5 balls also, a bunch of passing stuff wi...

Site swap states idea?
when juggling three balls you are doing the siteswap 3: if you throw a 4 you then cannot throw a 3 but you can throw a 2 returning to ground state and to the site swap 3. or you ...

Shakey hands ??
Hi, My friend has juggled for 4 years. Recently his hands hands have started to shake a little bit. He visited a doctor who said that the shakiness has possibly been caused b...

Bristol 2004
A string of random words in an attempt to sum up this year's event. Tents. Wind. Huuuge gazebos. Slope. Veggie curry by candlelight. Stacked pallets on fire. Quadruple beer (ouch). Pas...

The vids you ever wanted: 1 week to get them all!
If you always wanted to see a video (again), but you failed to find it this is your chance: I`ll scan trough my juggling video archive (12,5 GB) and upload the videos I find. ...

Ring suicides, pain
does anyone have any tips about how to stop this trick from hurting. For those that don't know it's like the "dicky finish" but the last ring isn't thrown as a pancake, you just throw ...

Retothejuggler: new video
Well, I haven`t practiced as much as usually last months, but I started doing more yoga. It helps me a lot to relax more when I juggle :-) On my new video, Sep1.mpg, I`m doing a few tr...

Is anybody else getting a "page cannot be displayed" message? Lorna

How do u actually juggle??
As Above!!!

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